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I am writing a Life is Strange alternate universe fan fiction about Max Caulfield, Warren Graham, Chloe Price, and Nathan Prescott are led by a new student, Katz Yamato to become the Power Rangers Roaring Spirit, an adaption from Super Sentai Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, which would be the next Super Sentai adaption for Power Rangers after Ninja Steel concludes… the Bogside Artists would likely deny that since they denied that the Power Rangers franchise ever existed since they called me a liar on it.

Katz is a new kid in Arcadia Bay and he must team up with Max, Warren, Chloe, and Nathan in fighting against Sean Prescott, who has the mystical and evil Galien powers and army for his greedy and personal gain at the expense of others. Max, Warren, Chloe, and Nathan should be a smooth team from the start right?

Think of this as my own wikipedia page for my fan fiction Life is Strange/Power Rangers story.

Got the second chapter out…


Bogside Artists Plagirism Accusations Against Rowling: Performs Magical Feat (TV Shows)








KAAA….MEEEEE…HAA..ME..HHAAAAAAAAAAAAA……………..! Every major Dragon Ball fans know that comes from the Dragon Ball series, but the dumb and ignorant Bogside Arists would call you delusional for that, among so many other Anime/Manga series and fictional stories or franchises.

The Bogside Artists claim that Harry Potter author JK Rowling plagiarized their book, Travels with Li Po because both have numerous “similarities”, one of “similarities” is that both stories have both stories have their characters performing magical feats.

I can go on record and say that they are not the only stories have their characters performing magical feats. If so many other stories have characters doing magic or relating to magic, then this “similar” does not make it plagiarism. Also Travels with Li Po are not the only source for “magic” ideas as there are a million sources where Rowling could get her ideas from and other fictional authors and writers could demonstrate. I will exploit each and many other fictional stories as I can to show that Rowling did not plagiarized from the Bogside Artists. If so many fictional authors or writers have the “similar” idea, then it shows how easy people can come up with this specific idea and if it this easy then the Bogside Artists shouldn’t be the only source for “characters performing magical feats”.

Also I wrote a similar blog with “Cast of Series Introduced”. Speaking off, from my “Bogside Artists’ Plagiarism Accusations Against Rowling” blog series, I will number each example that I have mention on having similar ideas starting from the “Cast of Series Introduced” blog.




Let’s start off with my personal favorite Anime, InuYasha. InuYasha is about a typical 15 year old Japanese school girl named Kagome Higurashi found her family’s well and then a demon sucked her in the past of Feudal Era Japan. She meets a half human and half demon (dog) stuck to a tree and then she frees him. She also brings the Shikon Jewel that can grant any wish of the person in the possession of it. However, Kagome accidentally shatters it and a couple of dozen of pieces flew across the country. Now Inuyasha, Kagome, and other companions they meet up must find all the pieces before evil forces finds them. Sadly the Bogside Artists have rebuts all this and call me delusional for even summarizing or/and mentioning previous times like true and typical ignorant cowards.

Starting off with the main character, InuYasha. As a half demon he can do numerous magical feats like Harry Potter and whatever main character in Travels with Li Po. InuYasha has the Iron Weaver Soul Stealer (the most common one without the sword) by attacking with his sharp claws and Blades of Blood whenever he is bleeding, he can turn his blood into deadly weapons. Also InuYaha has a samurai sword known as the Tessaiga, which is inherited by his father. With the Tessaiga, InuYasha gets extra powers like the Wind Scar (the most common one next the Iron Weaver Soul Stealer), the Backlash Wave that can deflects an enemy’s special attack (but twice the power), and the Barrier Shattering.

Also there are some negative magic for InuYasha, like kryptonite for Superman. One is that at least one night every month the moon will be the other side of the planet. InuYasha’s main powers come from the moon so if the moon is the other side then InuYasha loses all his demon powers and then become a full human until the sun comes up. Another weakness are the magic beads, if Kagome tells InuYasha to “sit”, then the beads will become magically heavy and he goes slamming hard to the ground. Many times Kagome abuses this power when InuYasha disagrees with her or gets angry… or flirting with another woman or other women flirting with him like Kikyo and Sango.

Oh Well I will let a You Tube video for the Bogside Artists to cowardly ignore…

Let see other magical feats, well we have Miroku with a cursed hand that can suck anything  unless he has magical beads to cover his hand. However, the hole of the void will get bigger and the user will get sucked in unless the main villain of the story, Naraku is gone once and for all. Also Miroku has sacred talismans that can harm a lower class demon.

Also other people can perform magical feats if they have a piece of the sacred jewel shard and if a demon has one, his or her powers increase. Like Koga have faster speeds and run like a dust devil, Kohaku (my personal favorite character of the series) who died by arrows, but stays alive by relying on a sacred jewel piece on his back or neck (it inconsitantly changes) and also his combat skills increase over time compare how he started, and we have Sesshomaru and Kikyo, Sesshomaru is InuYasha’s older half-brother and he has perform many power magical feats and Kikyo is a magical healer who pinned InuYasha to a tree with a sacred (magical) arrow and give Kohaku one more life without relying on a sacred jewel.


Dragon Ball series


The Dragon Ball is about Goku and his allies trying to find seven magical orange glass balls called Dragon Balls to make wishes before villains find them for their evil purposes, like wish immorality and then uses it to take over the universe. Sometimes they don’t use that plot and just focus on bringing down the villains.

The main character starts off as a young boy from another planet came to earth in the intention of destroying and enslaving Earth. However, a young elderly man named Grandpa Gohan found him, Goku hit his head and losing his memory on his past and what he is suppose to do, and then Grandpa Gohan raise Goku as his own. One night, Goku is a Saiyan and if the look a a full moon, they become a monstrous monkey and Goku accidentally killed Grandpa Gohan.

For Goku’s “magical” powers, in the story they call it “Ki” or energy to us. Goku learned the famous Kamehameha Wave.



Other Dragon Ball characters like Gohan, Krillin, and Master Roshi have used the Kamehameha Wave as it is Master Roshi that taught it to Goku and Gohan used it to finish off Cell. Anyway let see those Kamehameha Wave…

Speaking of many other character have their own special attacks like Piccolo’s Masako and Special Beam Cannon.





Sailor Moon is a cartoon Power Rangers show for girls, but the Bogside Artists have denied the existence of the Power Rangers franchise since they called me a liar and using misinformation about a show called Power Rangers ever existing and I lied about the show having numerous villains, cast, magical uses, and etc. They also accused me deluded for even believing that there were shows called Sailor Moon or Power Rangers, those are just more examples on how majorly ignorant and stupid the Bogside Artists are. Watching AND researching the existing of Power Rangers and Sailor Moon are not very hard, elementary school students could do it. I know many of my former fellow students from the 1st to 5th grade have done it, and we had 96-99 AOL or Netscape Navigator for crying out loud. If you can’t do something that any American elementary schooler could easily do then you suck at life in general.

Anyway back to Sailor Moon’s magical feats, the main Sailor Moon and her companions the Sailor Scouts do performs magical feats like Sailor Mercury’s bubble attacks that could send a thick mist for enemies to unable to see, Sailor Mars’ fire attacks, Sailor Jupiter’s thunder and lightning attacks, and Sailor Venus’ beam attacks. Also, lastly Sailor Moon’s attacks that finishes off the villains.

Sometimes the Sailor Scouts uses special attacks, but on very rare occasions.

Don’t expect the Bogiside Artists to either notice or acknowledge any of these videos or evidence due to their high level of cowardice and arrogance. Also don’t expect them for you to notice the videos, because they are ignorant and they have no respect for your intelligence to even notice these videos or research the existence of Sailor Moon since it is all over the internet.



What could I say about Pokemon that nobody doesn’t know about, it is about animal like creatures known as Pokemon have special attacks like lightning, earthquakes, fire, water gun, and etc. However, the Bogside Artists called me deluded for claiming that I have seen or believing the existence of the Pokemon show, let alone the show having a lot of “similar” idea that Harry Potter and Travel’s with Li Po has.

Let’s take a look at Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu’s attacks, even though the Bogside Artists would likely to ignore it like true and typical cowards like they always do.

