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4 Responses to About

  1. You may spare yourself the nonsense and false accusations towards us by the author of this libellous diatribe and treat yourself to the FACTs. That will make a difference for you. You will find them here…. http://www.travelswithlipo.com.

    • wastarmedia says:

      That’s pretty insightful from someone who claimed that there are villains in Star Wars and Power Rangers is a lie (https://wastarmedia.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/jk-rowling-is-not-a-plagiarist-star-wars-joseph-campbell-and-power-rangers-vs-bogside-artists/). I guess BIAS, ARROGANT, and one sided views must be good facts. Can you prove that you mentioned “Rurouni Kenshin”, “Sailor Moon”, “Pokemon”, or “InuYasha” and how none of them do not have any of your “stolen” ideas too.?

    • wastarmedia says:

      Plus, I have back up my statements, but you chose to IGNORE them like it never exist or they were PUT IN into our heads by Rowling. No one will believe any BIAS AND ONE SIDED statements unless they have actual solid sources and evidence to back it up, such I back mine up with pictures and videos but sadly you haven’t been able to notice yet.

      Your pattern of ignoring any of my evidence and avoiding the “precedents” of Star Wars, Power Rangers, and many various Anime/Manga series except acting and accusing they were “PUT IN” by Rowling and if Cunningham was involved in “Ironfist Chinimi”, then the entire Anime/Manga industry is involved and guilty as well. I wonder why you keep avoiding Star Wars, Power Rangers, and any Anime/Manga series that I have mentioned on my blogs.

    • Pot meet kettle, except the Bogside Artists pot is much blacker than wastarmedia’s kettle. When you are going to learn that BIAS and PERSONAL SOURCES are not good sources unless there is solid evidence that can back it up. If you have evidence in your blog (http://www.travelswithlipo.com), then it was dashed real quickly by this blog.

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