How are the Bogside Artists are Cowards: Bogside Artists vs. JK Rowling, Anime, Manga, Power Rangers, and Star Wars




If you look and read my other blogs, I have already explained how I feel that Rowling is not plagiarist, especially against accusations from the Bogside Artists and the trustees of Willy the Wizard. One part of my arguments that a lot of other works have the “stolen” similar ideas, elements, or formula, mostly using examples from various Anime/Manga series, Power Rangers, and Star Wars.

But then the Bogside Artists fired back by…..

  • Claim that I lied about the “precedents” from Anime, Manga, Star Wars, or Power Rangers.
  • I lied that various Anime/Manga series existing, such as InuYasha, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and etc.
  • I lied that Power Rangers or Star Wars existing.
  • Watching or being a fan of Power Rangers, Anime, or Star Wars is nearly impossible..
  • Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, and Star Wars have a low popularity
  • Fail to notice or ignore the pictures, videos, and sources on my other blogs (this one the most prominent).
  • Call people who watch or a fan of Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, and Star Wars liars and accomplices under Rowling and Bloomsbury.
  • That I lied that Power Rangers and Star Wars ever having villains, a cast, and etc.
  • “Rumors” of Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, and Star Wars are media manipulation and lies caused by Rowling.
  • Cunningham being involved with ONE Anime/Manga series, means the entire Anime/Manga industry are involved.
  • No one has the ability or capability to see the “precedents” for themselves, especially the Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, and Star Wars fans and watcher who they called liars and delusional.

I have been an Anime and Manga fan for a very long time, despite the Bogside Artists claim that is a lie and make acts and hints that nobody could watch Anime or read Manga, let alone to be come a fan. For Power Rangers I been a fan when I was a kid, but lost interest while getting into In Space, but I gain my interest back ten years later due to working on my fan fiction “Storm Fighters”. I am not much of a Star Wars fan, even though I like the Star Wars franchise movies and I rarely watch the cartoons.

I made the argument that I am an Anime/Manga and Power Rangers fan to defend myself, even though the Bogside Side Artists made very vague and baffling accusations that I lied about it, as well a few other Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, and Star Wars fans that I heard from.

In most of my blogs I added numerous and countless pictures, videos, and third party sources to back up my argument, but the cowards and ignorance of the Bogside Artists chooses to ignore them or failed to notice them and expect other people to not notice them. I wonder why? How hard is to not notice any of my pictures, videos, or sources in my blogs? I mean there must more than seventy pictures, videos, and sources combined and still the Bogside Artists are unable to notice ANY OF THEM!? Being blind is very understandable, but just being stupid and ignorant to notice them is beyond pathetic. If the answer is they chose to ignore it, then that’s cowardly, arrogance, and ignorance at it’s best. What about calling Anime/Manga, Star Wars, and Power Rangers fans and viewers “liars” because they witness these “precedents” first hand a bunch of times over? That sounds like watching or being a fan of Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, and Star Wars despite all conventions, fan clubs, pop culture references, fan fictions, and etc, however the Bogside Artists likes to ignore them too to stupidly justify their accusations and argument.

Will you take anyone serious with that kind of stupidity or/and ignorance? Why would or wouldn’t you?

Is it possible to be an Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, or Star Wars fan? Please post in the comments.

I guess being a “geek” or “watching too much TV” does have its advantages.

If Power Rangers are so fake? Then how to you explain this?

If I made these videos just to deceive people then a person with common sense would think that those kind of explosions would get anyone arrested and those explosions are beyond god damn expensive, unless it is authorized but getting authorized is a different matter all together. Disney and Saban would have the resources to get the authorization from California and New Zealand (where Power Rangers is currently filming since Ninja Storm) and they would have the money to buy those kind of explosions. Accusing me of making these up (including the pictures, videos, and sources) is clearly beyond cowardly and stupid, because anyone with a functioning brain it doesn’t take logic to know that is not true. Plus a few Power Rangers actors has gone to do big things like Johnny Yong Bosch became a top Anime dub voice actor, Keith Robinson from Lightspeed Rescue played a major supporting role in Dreamgirls, Jason David Frank became a top MMA fighter, Amy Jo Johnson played a lead actress in the show Flashpoint, Paul Freeman played Ivan Ooze in the Power Rangers 1995 movie, previously played Rene Belloq in Raiders of the Lost Ark as the main villain.


Here is Paul Freeman’s most memorable scene (viewers discretion is advised)

Making these videos would cost a lot of money all together, like in the millions.

The That Guy With the Glasses website ( have made a lot of references and reviews to Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, and Star Wars, especially Linkara for Power Rangers due to Linkara’s “History of Power Rangers” reviews ( The TGWTG website have a lot of fans and viewers. As you guest, the Bogside Artists deny any of this too.

I guess nostalgia doesn’t exist for the Bogside Artists too.

So the Bogside Artists doesn’t use logic or common sense because they believe people don’t have common sense or logic of what makes sense since the Bogside Artists never experienced common sense or logic to know such even existed. The Bogside Artists are just too arrogant and ignorant to believe people think the way they want them to think and facts and lies are what they want them to be, that includes excluding common sense and cowardly ignoring or failure to notice my pictures, videos, and sources like they don’t exist and the pictures, videos, and sources they originated don’t exists or nothing but lies and smokescreen.

Yep, denying the most basic facts and information on Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the rules of fictional writing are cowardly and beyond the levels of ignorance, especially ignoring or failing to notice any of the pictures, videos, or sources and expecting to people to not notice them to just make an argument is just stupid, cowardly, and pathetic. Nothing else should excuse them or anyone to ignore any of my pictures, videos, or sources, or acting like Anime/Manga, Power Rangers, or Star Wars to be lies and never having a lot of to none of having fans or watchers to witness the “precedents” or the “stolen” ideas or elements that both the Bogside Artists or the trustees of Willy the Wizard claim that Rowling stole from them.

PS, it also doesn’t help that the Bogside Artists refuse to answer many questions surrounding his accusations and acts.