Let’s not forget that Pokemon is known for their video games… I will have JWittz explain some of the attacks.

Again, don’t count on the Bogside Artists to notice or acknowledge the video as evidence due to their arrogance, ignorance, cowardice, and conformation bias that Rowling plagiarized from them and Rowling lied to us about Pokemon (as precedents) and they are in the belief that no one watched or heard of Pokemon… or they would accused them as delusional.



Card Captor Sakura is about a 10 year old Japanese girl wandered into her father’s library and then found a magical book. When she opened it, it released 52 magical cards (called Clow Cards) with their own type of magic like water, wind, shadow, erase, and etc. It is up to Sakura and her friends to capture all 52 cards before they wreak havoc upon the world.

The Clow Cards and the magical figures is where most of the magical feats come from, especially Sakura summoning a Clow Card like creating wind or Syaoran Li having Chinese magical talismans that can create fire or lightning. However, the Bogside Artists fired back at me that I deluded Card Captor Sakura and it is all a lie by J.K. Rowing. How could I believe in a lie by J.K. Rowling or her “associate” by watching Card Captor Sakura?

Anyway, here is an image of all 52 cards…




In Outlaw Star has the “magic” being performed by the villains when chanting Tao Magic which can get annoying and old petty fast. I can easily say that one of the themes of this story is it is technology vs. magic as technology being on the good side while magic being on the bad side.

Also you get magic like this…



Pokemon has a lot of performed magical feats, mostly from the Pokemon like they could do flamethrower, thunder bolt, hyper beam, psychic, and etc.

Again, the Bogside Artists would likely to ignore the evidence provided by the video (done by Watch Mojo) and say that I deluded these “magical feats” and the rest of Pokemon like true and typical ignorant cowards. It doesn’t take a genius to watch, analyze, or research everything about Pokemon and find out enough to know about Pokemon as any seven year olds have done it since Pokemon came on the air to the United States, especially other shows that has “performed magical feats” ideas scattered all across the series. That shows the Bogside Artists combine do not have any basic critical thinking skills compare to an average seven year olds.




Water… Earth… Fire…. Air…

Avatar: the Last Airbender has a lot of magical feat and if you watched the show, you can’t miss them. Their are four types of human races that can bend a certain element… water, earth, fire, and air, but they can bend one element at a time and they are stuck with that element till death. They are called [insert element here] benders. Except one, who can bend all four elements and that person is the Avatar.


Don’t expect the Bogside Artists to notice any evidence I provided for my arguments or they might cowardly ignore them as they always have. Many of Anime and other fictional stories of many mediums have both Cast of Series Introduced and Performs Magical Feat elements like Harry Potter and the Travels with Li Po even though that the Bogside Artists have denied this and will call anyone delusional if they see this fact or watched any of the examples that I’d used. That is just more examples of the Bogside Artists cowardly arrogance and they think that their bias and close-minded words are facts instead of bias opinions. Mine on the other hand are not just words, but back up by actual events and proven statements.

Now on to the next “stolen idea”…

Number of examples used…

  • InuYasha – 2
    • Cast of Series Introduced
    • Performs Magical Feast
  • Rurouni Kenshin – 1
    • Cast of Series Introduced
  • Dragon Ball – 2
    • Cast of Series Introduced
    • Performs Magical Feat
  • Sailor Moon – 2
    • Cast of Series Introduced
    • Performs Magical Feat
  • Card Captor Sakura – 2
    • Cast of Series Introduced
    • Performs Magical Feat
  • Yu Yu Hakasho – 2
    • Cast of Series Introduced
    • Performs Magical Feat
  • Outlaw Star – 2
    • Cast of Series Introduced
    • Performs Magical feat
  • Pokemon – 2
    • Cast of Series Introducecd
    • Performs Magical feat
  • TMNT – 1
    • Cast of Series Introduced
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender – 2
    • Cast of Series Introduced
    • Performs Magic Feat

Bogside Artists Plagirism Accusations Against Rowling: Cast of Series Introduced (TV Shows)

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dafenLEGAL Bloomsbury Copyright Casemaxmarkson-200x0MV5BMTM5MDAzMTQ4OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMDYwODI3._V1_SX640_SY720_2010-07-14T174055Z_01_NYK902_RTRIDSP_0_USAmarkson_sparks_logo-770x400


The Bogside Artists accused Harry Potter author JK Rowling of plagiarizing their story “Travels with Li Po” The Bogside Artists say that Harry Potter and Travels with Li Po have a lot of similar ideas as well as any other stories and mediums like Anime, Manga, Star Wars, Power Rangers, DC and Marvel Comics, and etc. One of those “similar” and “stolen” ideas is CAST OF SERIES INTRODUCED where a story have a bunch of main and major secondary characters. I see this “stolen” idea happen in countless and countless other stories and mediums but the Bogside Artists somehow disagree since they call me a liar and delusional when I claim to I see one. I will go through various stories and mediums like Anime/Manga, Star Wars, Power Rangers one by one and give my insights and opinions of the cast of characters of each story or medium that I mention on this blog. I will not go through all stories and mediums since there are just too many so I will go through the ones that I have personally love and watched. Also I will stick to TV show for now.

Will won’t go through the villains since I will save them for another blog.




Inuyasha is my favorite Anime series and sadly having a favorite Anime series seems impossible to the Bogside Artists’ eyes. It has a good story with multiple characters with many of them with good story arcs (except for Shippo but I will get to that when I talk about him).

The series is about a half-human and half-demon dog named InuYasha and his band finding the pieces of the mystical and powerful shattered jewel shard before the main villain Naraku gets them or it will be the end of the world.



InuYasha is the story’s main protagonist and character just like Harry Potter in his story. Also like Harry Inuyasha can perform mystical and magical powers (in Inuyasha’s case, demonic powers).

InuYasha starts out as a “bad guy” since he has a demon side in him and he steals the Shikon Jewel and then his lover Kikyo fires a arrow into the tree causing them to hate each other for each other’s “betrayal. However the betrayal was done by manipulation and lies by the main villain of the story Naraku.

The lead female of the story, Kagome (who is the reincarnation of Kikyo) pulls the arrow out to help fight the Centipede Demon Monster. InuYasha would turn on Kagome but magical beads place on InuYasha would force InuYasha hurtfully to the grown when she says “sit”. InuYasha would be a good guy by heart and fights off a bunch of bad buys and would not harm another human being unless provoked. InuYasha would eventually fall in love with Kagome despite their stubbornness and arguments.

He would get his father’s most powerful sword Tessaiga to help him to fight numerous demons and enemies. He also have inhuman strength and invulnerability like many demons but since InuYasha is half demon he loses his powers on the night of the new moon (which means he loses his powers for one full night per month).

InuYasha’s personality is describe as hot headed, arrogant, and does not back down from a fight and prone to violence if he’s annoyed too much like he often hits Shippo.

For me personally I like Inuyasha since it is a main character starting out as a villain character and then work his way to be a good guy and fight Naraku once and for all.

Inuyasha parallels Harry Potter by being a boy (even though InuYasha is physically 15 years old and chronically 200+ years old while Harry started at 10) can travel two worlds or time and having magical powers and a war against a evil villain with a personal past.



Kagome is the reincarnation of the well respected and powerful priestess Kikyo and reborn into our modern day era. On her fifteenth birthday she enters her family’s well and carrying a Shikon Jewel in her body when a centipede demon drags her into the well and brings her to the medieval 15th century Japan.

Since Kagome is the one who could sense the Shikon Jewel (one time by Sango due to a writing mistake) see agree to help InuYasha to find the Shikon jewels.

Despite InuYasha and Kagome getting off a rocky start and still having constant arguments on petty things like cooking but she eventually falls in love with InuYasha.

Like many leading female characters she is the damsel in distress and she gets captured on a constant bases and cause more problems for our heroes.

I guess he could be compared to Hermione Grangers since they are both the main female characters and they are afraid of failure of school, the only difference is that Hermione does perfect in school while Kagome comically fails her tests and exams.



