How Popular are Star Wars, Anime/Manga, and Power Rangers Compare what the Bogside Artists Believe?




I already talked about how Power Rangers, Star Wars, and the Anime/Manga Industry in my “JK Rowling is Not a Plagiarist: Star Wars, Joseph Campbell, and Power Rangers”, “JK Rowling is Not a Plagiarist: Bogside Artists vs. Anime/Manga”, and “68 Reasons Why We Should Not Believe the Bogside Artists’ Claims of Plagiarism” blogs, but another issue is the popularity, fandom, and fame that the Power Rangers, Star Wars, and Anime/Manga industry has, which the Bogside Artists believe they don’t have or at least very little of it.

I have been a Anime/Manga fan since my late years of elementary school and getting into middle school, starting with Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z. I have been a Power Rangers fan since the first grade but I lost interest when the show has gotten to Lost Galaxy (Season 7) as well as a lot of fans from the early Mighty Morphin days. Then my interest for Power Rangers returned in 2010 when I was writing for my Storm Fighters fanfiction. I never became a major fan of the Star Wars franchise, but I know what “stolen” ideas in the movies when I see it. I do know are a huge popularity and fandom on the Star Wars franchise, Power Rangers franchise, and the Anime/Manga industry thanks due to their countless city conventions devoted to them and their major continuous run after so many years with high praises or worship. Unfortunately the Bogside Artists believe that Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Anime and Manga have no or very little fan base to the point that people wouldn’t know that Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Anime/Manga has these “stolen” ideas for their own stories.

The Bogside Artists admitted they don’t know “anything” about Star Wars, Power Rangers, or Anime/Manga, but their high arrogance and ignorance made them believes that a lot of people don’t know “anything” about them either, such as they believe that a lot of people are too stupid to know that there are more than one Anime/Manga series even though obvious evidences and facts proven otherwise. Because Barry Cunningham was involved in “Ironfist Chinmi”, they believe that all or many other Anime/Manga series are involved in Rowling’s “propaganda” to drive people away to believe that Rowling is a “plagiarist”, sounds like a true fascist.

The Bogside Artists think themselves a “know it all” and the best beings in the worlds but they are too stupid to notice the pictures and videos (as my evidences and facts) on my other blogs, so they believe that other people are too stupid to notice them too since they think they are better than everyone else and nobody else has better knowledge, mind skills, or intelligence than them, even though a lot of moments have proven otherwise.

Anime and Manga industry are very popular and has high momentum across the world, even though the Bogside Artists think otherwise and using a very pathetic Chinese government media style by trying to convince people that there is only one Anime/Manga series or Cunningham involved with ONE Anime/Manga series means the entire Anime/Manga industry are involved. I am a huge Anime/Manga fan and I wouldn’t write a lot of fan fiction stories if I was not. But lets see how popular Anime and Manga is….

Starting with Anime Conventions….

Now Anime AMVs…..

and a concert video…

How about fan art?


Don’t expect that the Bogside Artists having the intelligence or bravery to notice these pictures and videos or the Bogside Artists would think YOU would notice the pictures or videos on this blogs since they haven’t notice the pictures or expect other people to notice the pictures and videos on my other blogs.

Why did I put a picture of Doug Walker (aka the Nostalgia Critic) in the beginning? Well…

So the Nostalgia Critic has proven and show more of the fanbase and momentum of the Anime/Manga industry, especially on the Dragon Ball series. Kyle Hubert voices the narrator and Gohan, my favorite character of the entire Dragon Balls series.

Now for the Power Rangers… Power Rangers has been around since 1993 and it has gone for twenty seasons now with two movies (both movies are bad). Each season or series they have a cast, villains, powers beyond any human being (in some cases alien beings) have ever seen (and having a cast, villains, and powers are among the three elements that the Bogside Artists claim Rowling stole from them) but the Bogside Artists believe nobody has the ability to find out that Power Rangers DO have villains, a cast, powers beyond belief and etc…, one example that the commented that I lied that Power Rangers (and Star Wars) have villains, have a cast, etc… in my “”JK Rowling is Not a Plagiarist: Star Wars, Joseph Campbell, and Power Rangers” blog.

Let’s see what evidence that shows and proves Power Rangers has huge fandom and momentum starting with the videos….

