My Life is Strange/Power Rangers Fan fiction – Power Rangers Roaring Spirit


Link to the fan fiction:

I am writing a Life is Strange alternate universe fan fiction about Max Caulfield, Warren Graham, Chloe Price, and Nathan Prescott are led by a new student, Katz Yamato to become the Power Rangers Roaring Spirit, an adaption from Super Sentai Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, which would be the next Super Sentai adaption for Power Rangers after Ninja Steel concludes… the Bogside Artists would likely deny that since they denied that the Power Rangers franchise ever existed since they called me a liar on it.

Katz is a new kid in Arcadia Bay and he must team up with Max, Warren, Chloe, and Nathan in fighting against Sean Prescott, who has the mystical and evil Galien powers and army for his greedy and personal gain at the expense of others. Max, Warren, Chloe, and Nathan should be a smooth team from the start right?

Think of this as my own wikipedia page for my fan fiction Life is Strange/Power Rangers story.

Got the second chapter out…