Miroku is one of the main characters to the story. Miroku is an 18-year-old Japanese Monk that is traveling to find Naraku because he placed a curse on his grandfather and the curse will be passed on to child to child until Naraku is defeated once and for all.

Miroku meets InuYasha and Kagome when he sees them having a jewel shard, “rescue” Kagome, and try to kill InuYasha in the fight for the Shikon Jewel until Kagome gets in the path of his Wind Tunnel.  He explains that he is cured with the Wind Tunnel that could suck anything its path and it will get bigger to the point it could suck Miroku and killing him.

Miroku is considered poised, calm, and has great wisdom. His faults is that he can be greedy, deceiving to get what he wants, and is a heavy womanizer. He eventually falls with Sango but like InuYasha and Kagome, his relationship with Sango has its faults like Miroku sexually harassing her or him flirting with other woman which usually results her hitting him.



Sango is a demon slayer of a small village and the daughter of the village leader until Naraku forces his little brother Kohaku to kill her father and demon slayer comrades.

Sango’s story arc is to rescue Kohaku from Naraku’s grasp and figuring out what would be the best solution of saving Kohaku.

Sango is kind, caring, and patient, but she has her limits with her kindness and patience especially with Miroku’s antics around her.

I like Sango, she isn’t the typical damsel in distress (even though she has her moments) and willing to accept the consequences of her choices especially when it comes to Kohaku. I am glad to say she is my second fictional female character and I will get to my first in a moment.



What to say about Shippo??? HE SUCKS!

He has no reason to go after Naraku except it is the right thing to do. He tags along for no apparent reason and he provides nothing to the overall story or fights. OK, he had a help in Sesshomaru’s development but other than that he pretty much useless for anything else. He has no arc to the story other than the Thunder Brother story and has no character development. Heck I believe Kagome’s little brother was more developed that Shippo and how much Souta was in the series again?



Sesshomaru is bad ass.

He is InuYasha’s half older brother. Sesshomaru started out as a villain but worked his way to be the good guy after his relationships with other human and especially with Rin. Sesshomaru competed and win the Tessaiga but the sword is inherited to InuYasha and he gets the Tenseiga that cannot harm any living beings (much to his dismay). If he does touch the Tessaiga, it will shock him.

Sesshomaru is calm and proper but does have major arrogance and does not like to show any weakness.

He is travel by Jaken and A-un and then Rin and Kohaku later on.

His motivations to go after Naraku is unclear but he did applied that he tricked him and now has a personal grudge against Naraku but fans speculate there might be a bigger reason than that.



Kohaku is my favorite character of the story even though the Bogside Artists think having a favorite character is not possible, especially with Anime.

Kohaku started as a timid and cowardly 11 year old boy who is about to go in his first demon slayer mission. However Naraku was able to get a hold of Kohaku and made him kill his father and his demon slayer comrades and then Kohaku is killed by arrows. Naraku revives him by giving him a jewel shard on his back. Naraku uses Kohaku to use Sango’s emotions against her and make him do murderous and evil deeds. Also Naraku erased Kohaku’s memory but slowly his memory comes back and then he fully remembers everything and breaking Naraku’s mind spell. Kikyo was able to give him another life without the help of the jewel shard.

Kohaku is a well character who started out as timid and cowardly but then he becomes very brave, selfless, and willing to put his life down for the sake of others. Also he barely could use his weapon Kusarigama but then he is able to take on multiple demons at once.

To me he is the closest to Ron Weasley but I like Kohaku a lot better and he is one of my top ten favorite fictional characters of all time even though that may seem impossible for the Bogside Artists for anyone (especially me) to have a favorite and nostalgic character.

Since I am a Kohaku fan, here is a AMV on Kohaku…



Kikyo becomes InuYaha’s current/former lover and becomes a foil between InuYasha and Kagome.

Kikyo is a powerful priestess and the protector of the Shikon Jewel. She tried to kill InuYasha for trying to take the Shikon Jewel but when he saved her little sister Kaede, She would eventually fall in love with Inuyasha until Naraku tricks them to turn against each other. Kikyo dies after firing an arrow at InuYasha and pinning him to a tree. Before she dies she had Kaede to burn her body with the Shikon Jewel.

Kikyo is resurrected by a dark priestess and still harbors hatred and coldness for InuYasha. However after finding out that Naraku turned them against each other her love for InuYasha returns. However int he end Naraku finally kills Kikyo but her hatred for InuYasha is no more and is able to rest in peace.



Koga is a Wolf Demon and InuYasha’s love rival for Kagome even though Kagome does not return any romantic feelings for Koga. However he made a promise to a female Wolf demon Ayame that he will marry her and that is what he end up doing. I find that kind of creepy where a 15 year old (physically) proposing to a little girl. Is this a trait within wolves? It happened when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee in Twilight and it happened here so I am guessing much older male wolves fall in live with much younger female wolves.

Like Sesshomaru he begins as a villain as he sends his wolf pack to attack and kill villagers, one of them being Rin. He captures Kagome and eventually falls in love with her so he become a good guy and orders his pack to never attack humans again or risk Kagome never forgiving him. Naraku ends up slaughtering most of his pack and then Koga vows to defeat Naraku to avenge his tribe.

His powers is super speed due to having two jewel shards on his legs to give him more power.

Like InuYasha he has a huge ego and easy to temper.



Rin is a 8 year old girl who lost her parents to a bandit raid so she lives with another village who physically abuse her. Rin became traumatize so she became a mute. She finds a wounded Sesshomaru in the woods and she brings food to her. After she is killed by Koga’s wolves she is revived by Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga and then she becomes one of Sesshomaru’s companions. Now she is able to talk… non-stop.

Some fans speculate that Rin is a reincarnation of Kikyo and then pass it along to Kagome. Also there are some fans to ship Kohaku and Rin.

Kohaku and Rin

Fan art by a Kohaku and Rin shipper.



First thing to get out of way that I hate the opening theme song. There is no energy or theme to it. It gets distracting and I can’t even understand half of the lyrics.

Rurouni Kenshin is about a samurai assassin that killed so many people. Then one day he accidentally killed his wife so he vowed to protect the innocent and never kill again.

He travels to Tokyo where someone impersonating as Kenshin Himura the Battosai and Kaoru attacks Kenshin believing he is the murderer, but finding out that Kenshin’s sword has the blade reverse so only the flat side of the blade can hit people. After defeating the fake Battosai, Kenshin stays with Kaoru to help fight corruption and evil in Tokyo and Japan. Along the way he meets with Yahiko Myojin, Sanosuke Sagara, and many other characters (but somehow the Bogside Artists denies any of this ever happened and does not believe that NOBODY watched or read Rurouni Kenshin to know this is true).

Let’s get to the characters…

Kenshin Himura


Kenshin Himura was known as a legendary and infamous assassin with unmatched and extraordinary swordsmanship skills. He came to Tokyo where he meets Kaoru Kamiya and she finds out that he is the legendary Battosai the man slayer. Kaoru invites Kenshin to stay with him.

Later Kenshin meets numerous allies like Yahiko Myojin and Sanosuke Sagara while some deadly enemies like Shishio Makato and Yukishiro Enishi. Some enemies turn to allies like Shinomori Aoshi and Saito Hajime. He would eventually fall in love with Kaoru, marry her and then have a son named Kenji.

Kenshin does not go through any major character development since he stays a calm demeanor unless someone pushes to his breaking point but keeps the mentality to never to kill another life but there are some moments that he came close. He is kind of Batman, he has no superpowers and must rely on his skills and smarts to survive each battle and protect his friends from harm without killing anyone. I guess it is safe to say that he is the Batman of Japan in the 19th century.

Kaoru Kamiya


Like any other main female character, she is the love interest for the main lead character Kenshin.

Kaoru is the head master of the Kamiya Kasshin Dojo. She had multiple students until the fake Battosai was using the Kasshin style to murder people, students quit and stop coming. Then she meets Kenshin where she invites him to live at the dojo.

Despite having a school that teaches to use swords in a post-Samurai era, she is teaching sword techniques that protects people without resorting to kill anyone. She does teach this lesson to Yahiko Myojin and several other students that come and gone.