Barbara Goodson still got it….

and the BlackNerdComedy has a high reference towards Power Rangers…

Plus the NoPinkSpandex on You Tube have huge raves on the Power Rangers francise (

Again don’t be surprise if and when the Bogside Artists will make it obvious that they are too stupid or/and too ignorant to notice these three videos to prove the major momentum, fandom, and popularity of Power Rangers since the Bogside Artists made it obvious that they believe Power Rangers have no or very little popularity, fandom, or momentum because how they could come to Rowling’s defense.

Lewis Lovhaug (aka Linkara) has been doing good video reviews on the History of Power Rangers up to Mystic Force and currently working on Operation Overdrive (which Linkara have stated the worst season of the Power Rangers franchise). He unintentionally pointed out a lot of the ideas and elements that the Bogside Artists and Willy the Wizard claim that Rowling “stole” from them such as each series have villains, a cast of series introduced, communes with wild animals, and etc. Here is an interview on Linkara on his life and nostalgic feeling towards Power Rangers…

Now for the fan art…


Personally I really want to go over my favorite top 10 episodes or saga of the entire franchise to show my nostalgia feelings towards Power Rangers…



In elementary school, a friend and me always reenact the battle against the Toad Monster so personally this episode has the most nostalgic feel for my childhood back at the first grade.



I really find this story very complex, dark, and original compare to other kids shows at its time. For sixteen episodes the five Power Rangers have been defeating Rita Repulsa’s monsters. But then she finds a worthy and strong candidate to be her evil Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver is introduced into this episode and he became the biggest and most popular character in the entire Power Rangers franchise. The Green Ranger gave the Power Rangers the biggest problems up to this point by cutting the access and knowledge of Zordon and is able to defeat the Power Rangers in battle. The reason I see this story and plot become very complex is because the Power Rangers loses a lot in the first episode, then in the second episode they began recovering a little by defeating the Green Ranger, but then Jason is captured and is force to fight Goldar without his morpher. Part three, Jason is force to fight the Green Rangers and then is able to survive and escape. Part four, the Power Rangers are just barely hanging on and then they endure their worst defeat, but in the end they find out that Tommy is the Green Ranger to use to their advantage. Part five, they get Zordon back, Tommy is return to the good side, and then he joins the Power Ranger theme.



Tommy is my favorite character of the Mighty Morphin days to Turbo, and here gets to return to the cast the Green Ranger. Tommy lost his powers in The Green Candle saga due to a magical green candle by Rita Repulsa created. Then he returns after Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zach, and Billy surrender their power coins to Goldar in exchange of their kidnapped parents, but of course Goldar doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain. Then they get Tommy back and he gets his powers back by borrowing some of Zordon’s powers. This episode is a very memorable episode for me and it is the one that I like to rewatch on my VHS tapes and now online.



This is the first OFFICIAL team up between two teams… yes there is a team up between the Zeo and Alien Rangers in Zeo but To the Tenth Power is more annual. This is when I was starting to lose interest of Power Rangers and I remember watching this episode and I found that I really like it and very memorable to me. Now I find this episode very epic and has a very good story with great fight choreography for a kids show. In the next episode in the “Power with Pink” we get a first where a Power Ranger dies but she comes back to life in the end of Lost Galaxy with no explanation why.



Wild Force is when I totally lost interest in Power Rangers and I only watch Power Rangers once in every few months, but this the episode I watch for the first time and I remember seeing all of my heroes from my Power Rangers days, such as Tommy and Jason. When I saw this for the first time, I had a lot of nostalgia feelings, flashback, and memories when I saw Tommy, Jason, and TJ. Plus I like the fact to see a ranger from each series coming together against the Machine Empire or the Big Bad Beetleborgs if you might call it. The only problem is that I have is the end when Cole use his Wild Force Rider to destroy Serpentera that destroyed an entire planet.



This is the first and the pilot episode of the Power Rangers franchise so this episode have major nostalgic feel to me. Despite the logic having “five teenagers with attitude” instead of five people who have proper training like in the military, the show still give me a good reason why these would be chosen as Power Rangers. Then again in the Captain Marvel comics, a “wise” wizard chose a 12 year old kid Billy Batson to be a Superman like superhero so who am I to judge? It took three tries to get the pilot that they want, the first one make the Power Rangers a bunch of fighting punks from a street gang and the acting and graphics are hideous and laughable at best and their is a different actress Aurdi DuBois playing Trini. At the time the show was independent and then it was bought by Fox to allow to give the show a bigger budget and reshoot the pilot. Then the second episode is nowhere bad as the first pilot, but the graphics and some of the small plots became a major problem. Then we got the pilot we got.



