TMZ Sucks: They can dish it but they can’t take it?

The Nostalgia Critic made a rant against the lack of society journalism business TMZ on his review “Top 11 Episodes of South Park”.

In response, TMZ cried copyright infringement against the Nostalgia Critic and demand his videos be taken down all because how the Nostalgia Critic represent them. Come on TMZ, first off what right you could claim copyright infringement? You pry into a lot celebrities’ private affairs and criticize celebrities simple lives and activities that happens routinely with “normal people”. Like Justin Beiber go shirtless with “posse” at the beach? So what? Much as I am not a Justin Beiber fan, I see friends so shirtless at the beach all the time so why is this “not normal”? Is because that he is a celebrity? That is what I mean about TMZ lacks social and basic sociology knowledge, just like the Bogside Artists but they take many steps further. Another dumb report about TMZ report about the racism rumors of season 1 of Power Rangers since they cast Walter Jones (an African-American) the Black Ranger and Thuy Trang (an Asian race) the Yellow Ranger, but according to the cast and crew from “TMZ” that the casting department did not realize they have done in casting until around the tenth episode, it was a honest and horribly racist mistake and they rectify it in future casting. Also there was an unaired pilot where Trini played by a different actress who wasn’t Asian, but ironically later they cast a Native American the Red Ranger and have a costume that looks like a Ku Klux Klan outfit where the music ways “White Ranger Tiger Power“. Here is the problem, I knew this fact long before TMZ reported it since this racism issue was brought up in 2007 and they reported it in 2013, so they are 6 years too late since this is very old news.

They also talk about Kim Kardashian’s shoes… Who cares? Does everyone go around barefoot? Hey TMZ, here is an advice about who have shoes…. LOOK AT YOUR FEET! THE REALITY IS RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE! JUST LIKE YOUR HEADS… THERE IS NOTHING THERE TO OBSTRUCT YOUR VIEW THAT YOU HAVE SHOES TOO! IDIOTS!

Also going back to how TMZ disliked how Nostalgia Critic said and “represented” about them so they strike back by claiming copyright on his South Park videos both on You Tube and Blip… well TMZ guess who also criticize and represents numerous people, YOU DUMB IDIOTS. I see around 92% of your show that you also criticize a lot of celebrities over very petty and common stuff like they just bomb Pearl Harbor. Now when people criticize you about your filth you on Internet video you get pissy and respond by using some bullshit copyright infringement as an excuse to take his videos down? Just like the Bogside Artists and Bill O’Reilly, that shows how stupid and ignorant you people are by arrogantly and ignorantly forgetting a heavy majority of what you do on your show and then get so pissy when someone does similar to you. TMZ is the Bill O’Reilly of entertainment news… they criticize over petty things, someone sees and calls out on their filth, arrogantly, stupidly, and ignorantly forget a heavy number of what they done in the last few moments, and then use some bullshit excuse against their criticizers. TMZ are not only oblivious morons, but they also proven they are ignorant hypocrites that can’t remember obvious facts that caused by their own actions.


So TMZ, here is a video that might redeem your worthless credit:

TMZ, you beyond deserve every mockery from the world and I hope when you revisit the 1st grade you will realize how far behind to have any knowledge what is going on in the world. Any high school news media have much more credibility and intelligence than you. The only newsworthy you would find worthy when you find out that you do not have grown your balls and your brain yet. I hate you TMZ, and after you made your immature antics against the Nostalgia Critic, then I hated you even more as when I thought I did not hate you enough.