Of course she falls in love with Kenshin and they become the main couple of the story where they get married and have a child named Kenji.

Yahiko Myojin


Let me say this off the bat, I LOVE YAHIKO MYOJIN!. He is not only my favorite character in Rurouni Kenshin but he is my favorite ANIME/MANGA character. Sadly the Bogside Artists act like it is impossible to have a favorite fictional character, especially an Anime character.

Yahiko is from a Samurai family. An orphaned Yahiko Myojin was pickpocketing for the Yakuza because they paid her mother’s medical bills until she died from an unknown illness then Yahiko has to pay them back. After being rescued by Kenshin and Kaoru, Yahiko becomes a student at the Kamiya Dojo to learn swordsmanship training from Kaoru. Yahiko starts off as cocky, arrogant, and has a lot of pride but his skills develop to back up his words and is willing to put his own life at risk for the sake of others like risking his own life for a little boy against Kujiranami Hyōgo. He is one of the most developed characters of the series by being a bratty kid with almost no skills and now he become one of the most formidable fighters of Japan.

Yahiko is like Robin and maybe better than Robin since Yahiko had to start from scratch and Yahiko does not have any fancy gadgets to help him out of a funk and Yahiko needs to rely on his smarts and skills a lot more.

Also Yahiko is one of my Storm Fighter characters and the leader of the team.


Sanosuke Sagara


Sanosuke Sagara is Kenshin’s best friend and most reliable ally. He is like Ron Weasley of the story except Sanosuke is more confident (sometimes over confident), strong, and reckless who is looking for any kind of danger instead of avoiding it.

When Sanosuke was a young boy Sanosuke was a member of the Sekiho Army. He respects his captain Sagara Sozo and once his captain and army was betrayed by the revolutionary government due to financial problems, his captain and most of his Sehiko Army were killed and executed. After his captain’s death, he inherits “Sagara” to his last name.

Years later he become an assassin for hire when he was hired by Gohei to kill Kenshin and then lost. Then he becomes Kenshin’s right hand man and most trusted ally.





Sailor Moon is considered to be the gateway of Anime to North American audience. It one of the first Anime shows that has been distributed for North American audience and so many people were intrigued by it, for girls and boys. Like it or not this is show that really cemented Anime for North American audience. I know there are Voltron, Speed Racer, and Astro Boy but despite being a huge success it still did not cemented Anime until Sailor Moon arrive and then Pokemon (I will get to Pokemon later).

Serena Tsukino (Sailor Moon)


Serena Tsukino (or Usagi in the original Japanese version) is the former moon princess of the Moon Kingdom when the evil Negaverse attack the Moon, forcing Queen Serenity to have her daughter and the four sailor scouts to be reborn in the future so they can fight the evil Negaverse once again.

Serena is a typical school girl in Tokyo, Japan who does poorly at school, very dimwitted, always hungry, and a bit lazy. When one of the guardian’s Luna chooses her to be Sailor Moon. She defeat bad guy after bad guy and then villain after villain. She at first was scared and reluctant in early of the series but later she goes into battle without hesitant.

Later they discover that she is the moon princess and is the permanent leader of the Sailor Scouts.

Amy (Sailor Mercury)


Sailor Mercury or Amy is considered the brains of the group. She is a heavy bookworm, does almost perfect in her class, and always taking extra classes. She is kind of like Hermione without her stuck up personality.

Sailor Mercury is the second Sailor Scout joining the team after Serena and Luna suspect her as a Negaverse agent but it turns out that she is Sailor Mercury.

She does not have a lot of character development, she is the brainy nerd but does not rub in people’s faces and she will give her life for Serena, her friends, and the innocents alike. At one point she was willing abandon her friends and duty to study medicine but she realizes that she is abandon her friends who need her and then she postpone her time to study medicine.

Rei (Sailor Mars)


Sailor Mars works as a Shinto priestess with a short temper, ambitious, and always get into arguments with Serena.

Sailor Mars is the second in command and in the beginning tenure she tries to overthrow Serena as leader so she could be the leader, even to the point she refuses to help Serena, Molly, and Melvin from danger (and forcing Amy to not help too) in protest. I guess Serena is suppose to be the main hero and having Rei to be more selfish than Serena would make Rei incapable to be the leader of the Sailor Scouts. Also there was an episode where Rei was making bad decisions as a leader when Serena was being chocked to death while Rei is hesitating what to do and Serena almost died as a result. She does get a lot better even though Serena and Rei still get into constant arguments.

When Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune belittles Serena as a Sailor Scout and the leader for saving a possessed Sailor Scout instead of taking the easy way out, by killing her Rei came to Serena’s defense.


Lita (Sailor Jupiter)


Lita (Sailor Jupiter) is the fourth member of the Sailor Scouts and is the toughest and physically the strongest member of the Sailor Scouts.

Lita is loyal, hot-blooded, full of energy, boy crazy, and someone you don’t want to screw with. Lita is trained in the martial arts (even though she use her skills rarely) and she is physically the strongest as she once lift a monster over her head and this is without her powers. Like Amy, she doesn’t have a way of a lot of character development either. She is the same from start to finish.

Mina (Sailor Venus)


Sailor Venus is favorite character. Like Serena she is a regular ditzy blonde, she loves the mall, very friendly, many times late for school, and is the most boy crazy out of the entire group.

She becomes the last official sailor scout to join the team until Rini and the Outer Sailor Scouts (despite Sailor Jupiter being considered a “Inner” Sailor Scout and Jupiter is a outer planet).

She became a Sailor Scout before the other four as Sailor V by becoming a vigilante in England before joining the Sailor Scouts and why it took so long to go to Japan and join the team is anyone’s guess. She got her powers from a white male cat named Artemis and he introduced her to the other sailor scouts when they are about to be crushed to death by Malechite and then Sailor Venus saved both the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask.

What is interesting there is an unaired episode in the United States where the Negaverse finds out her true identity. At another point where she almost blow her cover by saying “is this the Sailor Scout meeting”, what would happen if she was the wrong place and said that out loud?

Darien/Tuxedo Mask


Tuxedo Mask/Darien is the love interest of the main character and protagonist, Sailor Moon. At first Serena and Darien hate each other for unknown reasons sine Darien always call her “meatball head” due to her hairstyle. Once Darien realizes that Serena is Sailor Moon and the Moon Princess they fall in love and became an official couple.

According to TV Troupes he is considered as the “Sixth Ranger” to the team. At first the identity of Darien and Tuxedo Mask didn’t know each other’s identity until Tuxedo Mask takes on of the Rainbow Crystals and revealing that Darien is Tuxedo Mask. The Negaverse captures him, brainwashes him, and then turn them against the Sailor Scouts although his mentality and memory of his alliance are still there so motivation other than being brainwash is still there. Serena is able to regain his memory back but still has no memory of his previous life, Serena, or being Tuxedo Mask until the end of the Cardian Saga.

Darien is having dreams of the future where Serena gets hurt for being with her so he distance himself from Serena but they get back together when Serena sees the future and willing to take the risk. Then after the Dark Moon Kingdom Saga he has no character arc after that. He does go to America to go to college but he is absent most of that time.

Rini/Sailor Mini Moon


What can I say about Rini? SHE’S A BITCH.

She goes back and time to find the Silver Imperial Crystal where she lives with Serena’s family (who ironically and technically are her family). She is targeted by the Dark Moon Force so they could break the barrier that protects Crystal Tokyo. In her first outing she annoys and antagonizes people for shallow and vague reasons (mostly Serena). When Amy was about to go away, she antagonize the Sailor Scout’s going away present without knowing what it is and at one point poisons them.

She becomes the evil Wicked Lady but then she becomes Sailor Mini Moon and to be trained by the Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune


Sailor Neptune (Michelle in civilian form) was introduced in the Infinity Arc (or the Heart Snatchers Arc). She and her cousin/lesbian lover Sailor Uranus were set to find three mystical items that are hidden in three human hearts.