Again, Tommy became my favorite character on the entire Power Rangers franchise. Tommy permanently lost his Green Ranger powers (until the Legend War in 2014) in Green No More after using up all the borrowed powers from Zordon. Then White Light made Tommy a permanent character on the show until Passing the Torch in Turbo and then coming back in Dino Thunder as the Black Dino Ranger. The writers and creators of Power Rangers were able to come up with a solution to make a Tommy permanent character without relying reused stock footage from Super Sentai. Even though the White Rangers was used from a different Sentai series than the original five are from.

Originally Jason David Frank played Tommy was going to play Ryan Steele in Saban’s VR Troopers and Brad Hawkins who actually played Ryan Steele in VR Troopers was going to play the White Ranger but somehow the roles was switched… and thank god for it.



Time Force is one of my favorite Power Rangers series due to its good and mature story with an overall good acting. In the beginning of Time Force Jen was in love with Alex and Wes just joined the team with a lot of doubts from the three other rangers (Trip didn’t have doubts, instead he was on board Wes being the Red Ranger), Jenn especially. Then Alex came back to the Red Time Force Ranger, alienated all four of his teammates, and they all mutinied against Alex and supported Wes to take over as the Red Rangers and their leader (including Jenn who is Alex’s fiancee and lover), by this time they fully accepted Wes as their teammate and not Alex. Plus the anti-hero Power Ranger, Eric was starting to be caring and being closer to the Time Force after being very competitive and distant since the character began in Worlds Apart.



Countdown to Destruction was suppose to the series finale, but the ratings were the highest than they are ever before so they decide to go for one more season. Countdown to Destruction is the last episode to the Zordon era if you don’t count Lost Galaxy or Mega Force since some of them count them as part of the Zordon era. I have a very high monumental and nostalgia feel to me because I am from where Power Rangers had six constant and continuous storyline instead of fourteen separate seasons, plot, and storyline  with the exception of the team up episodes. The kids of Power Rangers today would never get to know the feeling of continuous and constant seasons, no I do not count Samurai and Super Samurai because between the three Mighty Morphin seasons, they did shake things up while keeping the same storyline. The only way the kids of Power Rangers today would get a Zordon era feel if Saban would get over his “giving actors too much power” nonsense and try to keep the actors long as he can.



The Psycho Rangers were the best saga of the entire franchise since it was complex, dark, and very unpredictable. The Psycho Rangers where evil Power Rangers that can read and analyze of how their color counterparts fight, meaning they can out think them in battle. The reason they don’t finish off the Power Rangers is because the main villain, Astronema tied their energy directly to a higher ranking boss Dark Spector and draining his powers so Astronema could be the top anarchy of the United Alliance of Evil.

The Power Rangers manage to defeat the Psycho Rangers little by little but it is not easily done… Psycho Pink is the first to fall but that because the Psycho Rangers own obsessions keep them from cooperating from each other. Psycho Blue goes down next in Five of a Kind. What I like about his episode is the Rangers thinking outside of the box to defeat the Psychos instead having countless force logic to defeat a monster like the episodes that came before and after. Then Psycho Red, Yellow, and Black go down next… but they are not quite done yet. The Psycho Rangers return in Ghost of the Machine but then the Psycho Rangers are reduced to data cards.

Then To the Tenth Power came in, capture the Galaxy Rangers with the exception of Leo, the Red Galaxy Ranger who came to rescue them with Andros and Mike (Manga Defender) by his side. Then the other Space Rangers came in and then s*%t starting to happen and permanently defeated the Psycho Rangers, with the exception of the Pink Psycho Ranger who came back to the Power of Pink where she does actually kill Kendricks (the Pink Galaxy Ranger).

Does this prove me as a Power Rangers fan? It wouldn’t surprise me that the Bogside Artists would arrogantly ignore this or claim this is all a lie and these episodes or saga never happened, like they claim that I lied that Lord Zedd is a villain in Power Rangers.

You must be thinking what I think about the upcoming Legend War


I really can’t wait for it and hope it it not a big let down like the Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed team up. I know all the actors won’t return due to budget, union, and agreement issues. I am glad that Jason David Frank will return to the Legend War and the big shocker would be Danny Slavin who plays Leo in Lost Galaxy after his disputes during Lightspeed (even though he did return for Forever Red) and becoming a good and successful financial lawyer in Phoenix after never doing interviews or attending conventions about his Power Rangers history.

