I am an Anime and Manga fan, that is No Lie. But the Bogside Artists says Otherwise

I am an Anime and Manga fan, that is no lie. But the Bogside Artists is calling me liar because I have been protesting and countering against their plagiarism and copyright infringements accusations against JK Rowling by using “precedents” from the Anime and Manga industry including a few others but the main subject her is Anime and Manga so I am mainly going to talk about that.

Why is the Anime and Manga industry is so relevant against the Bogside Artists accusations against Rowling? This is relevant for three reasons 1.) So many people have come up with similar ideas, plots and elements (the ones that the Bogside Artists accused Rowling of stealing from them) so why they aren’t attacking them? 2.) Anyone can come up with those ideas, plots and elements 3.) they show that influences for their “stolen” ideas, plots and elements are anywhere.

They also call me a liar about being a Anime and Manga fan so they have a excuse to believe me when I talk about Anime and Manga and then use them against the dumb accusations against the Bogside Artist despite not having any evidence or logic on their side.

I am going to show you that I am an Anime and Manga fan and you can believe my Anime and Manga “precedent’ arguments who seen many Anime and Manga series many times before. I will show you my personal feelings towards some Anime/Manga series or characters, my personal experiences and my own way of devotion to the Anime and Manga industry. Then you could be the judge that I am an Anime and Manga fan so I know enough about the industry to counter against the Bogside Artists’ and the trustees of Willy the Wizard ‘plagiarism’ accusations against JK Rowling.

I will go through each of some of my favorite Anime series, characters, give my own personal opinions through each ones and also give examples of some of my devotion to the Anime and Manga industry as evidence that I am an Anime and Manga fan that the Bogside Artists totally disagrees on.


InuYasha is my favorite Anime series and therefore I really like this series a lot. The story is complex, dark and a good plot through out from the beginning to the end. So many plots or sub plots develop at the beginning all all of these plots or sub plots play a good outcome at the end. Although I would like to see the group get send to the Modern era and see what kind of hell that would bring.

As I have announced before that I am planning to do a commentary review on the series and I have just finished watching entire series.

My favorite character in the series is Kohaku.

This character had great development through out the entire series. Kohaku started off as a timid and scared young boy who isn’t brave enough to fight, to makes matter worse his mind is controlled by the villain of the series, Naraku. But he is able to regain his memory, resist his mind control and he becomes much braver and skilled in going into battle. From what I see, he is the most developed character of the entire series.

I always wondered if Kohaku and Rin might be an item. It seems very plausible, Kohaku and Rin have strong interactions for each other, Rin went through dangerous situations just to see Kohaku and they become a very close relationship. In my opinion, they are.

But don’t be surprise that the Bogside Artists will call me a liar towards my statements on Inuyasha and I deluded watching InuYasha, despite not having any evidence or logic otherwise. To make matters worse, the Bogside Artists gives preference that InuYasha series doesn’t exist and it is all all a lie and they also claim that JK Rowling is behind InuYasha so the series would deceive the gullible. I know neither theories makes sense and their logic clashes (of what little there is of it). If you don’t believe me then try to talk to the Bogside Artists about this then you might get the idea that I am right.


This is another of one my favorite Anime/Manga series. It gives a hero to defeat his enemies without killing and only use his reverse blade sword. Each story give a good plot and they characters are great. The only complaint I have that the ending of the Anime version felt anti-climactic, rushed and they did not really go all out like some other Anime series has. The reason that InuYasha ranked so highly in my mind because all the characters at the end have a chance to shine to fight Naraku at the end and nobody is left out, say for Koga but he does something that give the heroes a little help.

My favorite character is Yahiko Myojin and he is my favorite Anime/Manga character.

This character is so good that he is like a Robin, he is an ordinary boy who can do so much when he puts his mind and determination to his goals. He can be inspiration for young kids that you don’t need superpowers or high tech gadgets to accomplish your goals. I notice I have so much love for this character that I firstly bought the manga volumes based on his character development and chapters that are based on him. I also bought a Yahiko cosplay costume and wrote numerous fan fiction stories based on the character, my most devoted one is my “Storm Fighter” fan fiction but I will talk about that later.