At the start of her tenure, she prefers to work independently with her partner (yes, even romantically) Sailor Uranus from the other Sailor Scouts and does not share the morals is to find the right way out instead of the easy way. Heck at one point when Sailor Moon made the right way by finding a way to save Sailor Saturn (when she was under an evil spell) instead of killing her because it was the easy way, they berate her and try to take her powers away. She does learn the errors of their ways since the other Sailor Scouts would follow Sailor Moon to do the right thing instead of the easy thing.


Just like Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus (Amara) was introduced at the beginning in the Heart Snatcher’s arc with her partner/cousin Michelle.

She did stand out more than her cousin/lover, she looks like a male so many characters mistakes her as a male.

She also chooses to be independent from the other Sailor Scouts and fight along with her partner. She believes she and Michelle are superior than the other Sailor Scouts and chooses to do the easy or selfish thing than the right thing, like the other Sailor Scouts… especially Sailor Moon. However Sailor Moon shows them the error of their ways and becomes an ally to Sailor Moon.

Sailor Pluto/Trista


Sailor Pluto was introduced when the Sailor Scouts made contact with her by Rini’s Luna Ball when she is being chased through Rini’s dream and then Sailor Pluto have the Sailor Scouts to enter Rini’s dream to save her.

She was seen again when the Sailor Scouts approach the Gate Through Time, Sailor Pluto was guarding the gate and tries to attack and kill Sailor Moon until Rini saves her and prevents Sailor Pluto from attacking her. She sends them to the future to save Crystal Tokyo. In the Heart Snatchers arc, she saves Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus when it was revealed that they hold the hearts that they were looking for. When it came to the Messiah situation if that they should save Sailor Saturn or go the easy route by killing her. Unlike Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, she was easier to pursue to take the right way instead of the easy way and Sailor Pluto did not try to overthrow Sailor Moon off of her leadership all because of she didn’t take the easy way out.



First off I will be covering only Dragon Ball Z since many of the characters translate from Dragon Ball and I really don’t want to get into GT and please don’t make me to go over the characters in that god awful live action movie Dragon Ball Evolution.

Son Goku


Goku serves the story’s main hero and protagonist. Goku is from the planet Vegeta and Goku was sent to Earth to destroy and conquer however Grandpa Gohan found him and try to take him in as his adopted son. Goku was wild and uncontrollable but he fell off a cliff, hit his head and forget his past, and then becomes a loving and happy boy.

One night in a full moon, he transforms into a large giant monkey and accidentally killed Grandpa Gohan. Goku lived alone for a while until Bulma finds him while she was trying to steal and then attempt to bribe for Goku’s four star ball. Then Goku went on numerous fight and adventures leading up to DBZ.

Goku marries Chi Chi and they have a son named Gohan. Goku and Gohan fight numerous villains along with Piccalo, Krillin, and many others but I will get to that later.

 The story mainly is on Goku and then it switches to Gohan to the lead character for a while and then back to Goku which it felt forced and rushed.

Goku morals is good and unintentionally bad. The Good is that he is willing to put everything on the line for himself to save others and see the good in people whenever they are lying or not. Some good came put of it like Piccalo and Vegeta or it could be bad like Doctor Gero and Frieza. The bad is that he can be a bad father and husband since he rather train than spending time with his wife and kids.

Son Gohan


Son Gohan is my favorite character (even though it is impossible to the Bogside Artists’ eyes). He represents the young crowd.

Unlike his father he goes to school (but it is unclear that he goes to a school or he his home schooled until he goes to high school) and he is smarter but shy and more prone to hesitate. He is trained by Piccalo and at his first battle, he becomes very cowardly and then Tien and Piccalo are killed as a consequence. This angers Gohan to fight back and now becomes braver in battle.

Gohan becomes the lead hero when the Cell saga when Gohan becomes the hero and the one that kills Cell when Goku dies (again). Gohan was suppose to be the hero again during the Buu Saga but fans of Goku did not want that so the writers have Goku be the hero again so that is why the writing in the Buu Saga felt forced and rushed.

Despite his great character development in DBZ and his character popularity by DBZ and Anime fans, the writers of GT have him take the back seat of the story which is one of the reasons why I HATE GT. Many of the characters suck, the writing for the characters were stupid or/and lazy, and there is no real development (even with the new characters). The reason I hate GT so much it destroys what DBZ build and many of the likable or major characters from DBZ take a back seat for annoying or weak characters like the writers didn’t care or didn’t know what to do with them. In my opinion the better way GT could have been be the next generation. Let Gohan do what Goku did in DBZ… lead, fight to save the world or universe, and show the way of his kid, Pan. Instead we got a villain that sexually harassed his daughter.



Vegeta’s arc got the most development of the entire series. He began as a villain as he wants to take over earth after the death of Raditz and overhearing that Earth has seven mystical balls called the Dragon Balls so Vegeta and his partner Nappa went to earth and killed Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien, and Piccolo before Vegeta kills Nappa for his failure.

After Vegeta was badly beaten (by Gohan out of all people) he retreated back to one of Frieza’s base and recover to go to the planet Namek to find the Dragon Balls there. Even though it was Gohan defeated Vegeta at the end, Vegeta gain a rivalry feelings towards Goku and tries to be stronger than him ever since.

He turns ally to Gohan and Krillin since they have a common enemy against Freiza’s forces. Vegeta eventually dies but is revived by the Dragon Balls. Vegeta returns to earth as a defender but it took a while to drop his pride and be a defender for the innocent of Earth.

Here is Vegeta’s most famous quote:

That line became so over the top it became the most memorable quotes in Anime history but sadly the Bogside Artists believe that scene never existed and will call anyone a liar or/and delusional who says otherwise. In fact, they will call anyone who watched DBZ a liar and delusional, especially people who notice they have a cast.




Like Vegeta Piccalo started as a villain and wanted to kill Goku after defeating him so many times.However when Raditz came to earth and kidnapped Gohan, he and Goku defeats Raditz and Piccalo does kill Goku in the process. Before Raditz dies, he tells them that two more Sayians are coming so he trains Gohan to be a fighter. Piccalo and Gohan grew close in result and Piccalo sacrifices himself to save Gohan and enrages Gohan to be a fighter.

His life is connected to the Dragon Balls and if he dies then the power of the dragon balls are turned to stone and become unusable. However there is a second set of dragon balls at his birth planet Namek. When Goku, Gohan, and Krillin retrieved all seven dragon balls they wish Piccalo back to life first so he could return to his home planet and regain the dragon balls back on earth.

Piccalo had great character development and arc. He had to learn to be more compassionate and he learned that through Gohan first and then from the rest of the DBZ characteers but Gohan is still the forefront of Piccalo’s character development even though Piccalo still have  a stern and serious personality. He would still have a competitive streak for example when Goku’s wife Chi Chi forces Goku and Piccalo to learn how to drive and sending them to driving school (despite them knowing how to fly) they get into a drag race and crashed their cars.

I would compare him to Professor Snape even though Piccalo’s development and true characters were much quicker and less subtle.




Krillin is Goku’s best friend. They met when Goku was just starting his training with Master Roshi when Krillin came to him for training. Goku and Krillin started as small rivals due to Goku’s strength and abilities while Krillin has his smarts. Then the two became best friends but they usually not seen together much just after the Cell Saga and even going to the GT series.

Krillin does not have his way of development. He does help Android 18 to become a good guy and falls in love with her but after than Krillin has no story arc except helping either Goku or Gohan depending on who is the hero. He is one of the weaker characters and Krillin knows this since every time he gets involve in a tournament he often worries that he has to fight Goku, Gohan, Future Trunks, Vegeta, or Piccalo. Also it is a common joke by fans that he dies a lot and maybe the dies more times than any character on the show. Maybe Sean Bean could play Krillin since they have so much in common when it comes to dying.




Outlaw Star is one of the more underrated Outlaw Star series. It is a space opera about a outlaw space adventurer named Gene Starwind must find the Galactic Leyline before the evil K Pirates do. Gene is partnered up with his kid sidekick Jim Hawking (hell yeah!) and teams up with a Clan commander Aisha ClanClan, an female assassin Suzuka, and a most of all the female android Melfina.