For Star Wars… like I said I am not a true Star Wars fan, I only watch the movies every now and then and I know what “stolen” element or idea when I see it when watching Star Wars. I watch the documentary “Star Wars: A Legacy Reveled” that explains how can a story can proceed and what “stolen” elements should a story have…

Let’s see in the video of how many “stolen” ideas that are both in “Harry Potter” and “Travels with Li Po” that are also in Star Wars or mentioned from the documentary…

The documentary should give an insight on the popularity and momentum of Star Wars since the documentary got distributed by the History Channel and has insights and interviews from numerous literature historians, politicians, filmmakers, and etc. The Bogside Artists call the people in the documentary liars and Rowling paid them to mislead people in their interviews, even though the documentary is based on Star Wars for the most of the time. The only time that Harry Potter is mentioned through out the whole documentary is a quote and insights from Peter Jackson.

Speaking of similarities, does these look familiar?


Interesting the girl in the right looks a lot similar to Kagome from InuYasha on the left.

To prove more of my love and devotion to Anime and Manga, here are some of my favorite Anime/Manga characters (just don’t expect the Bogside Artists to be smart enough or believe you are smart or brave enough to notice the pictures below)…

Yahiko MyojinSyaoranKohaku-In-Episode-kioku-no-kakera-kohaku-from-inuyasha-21756107-640-480inumages2v1m5xlSailor.Moon.(Character).full.123195Sango.full.10028269549jimtoboecimages3251918_1370217062169.31res_225_350156071_314078138715581_1287777038_nyu032Naruto-uzumaki_400Edhappy887359genkiheerosmirkDuo_Maxwell1550002-chara_sai_aamuroimages1936

Is this enough? I still do not have ALL of my favorite characters, but I believe this would be enough to convince that I am an Anime/Manga fan and have enough experience and lessons to know what I am talking about. Yes, I do like Katz Kobayashi and he is a guilty pleasure of mine. Sadly that very likely that the Bogside Artists would call me a liar and would arrogantly ignore these pictures entirely like they have in the past.

The Bogside Artists only countered against my side of the argument with further proof of their ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity. They constantly and fully ignore all of my evidence like third party resources, pictures, and videos, but they believe that people are stupid enough to not notice them too because their numerous acts and beliefs that they have the best abilities in the world so nobody could and would do no better than them, like do or see more. Since the Bogside Artists admitted that they don’t know anything about Anime, they act like nobody has the ability or knowledge to do better.
I met numerous people that know, watched, or/and is a major fan of either Anime/Manga, Star Wars, or Power Rangers to see my evidence and point to know what I am talking about. The Bogside Artists does not know how to make a strong and believable case and argument, starting with THIRD PARTY SOURCES and EVIDENCE like my pictures, videos, and references.

Let’s see if you notice and check them. Furthermore, do you know how popular are the Anime/Manga industry, Power Ranges, and Star Wars? Have I proven enough how popular are the Power Rangers, Star Wars, and the Anime/Manga industry from what the Bogside Artists are stating otherwise. It is easy to guess or figure out that many people watch Power Rangers, Star Wars, Anime and read Manga to see and witness the “stolen” ideas and elements that both Rowling and the Bogside Artists have used.

Them able to use these “stolen” ideas prove and show that influences for ideas are anywhere and everywhere so there are millions and millions of possibilities where Rowling got her “similar” ideas, just like how the countless and countless of individual writers and creators from Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Anime/Manga industry. Since these “stolen” have been use more than a few hundred of times within and beyond of Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Anime/Manga industry come to show and prove how these “stolen” ideas and elements are easy to think of and come up with. If they can think of it, anyone can…. including Rowling…. but unfortunately the Bogside Artists are too stupid and ignorant to realize these facts.

PS… How hard is it to notice any of the pictures, videos, and third party sources in the reference section or expect people to not notice the pictures, videos, or the third party sources in the reference section in my blogs? Ask the Bogside Artists since they do that 250% of the time. And what idea gave them that nobody knows or witnessed either Star Wars, Power Rangers, or various Anime/Manga.

I think the video below is a lot of people’s rightful reaction when they find out that you (the Bogside Artists) failed to notice the pictures, videos, and sources or expect people to not notice the pictures, videos, or sources…    V


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