Let me say something about this series, the manga was good, the Japanese sub version was really good and enjoyable but the North American version was pretty painful. For the original story (speaking for the Japanese version), it was really good, it has a good love story between Sakura and Syaoran while Sakura has to capture the cards before they destroy the world. But the story after she captured the cards went downhill because she never used it for any purposes other than Eriol giving her dangerous tests.

My favorite character is Li Syaoran.

This character is so cool and a bad ass with a good personality at heart. He becomes a love interest for Sakura (they are so cute together) and he first becomes a rival but then becomes a lover at the end. He becomes that every male should be.
I also do love the romantic story between Syaoran and Sakura.


This show is just bad ass. I love the series despite the bad Dragon Ball GT or the really bad Dragon Ball Evolution.

My favorite series is Dragon Ball Z because it had some of the most bad ass characters in the Anime industry. It has great storylines and unexpected results of who is going to die or who is going to live through each battle or crisis. Dragon Ball is has a cute and good storyline. For my feeling for GT, that series should have the younger characters from DBZ going to the next generation because many of them are all love and especially the older characters. But GT meandered through that concept by downgrading many of the very loved characters from DBZ, replacing them with annoying and hated characters. Pan I wouldn’t have a problem with if it wasn’t the concept around her. We see her spending more time with Trunks or Goku instead of his father Gohan while Gohan’s character (who is my favorite character) gets downgraded.

Speaking of, Gohan is my favorite character of the series.

I just love this character and if was a presidential candidate, I would be his supporter. I heard the writers and creators was going to make him the main protagonist after the Cell Saga but the Goku fans hated the idea and the series went downhill from there because the change in concepts and it change for the worst.


Despite being a show for girls, I really like this show. The story is good, the characters are good and funny in their own way. The show can influence that anyone can be a hero or heroine if you are brave and strong enough to accomplish your goals. I know at times when logic broke through like how come no one can’t recognize the Sailor Scouts when the tiaras isn’t enough to hide their identities.

I can’t decide who is my favorite character because I like them all but I have to pick main protagonist, Sailor Moon.

This is the Anime that opened up the industry for North American audiences. This is one of the first Anime shows that was produced and distributed in North America and it is one of the first Anime that I’d watch as a kid and even now.

BTW, they got an awesome theme song…


Who can’t forget Pokemon, one of the most successful Anime shows in not only in North America, but worldwide. It its early years, I really enjoyed it but when the big changes start coming in when Dawn became the cast, I lost interest in the show because each season is the damn same storyline and concept. It needs to change because having the same concept and storyline would get boring after a while. The storyline now should be that Ash has become a Pokemon Master but now has become a agent to stop villainy around the world.

I guess my favorite character must be Ash because there isn’t a character around long enough to like even more.


This meta series Anime is the longest running Anime show to date. Like Power Rangers, they went through there own Zordon era (Universal Century) and after than era ended, each new season will get a different cast and storyline. There certain series are good, some are just more than OK and some that I didn’t like.

My most favorite is the first series, Mobile Suit Gundam.

This was the first Gundam series to the meta series franchise and it is really good. The story is complex, there is a lot of character development to so many character even to the supporting or minor characters, nobody is left out. There is a lot of unexpected turns to the story like a major character dying or a major villain lives for the next series or the next. I really like Amuro Ray, he is a very well developed character with a complex feelings and actions.

My next favorite season is Gundam Wing.

Some of the characters are great but not all like the first Mobile Suit Gundam series where all the characters get to shine. But the story is good, many of the characters are complex and you don’t know what they are going to do next and there are many surprises in the series. I like all the Gundam Wing fighters, especially Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell who are just bad ass.

The next series that I like is Zeta Gundam.

I wish there were more character development to certain characters and the ending felt a little rushed. My favorite character, I know a lot of people hate me for this but I do like Katz Kobayashi.