Gene Starwind


Gene is the main protagonist of Outlaw Star. In the story he is a outlaw space adventurer looking for the Galactic Leyline before the evil Kei Pirates does and while protecting Melfina.

Gene starts off as a mercenary with his 11 year old partner Jim Hawking. They were hired by Hilda to do a job for her but it turns out that the job was to retrieve Melfina and then kill them afterwards. Then Gene disarms her and then they fly off into space while being attacked by enemies. In the first space battles Gene refuses to fight due to a traumatic experience when he witness his father die in a space battle and it was Jim was fighting the enemies until Hilda talks some courage into Gene and then Gene fights the enemies in the rest of the series. After finding the XGP and the death of Hilda, he names the XGP the “Outlaw Star” as a memory of Hilda.

Unfortunately there isn’t much to say about his story arc other than fighting and defeating the enemies.

Gene is describe as reckless and headstrong but he is quick to think on his feet in heated situations and creative in combat.

Jim Hawking


Jim is my favorite character despite he does not have a story arc and the Bogisde Artists believing that it is impossible to have a favorite Anime character.

Jim is considered the brains of the team… like a male Hermione but Jim does not rub his intelligence over people unless Gene’s recklessness and stupidity strains too far. He is the son of a famous computer hacker and it is likely Jim became a hacker because of him. We don’t know anything of Jim’s past except he had parents and they died for some reason. The death of his parents was not explained nor there is no explanation how Gene and Jim met.

Again he has little to no story arc or character development so there isn’t much to say about him.

There is an episode where he dates a girl named Hanmyo but little did he know she is an enemy and he killed her in space without realizing it.

There were good opportunities to give him a story arc like Jim’s parents were killed and the killers are out there that would like to do the same to Jim or have a story arc with Hanmyo by Jim trying to persuade Hanmyo to come to the good side.

Outlaw Star did not do well in Japan as it did in North America and I believe it because Outlaw Star had little character development or character story arc except for Gene. I know Gene is the main character and the main character needs the most of the character development or story arc but you at least take some opportunity to give Jim some development or story arc.

Also Jim is one of my characters in my Storm Fighters fan fiction story.



Melfina is a biological android and she is the key to the Galactic Leyline since there are defenses that could be fatal unless you have Melfina fending off those deadly defenses.

After the death of Hilda she becomes Gene’s love interest and the person the hero must protect.

She has a child like innocents since she knows little about the universe and how it functions like any child developing into the world.

Aisha Clan Clan


Aisha is an alien race of the Ctarl-Ctarl.

Her first mission is to hunt down Hilda but after she disastrously failed she was demoted and relieved from her command. She connects Gene with Hilda and she tries to fight him but Gene escapes and force her to pay the bill of the restaurant. Since she didn’t have any money she is forced to clean the dishes. A few episodes later she does join up with Gene’s crew.

She is the opposite of Jim Hawking in a lot of ways as Jim is mature and smart while Aisaha acts immature and lacks smarts. Speaking of she becomes close to Jim than any of the others however there isn’t anything special beyond that besides fighting the villains. Also we do not see Aisha getting back her command. See what I mean the lack of character arc or development. They do have chances of having character arc or development but the writers seem to be oblivious to them.

Twilight Suzuka


Suzuka is an assassin for hire and she likes to kill her targets at the twilight of the sun. She was hired to kill Fred Lao but the assassination attempt was interfered by Gene Starwind so she turns her targets to him. After Gene defeats Suzuka in combat, Suzuaka joins the Outlaw Star crew.

She does have some story arc as she is able to take revenge on the man who killed her mentor. Other than that here isn’t much to say other than her personality is describe easygoing.



Wolf’s Rain in my opinion is the most underrated Anime. Maybe because it is not received well is that because it is too short compare to most Anime series.

The story is that Earth is slowly dying as civilization for all species including human and animals are close to extinction. However a white wolf Kiba intends to find a hidden power called Paradise that could restore Earth. He leads several other wolves on his quest while fighting several evil and corrupted organizations. The wolves can disguise as humans and interact with other people.



Kiba is the main protagonist of the story. He was raised by a sharman who told him he has a purpose to find Paradise as the Earth is slowly dying. Like Harry Potter Kiba is declared the chosen one. Unlike Harry Potter, Kiba tends to be impulsive and cares less for his friends when it comes to his ultimate goal or protecting Cheza.

Kiba meets Tsume, Hige, and Toboe and the love interest Cheza.

Kiba does find Paradise but Kiba dies soon after. However some centuries year later the Earth restored and Kiba is reborn in human form with no memory of his previous life.



Tsume started out as a thief as we first see him hijack a train with of supplies. However one his bandit members Gehl a young boy fell to his death after stealing another set of supplies. Tsume is kicked out of the group and went with Kiba’s pack as his new group. Tsume is still describe as a loner and put on a tough attitude but deep inside he is a softy. Tsume becomes very close with Toboe.

Tsume is not a believer in Paradise but leaves with the group to get out of the city after numerous tragedies in the city. However Tsume slowly become a believer in Paradise but sadly he does not make it all the way to see the unleash of Paradise. Tsume is reborn in centuries later seeing riding on a motorcycle of a Japanese city.



Hige is a Mexican Wolf and the third wolf in the series. He is describe as laid back and the fun loving person of the party.

There isn’t much to say about him except that his story arc that he is brainwashed by the Jaguara organization into hunting down other wolves. His color has a GPS microchip that have the Jaguara army tracking them down no matter where they are hiding. He gets a love interest with Blue (a half wolf and half dog). Hige and Blue die but Hige is reborn in the rebirth of Earth.



Toboe is my favorite character even though the Bogside Artists called me a liar on this due to their beliefs that it is impossible to have a favorite Anime character.

As the youngest of the group he acts like a pup than a wolf.

He has a high affection for humans since he was raised by a old woman until he accidentally killed her. Toboe make attempt to show kindness and build relationships towards humans such as Quent that shows hatred for wolves. Toboe dies protecting Quent but Toboe is reborn in the rebirth of Earth.

Also Toboe is in my Storm Fighters fan fiction as the most skilled fighter of the team.



Blue is a pet for Quent as it is Quent’s vow to hunt down all wolves since he believed the wolves killed his family when it was actually the Jaguara that killed his family. When Blue found out that she is part wolf and unwilling to hunt down her own kind, she leaves to join Kiba’s group and falls in love with Hige.

Blue dies with the other wolves but to fans’ perspective she is reborn as a cat as the reborn Toboe is picking her up and rescuing her from the rain.



She is a flower maiden of the Lunar Flower. She is the key in opening Paradise so it is up to the wolves to protect her at all cost. She does die but not before she is able to open paradise and cause the rebirth of Earth.

Quent Yaiden


Quent was the sheriff of his town until the Jaguara burned down his village and killed his family, leaving only him and Blue alive. At the time he thought the wolves killed his family thus building his hatred for the wolves and made a vow to hunt them down. Once he learned it was the Jaguara killed his family, he accepted Toboe but they are both killed by Darcia.

Detective Conan

Detective Conan is about a 17 year old private detective Shinichi Kudo be able to solve crimes that the Japanese Police are stumped. However when investigating a case with the Black Organization, he was caught off guard by the Men in Black and was forced to swallow poison that suppose to kill him but it revert back to his 7 year old body to assume the identity of Conan Edogawa and now must solve mysteries as a child while finding a way to get his older body back.

Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa


Conan Edogawa (left)/Shinichi Kudo (right)

 Shinichi Kudo is the son of a famous mystery author Yusaku Kudo and an award winning actress Yukiko Kudo. Shinichi became a huge fan mystery novels, specifically Sherlock Holmes novels. At age 16 Shinichi is starting to solve real life mysterious and criminal cases for the police by seeing the littlest details that could be solid evidence. However one case he got himself knockout when a villain sneak up behind him and hit him in the head. Then instead of shooting him (since it would leave a lot of suspicion and evidence) they give him a poison that suppose to kill him but it shrunk him into a little boy.

