Things that the Bogside Artists are pathetically scared off…












I have been trying to use evidence and examples that JK Rowling did not plagiarized “Willy the Wizard” or the Bogside Artists’ “Travels with Li Po”, by using other works that used the same ideas which are the hero relying on friends and allies (like Star Wars, Power Rangers, and millions of other examples), a story using magical or mystical powers, and etc.

However the Bogside Artists say that I deluded all the works that I used as examples (as if they don’t exist) and they tend to ignore the examples that I provided, such as sources, pictures, videos, and links. That is because they are scared of them.

So let’s see what they are pathetically scared off…

Ash Ketchum


One of the works that I used is Pokemon, but sadly the Bogside Artists say I deluded Pokemon and act if nobody seen or heard of Pokemon as it does not exist. They also avoid acknowledging I ever mentioned Ash Ketchum or anything Pokemon related as if they are scared of Ash Ketchum.

I believe that every Pokemon fan knows that without Ash’s Pokemons, he is harmless than a fly even when he tries to physically fight you so how can you be scared of someone like Ash Ketchum. Maybe they are so pathetic that maybe Ash Ketchum beat their candy asses. Why else the Bogside Artists are so scared of him that they wouldn’t even try to acknowledge him, acknowledge that I have mention him or related to him, or bother to look him up even I provided Ash Ketchum related to them on a silver platter.

WWE STYLE FIGHT BRAWL: Ash Ketchum vs. Bogside Artists (William Kelly, Thomas Kelly, and Kevin Hasson).

In this corner, weighing 95lbs… Ash Ketchum. In the other corner is the team of the Bogside Artists. The first one is William Kelly which I think he is pissing in his pants, Tom Kelly who is hiding under a blanket, and Kevin Hasson who is crying in fear.

*ref starts the match*

Then oohhh…. Ash Ketchum just knocked out Hasson to a coma within one punch, William Kelly is running away to his mommy, and Ash Ketchum is putting Tom Kelly in an ankle lock and he is crying for his mommy. Tom is tapping out and crying for his mommy like a little bitch.

*match ends and Ash declares the winner*

How does three grown men lose a fight to one little boy?

Why else they refuse to acknowledge Ash Ketchum as if they are very scared of him.

Well it is proven time and time again that the Bogside Artists fear Ash Ketchum since they avoid any acknowledgment of Ash Ketchum or Pokemon related like cowards.

Serena/Sailor Moon



The Bogside Artists (William Kelly in particular) are also scared of Sailor Moon since they avoid any acknowledgement of Sailor Moon that I have made. I have uploaded pictures and videos on my blog based on Sailor Moon, but the Bogside Artists chooses to ignore them like cowards and say that I deluded Sailor Moon as well other people that watched or heard of Sailor Moon. So them pretending that Sailor Moon never existed, I’d used Sailor Moon as example and providing any evidence from Sailor Moon, and refusing to research any of my evidence and proof involving Sailor Moon show that they are scared of Sailor Moon.

Anyone that saw and is a fan of Sailor Moon know that without her powers, Serena is harmless than Ash Ketchum could ever be… which is pathetic for a person who is scared of her and can lose a brawl fight against her… let alone three people. What happened? Did Serena slapped their mothers into a coma?

WWE STYLE MATCH: SERENA (without her powers) vs. THE BOGSIDE ARTISTS in a Handicap Match.

*bell rings*

Serena slaps William Kelly in the face and now he is crying like a baby. Serena kicks Thomas Kelly in the stomach and then she kicks him in the face and knocking him into a 4 month coma. Then Kevin Hasson is curling up in the corner and crying out “please don’t hit me”. Then Serena lunges at Kevin and then missile kick Kevin in the face. 

Serena is the winner. Now the Bogside Artists have lost a 3 on 1 fight against Ash Ketchum and Serena (without powers or pokemon to rely on). 

Why else the Bogside Artists are so frightened of Ash Ketchum and Sailor Moon to the point they avoid anything the do with Ash Ketchum, Pokemon, or Sailor Moon?

I bet the Bogside Artists are so pathetically weak that Kim Kardashian could take all three of them on and beat the shit out of them with both hands tied behind her back.

Jim Hawking (Outlaw Star)


Jim Hawking may not be as known as Ash Ketchum or Sailor Moon, but the Anime fans does know about Jim Hawking and he has very little hand to hand combat skills and he would never win a fight against three grown men, unless it is the Bogside Artists and they fear Jim Hawking to a high degree.