I am liking him for personal reasons and I will explain why in a moment. But as I watch him, he reminds me of Batman in a major way due to his relationships with Catwoman or Talia al Ghul like how Katz’s complex relationships with Sarah, where their relationships with the other side gotten them to trouble more than once. Hell, even James Bond gotten into more trouble with women more often than that. So how can you hate Katz naivety to Sarah while Batman and James Bond end up with a similar situation, both of them more than once.

G Gundam is my next favorite

The concept was good but I feel the storyline and plot felt incomplete. Each country has a Gundam and a fighter to represent their country so they fight in the Gundam tournaments in a right to rule space. It is a great concept, different than the past series that involves a lot of war and death. But a lot of the main characters didn’t accomplish their main goals like Sai Saici never did revive the Shaolin Temple.

Speaking of… Sai Saici is my favorite character in the series but sadly very underdeveloped.

I really don’t like the main character Domon because he can be pretty selfish and willing to kill his own friends just to win a tournament and many times he doesn’t go out of his way to help his friend’s problems.


This is a very underrated Anime series and it should have gone longer. It has a good storyline and a couple of interesting characters and plot. The reason it got cancelled that it didn’t do well in Japan as it did in the United States so it was cancelled. The plot involves the main protagonist Gene Starwin must find the Galactic Leyline before the Kei Pirates do.

My favorite character is Jim Hawking.

He is smart, mature and active, the opposite of the main protagonist Gene Starwin. I like it how he gets a girlfriend, Hanmyo for a episode and he unknowingly kills her. That could have been a good storyline for Jim where he must get Hanmyo to the good side.


This is an another Anime series that I see that is very underrated. The story is dark, complex and the ending had a full of surprises, everyone dies.

My favorite character is Toboe.

I was sad that h was killed and he deserved a better ending. But he was reborn in somewhat years later, don’t quite get that but it makes a happier ending.


I do enjoy the series, but I like the first series than Naruto: Shippuden.

The characters are memorable and all have their way of character development. When it comes to romance you know some of the characters have romantic feelings to one another but you don’t know how it will be resolved or there are hidden romances for a character. I like the Road to Ninja movie where all the romantic wishes from fan comes true, from hell.

The romantic stories and plots are always mysterious and moving, I would not bet any outcome of who might get Naruto, will it be Hinata, Sakura or somebody else.


Fan Fiction is a good evidence to one’s devotion and fandom to the Anime/Manga industry. I have wrote a lot of fan fiction stories based on my favorite Anime/Manga shows and a few other sorts but my most devoted one is my Storm Fighters fan fiction. It is a Anime’s version between DC Comic’s Justice League and Power Rangers (another work that the Bogside Artists accuse to manipulate people on Rowling’s behalf). I worked on this particular fan fiction about ten years now with many reboots and revisions to make it better.
The main characters are…

Yahiko Myojin (Rurouni Kenshin)… The Red Storm Fighter

Katz Kobayashi (Zeta Gundam)… The Yellow Storm Fighter

Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura)… The Pink Storm Fighter

Syaoran Li (Card Captor Sakura)… The Green Storm Fighter

Jim Hawking (Outlaw Star)… The Black Storm Fighter

Hanmyo (Outlaw Star)… The Purple Storm Fighter

Toboe (Wolf’s Rain)… The Blue Storm Fighter
If you want the link, here it is: Storm Fighters.
Why Is This Relavent?

My experience and my expertise in Anime and Manga examples know what I am talking about when it comes to Anime and Manga, especially when it comes to my personal experience. From what I see in the Bogside Artists accusations against Rowling about plagiarism, my experience and expertise that Rowling DID NOT plagiarized.

Also I will not stand to be called a liar about being an Anime and Manga fan. I have facts and evidence that I am an Anime and Manga fan while the Bogside Artists have no facts or evidence to prove otherwise. That is another example of the Bogside Artists’ arrogance.



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