Shinichi assumes the identity of Conan Edogawa (taking the names of Arthur CONAN Doyle of the Sherlock Holmes novels and EDOGAWA Rampo). Not to many people know the real identity of Conan Edogawa since the BO believes that he is dead and if they find out he is alive then they will finish the job and might hurt the people he cares about.

Since Conan Edogawa is in the body of a little kid, nobody takes him seriously when Conan is solving cases and finding clues. So he uses the incompetent detective Kogoro Mori to help him solve cases by constantly knocking him out with a wristwatch that has a knockout dart and using a bow tie that could mimic any voice he wants. When Kogoru isn’t around then he uses this tactic with Sonoko (Ran’s best friend) or Dr. Hiroshi Agasa (but he doesn’t need to knock him out). Sometimes he solves in plain sight (when no adults other than the culprit) and once in a while Conan does get credited for solving cases by adults but due to the fact he is in a body of a child, they forget it in a short amount of time. One time in Movie 6 Ran doesn’t believe Conan does know anything about Sherlock Holmes after Conan was able to identify a disguised Professor Moriarty (thus Professor Moriarty calls Conan a young Sherlock Holmes and giving his respect to the boy) and was able to point out specific clues just a few minutes prior and Conan signed up for a Sherlock Holmes conference but because Conan is in a body of a child Ran forgets all of that within no more than five minutes.

 A few adults still listen to him since he proved himself so much to be smart and observant and there are some that know Conan’s real identity like Dr. Agasa. Ran came in a few times to find out Conan is Shinichi but some tactics or some blind luck Ran is mislead in believing that Conan is Shinichi.

I like Conan as he is someone I like to be. Conan is young but smart, observant, talented, and also popular in school (especially with the ladies when numerous girls like him easy (both as Shinichi and Conan)).

Ran Mouri


Ran Mouri is Shinichi’s best friend and possibly girlfriend. After Shinichi is transformed into Conan, she takes Conan in as a surrogate mother or older sister without knowing Conan is Shinichi. Ran develops a great bond and care for Conan, determine to protect him when Conan is in danger and on the brink of getting killed.

She worries for Shinichi as she believes that he is on an assignment elsewhere but Conan calls her as Shinichi (using a bow tie) or at times Ai gives Conan a drug that temporally assume the body and identity of Shinichi.

Ran is a black belt in karate and does uses it to get out of dangerous situations but only that goes so far. She does uses her karate to keep people in line especially with her irresponsible and lazy father. Her father and mother are divorced and she tries to get them back together with little success.

Her personality that she is patient, kind, and nurturing but can get intimidating when angered. She can get reckless and impulsive especially when it comes when someone that she care about is endanger and gets in trouble herself. Usually it is Conan that saves her.

Ran can be naive and is a believer of horror genre like ghost and legendary phantoms.

Kogoro Mouri


The incompetent and dumb Detective Kogoro Mouri is describe as a lousy detective missing obvious clues, forgetting major facts, and jumping to silly conclusions. However when Conan came to the picture and Conan is unable to get the adults to believe him, he knocks Kogoro out with a sleeping dart and uses a bow tie to mimic his voice to bring down the bad guys. However Kogoro can be a good detective but he lacks the effort. When he is a good detective when a case gets personal when a friend is murdered, he is so determined to bring down the murderer and is able to solve the case with little of Conan’s help.

He has a dislike for Conan as he sees him a nuisance to the fact he is a child and he tends to get jealous of Conan outsmarting him by seeing obvious clues or not believing an academic or philosophical conclusion or statements… resulting of him hitting him or threatening him.

Inspector McGure


Inspector McGure is the inspector for the Beika Police Force and is the commanding officer for the numerous detectives including Kudo and Mouri.

Not much to say about him other than he tends to listen to Conan when time goes on but only on rare occasions but like almost everyone else he tends to forget that Conan has been solving cases or point out important clues due to Conan’s appearance.

Heiji Hattori


Heiji Hattori is Shinichi’s best friend but also rival as a teen detective. At first they are competitive in solving the same case (while still in the body of Conan but vodka causes Conan to temporarily turn back into Shinichi) and Shinichi is the one that solved it while Heiji was fooled by the murder’s planning.

In their second encounter Heiji found out that Conan is Shinichi and they become close friends from there. He is suppose to keep quiet about Conan’s real identity but at times he calls Conan Shinichi when others are present.

Heiji is a master in kendo and he has a love for baseball as Shinichi’s love for soccer.

Heiji is a great detective as Shinichi but Heiji’s faults that he can get too competitive and he let his emotions get the best of him causing him to jump to the wrong conclusions.

Kazuha Toyama

[Anime Ita] Detective Conan ep 263 - Doppio mistero ad Osaka [DCF]

Kazuha Toyama is Heiji’s best friend and possibly girlfriend.

There isn’t much to say about her either except she is Heiji’s childhood friend and love interest. She is hot headed and her affections for Heiji causes her jealous nature to jump to quick and embarrassing conclusions like she thought Kudo is a girl (Ran).

She is trained Aikido.

Dr. Hiroshi Agasa


Dr. Agasa is Shinichi’s next door neighbor and friends to the Kudos. He invents all of Conan’s gadgets like the voice mimic bow tie, the wristwatch with a knockout dart, and Conan’s high powered sneakers.

He is the first one that know Conan’s identity and he is the one that suggested not to tell anyone his real identity or otherwise if the BO realizes Shinichi is still alive then they would come back and kill him also hurting Ran and the people the closest to him in the process. He also believed the best option is to live with Ran and Kogoro since Kogoro is a private detective but as we all know that Kogoro can’t deduct his way out of a paper bag, that idea went south quickly.

Since Conan became friends with Detective Boys, he often takes them on trips and gives them riddles to solve but it is Conan or Ai that solves it.

Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano


Shiho is a teenage scientist that worked for the Black Organization as she is the one invented the poison that shrunken Shinichi. After the BO killed her older sister, she tried to kill herself with the poison but like Shinichi it only shrunk her to a child’s body and then assumes the identity as Ai Haibara. Knowing they used the same poison on Shinichi, she tried to go see him in his home but since Conan is now living with Ran, Dr. Agasa is the one that found her and took her in.

Ai does not remember how she made the poison so she could make a permanent antidote. So it up to Conan and Ai to find the Black Organization so they can return to their normal bodies and bring the BO once and for all.

Her personality that she is snarky, cold, and likes to toy with people’s minds. She acts more mature than Conan, even as a child when she suppose to act like a child.

She has a lot of beauty and many of the boys in school (especially the Detective Boys) are infatuated with her but it is clear that Ai is in love with Shinichi/Conan.

Ayumi Yoshida


Ayumi Yoshida is a female student at Conan’s school. She was the sole female of the Detective Boys until Ai joined the group. Before Conan joined up in their group of friends, she was the true leader since she is making all the decisions and actions for them (even though Genta is the proclaimed leader but he does nothing to back it up) until Conan is brought into their friendship and Conan leads them through danger.

Ayumi has a major crush on Conan (which makes him uncomfortable). She quickly wanted to become friends with Conan at his first day of school and then after saving her from bandits while catching some burglars and breaking the code from the map (while Genta and Mitsuhiko trying to take the credit of Conan’s work) she is the one that have Conan take the credit that he deserves and kissing him in the cheek, making Genta and Mitsuhiko jealous. At times she is already thinking of marriage with Conan (even though that is likely not going to happen since Conan is actually 17 while Ayumi is 7). Genta and Mitsuhiko both have a crush on Ayumi (and Ai) but Ayumi is oblivious to this and she has a crush on Conan… making Genta and Mitsuhiko envy Conan.

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya


Mitsuhiko is the “smart” kid of the Detective Boys but nowhere smart or intelligent as Conan and Ai.

Mitsuhiko is more of a bookworm since he does a good knowledge in science and history than the Detective Boys excluding Conan or Ai. His knowledge at times become useful for the cases they are solving.

Mitsuhiko and the other Detective Boys would often try to get involve and solve cases but mostly it is Conan and Ai solve the cases while the Detective Boys try to take the credit and believe they are the ones that solved the cases.