I have been using Jim Hawking as an example that JK Rowling is not a plagiarists since one of the “stolen ideas” that the main protagonist gets help from friends and allies… Jim is that idea. However the Bogside Artists ignore the fact that I used Jim Hawking as an example to prove my theory right and they also refuse any acknowledgment that I’ve mentioned Jim Hawking entirely like cowards. Why do they avoid anything acknowledgment of Jim Hawking and say I deluded watching Jim Hawking without doing any research that Jim Hawking is on a show/story called Outlaw Star (another show they claimed that I deluded too along as other Anime fans). Researching Outlaw Star or Jim Hawking is not that difficult and a 4th grader could easily do it within 30 seconds. The Bogside Artists refuse to do some basic research that Jim Hawking is a real  fictional character of a show/story show that they are more scared of Jim Hawking than acrophobic are afraid of heights.

WWE STYLE MATCH: Jim Hawking vs. the Bogside Artists in a 3 on 1 handicap match

*bell rings*

 Thomas Kelly and Kevin Hasson are running away crying and whimpering in fear while Jim grabs the fleeing William Kelly. Jim punches William Kelly in the face giving him a broken nose and then throw him back in the ring. Then Jim Hawking uses HHH’s pedigree on William Kelly and William Kelly is knocked out. Jim Hawking wins by KO. 

This is an example of Jim Hawking could do to the Bogside Artists. Jim Hawking would be Triple H and the Bogside Artists would be Mark Henry.

This is an example of Jim Hawking could do to the Bogside Artists. Jim Hawking would be Triple H and the Bogside Artists would be Mark Henry.

Why else the Bogside Artists cowers from Jim Hawking? Three grown men couldn’t even man up against one little kid.

Sakura Kinomoto/Card Captor Sakura


Sakura Kinomoto is a 10 year old typical Japanese school girl. One day she entered her father’s library and then she opens a book that released 52 magical cards. Now she must retrieve the cards back before they destroy the world. However the Bogside Artists denies all this and they avoid any acknowledgment to Sakura Kinomoto or Card Captor Sakura due to the fact they are scared of this girl, why else they’ve avoid my acknowledgments and sources relating to Sakura or Card Captor Sakura?

Without her powers, she is beyond powerless in a fight but somehow the Bogside Artists are still completely scared of Sakura like if she is the boogyman. Maybe another reason the Bogside Artists are so scared of her that she could beat the living daylights out of them despite she is powerless in a fight without her powers.

WWE STYLE MATCH: Sakura Kinomoto vs. Bogside Artists (Thomas Kelly, William Kelly, and Kevin Hasson) in a 3 on 1 handicap match.

*bell rings*

Sakura throws a little girly on William Kelly in the face and he is knocked to another coma. Then Thomas Kelly and Kevin Hasson climbs out of the ring and then they run away and crying for their mommy. 

Since William Kelly is out for the count and Thomas Kelly and Kevin Hasson ran away from the match… Sakura Kinomoto is declared the winner. 

Sakura does not get mad easily so it is one thing to have her to get her piss off to physically hurt you, but to the point that losing to her in a fight or/and running away from her like a scared little bitch goes beyond being pathetic.


They also would ignore any images, videos, and evidence that backs up my arguments like cowards and claim that I deluded these Anime shows as if it is impossible to watch Anime shows, let alone being an Anime fan, buying Anime products, and etc. Maybe it is impossible for them due to their obvious unbelievably lack of development and knowledge of the human world, but it does not mean it is impossible for everyone else. From all the millions of Anime fans and conventions show that I never deluded these precedents and Anime. However, they believe they speak for everyone and believe that no people could watch Anime to witness that many Anime/Manga stories have a lot of similar ideas and themes that the Bogside Artists claim that Rowling stole from them. They even call me a liar about Power Rangers and Star Wars having villains, using magical feats, having a cast and etc. despite how many people would beg to differ, that is who shallow and narrow minded on people, especially around fiction entertainment.

He would call anyone who watched or know about Power Rangers, Anime, Manga, or Star Wars delusional as again it is impossible to them for anyone watching Anime because so many Anime series have similar ideas and themes that the Bogiside Artists claim that Rowling plagiarized from them.




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  1. tugreen says:

    Sad that people are so cowardly like these people.

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