He is very infatuated with Ayumi and Ai but both girls are infatuated with Conan which makes him jealous of Conan.

Genta Kojima


 The always hungry and tough guy Genta is the self-proclaimed leader of the Detective Boys but it is Conan is always leading the group while Genta takes credit of Conan’s work and skills (more than Ayumi or Mitsuhiko) and his “leadership” would often get the Detective Boys into trouble, making bad judgements, and making many of the situations worse than it is.

He is strong and brave (to a certain extent) but he lacks discipline, responsibility, and smarts.

He is infatuated with Ayumi and Ai but both girls are infatuated with Conan which makes him jealous of Conan.

Card Captor Sakura


Card Captor is about a 10 year old school girl who accidentally unleashed 52 magical cards called Clow Cards. Now she must recapture them before they wreak havoc and cause destruction upon the world.

I can tell you I love the Japanese version and I hate the American Dub version.

Sakura Kinomoto


Sakura Kinomoto was an average 10 year old school girl in Japan until she visits her father’s library one day and then went to check on a book that happens to have fifty-two magical cards and then they were set free to cause havoc. Luckily for her she has a guardian named Kero to help guide her to retrieve the cards before they cause destruction upon the word. After she collects them she transfers them into Sakura Cards to secure them from being release again.

Sakura can easily described as cheerful, energetic, and friendly but she is naive and oblivious. To my annoyance the American dub made Sakura a bitch even to the point throwing Syaoran Li to sleep outside in the cold after Syaoran and Kero switch bodies. I also find it strange that Sakura has no qualms in changing clothes in front of anyone in her room.

She first has a crush on her brother’s best friend Yukito but when he rejects her, she falls in love with her former rival Syaoran Li. She or Syaoran would have a card until the final test with Yue when Syaoran and Sakura lose the test except when Sakura got a second chance and defeats Yue. That always bothered me, Sakura gets two chances in the final test while Syaoran gets one… that doesn’t comes off fair to me. However I do like the romance between Sakura and Syaoran as they have a lot of chemistry and it plays off each other very well.


Another thing that bugs me about the North American dub that they edited out the romance for it would be inappropriate for the young audience. It is not like 10, 11, and 12 year old falling in love with each other is unheard of, it is common during that era. Many other children’s shows did it, 4Kids did it, EVEN NICK JR. DID IT.

Syaoran Li


Syaoran Li is by far my favorite character of Cardcaptors and he is my second favorite Anime character behind Yahiko… but sadly the Bogside Artists would likely to call me a liar on this due to their pathetic beliefs and personal experience that it is impossible for anyone to have a favorite Anime character.

Syaoran Li is the descendent of the creator of the Clow Cards, Clow Reed. He came from Hong Kong to search for the Clow Cards only to find out that Sakura has a few of them and forcefully tries to take them until Sakura’s brother intervenes. Sakura and Syaoran became rivals but that rivalry subsides into friendship and then into romance.

During capturing the Clow Cards Arc, Sakura is the only one that can seal the cards but a few of them belong to Syaoran until the Final Judgement. Syaoran is up against Yue but Syaoran is defeated and Sakura is able to defeat Yue (with two tries while Syaoran had one). One thing I did appreciate that the North American version tried to resolve this “unfairness” by Sakura was willing to give up the cards to Syaoran but Syaoran rejects them and says he will get over it.

The thing that I did not appreciate in the North American dub aside the cutting the romance for vague reasons that they made Syaoran a bigger asshole than the Japanese version.

Syaoran is brave and quicker to act and think on his feet than Sakura can.

At the end of the series Syaoran confesses his feelings for Sakura before he moves back to Hong Kong. At the second movie, Sakura realizes that she loves Syaoran. Syaoran returns from Hong Kong so Sakura could tell Syaoran about her love for him and after multiple interruptions she does admit that she loves him.



Tomoyo Daidouji


Tomoyo is Sakura’s cousin and best friend at school. Tomoyo is aware of Sakura’s double life as a Card Captor and would often use her camera to get footage on her adventures.

She would often design Sakura’s “combat” outfits for every adventure and give Sakura and Syaoran simple gadgets like cell phones since her mother works for a news agency.

She also aware of Syaoran’s feelings towards Sakura and would often push the relationship even further.

Not much to say about her except that she creeps me out.

Meiling Li


Meiling’s is Syaoran’s cousin and ex-fiance. She is a rival to Sakura in capturing Clow Cards and fighting for Syaoran’s affections but in teh end Meiling lost out to Sakura. Somehow Meiling is still supportive of Syaoran and helping Sakura tell Syaoran her true feelings towards him.

She is described as outspoken, competitive, overconfident, and impulsive.

She does not last long in the series as she comes from Hong Kong and then need to move back to Hong Kong within twenty episodes.



Cerberus or “Kero” or short is the guardian of the Clow Cards and his job is to choose the Card Captors and guide them through.

He loves playing video games and a glutton towards sweets.

I hate Kero. He is annoying and most often arrogant, selfish, and narrow minded. One that he calls out for Syaoran for just tearing up some lettuce for dinner while Kero sat around and did nothing while Kero still believed he did more than Syaoran in preparing dinner. So what you consider did more, tearing lettuce or sitting around and eating sweets.

Mostly he is in a form of a teddy bear but in his true form…


Toya Kimomoto


Toya is Sakura’s older brother.

Toya would often piss off Sakura by calling her “monster” but he cherish Sakura and very protective of her. Like when he catches Syaoran bullying Sakura leading Toya to dislike Syaoran, even after Sakura and Syaoran become friends because he knows that Sakura would more than likely to fall in love with Syaoran… which she does.

Toya has a magical ability to see spirits (like his deceased mother) and could tell when Sakura is on a magical adventure without seeing what is going on.

He best friends with Yukito. He and Yukito would often have different jobs on almost every episode. He does surrender his magical abilities to Yue so he can have a better chance of protecting Sakura.

Yukito Tsukishiro/Yue


Yukito is Toya’s best friend and Sakura’s crush. Again with the North American version cutting out the Sakura and Syaoran romance because it is “too graphic for kids”, but they do let Sakura crushing on Yukito happen… I don’t get it.

Yukito is describe as as kind and gentle, the opposite of his counterpart… Yue. His first encounter with Syaoran he willing to share his food to him but Syaoran runs away. Speaking of Syaoran and food Syaoran develops an attraction towards Yukito due to Syaoran’s attraction to magic and like Kero… Yukito has a huge appetite.

Yukito remains oblivious to Sakura’s activities and even when it is revealed to be Yue until Toya tells him about his double life and then Yukito is aware of his counterpart.

As for Yue his job is to claim the next master of the Clow Cards as declares Sakura the new master as she defeats him on her second try. Now he vows to protect Sakura from danger.





Yu Yu Hakusho is about a 14 year old troubled kid, Yusuke Urameshi who becomes a spirit detective after dying from a car accident while saving a little boy who was crossing the road. The spirit world did not expect him to die and then they granted his life back in exchange of becoming a spirit detective as in fighting evil demons and spirits from entering the living world of Earth.

Yusuke Urameshi


Yusuke Urameshi is a 14 year old boy living in Japan. He starts as a real troublemaker as getting into trouble in school, his mother, and almost everything else. Then a small boy was crossing the road while trying to get his ball when a fast speeding car comes down the road, Yusuke pushes him out of the path of the car and then the car hits and kills Yusuke instantly. The spirit world agreed to give his life back and then Yusuke becomes a spirit detective.

Like Harry Potter, Yusuke is the main character and does have trouble at home, although most of the reasons are Yusuke’s fault due to his trouble-making and rebellious acts and his mother does love him (although she’s drunk most of the time).

Yusuke can be describe as hot-headed, pushy, and rebellious, but has a good heart and willing to die for others to live.

Yusuke’s main power is spirit gun, but I will get into more of that in the “Performs Magical Feat” blog.

Kuwabara Kazuma


Like Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, the story started them as rivals and bullies, however, the story started as rivals since they always get into physical fights where Yusuke always comes up on top and then Kuwabara is always determine to defeat Yusuke during a fight. After Yusuke dies, it turns that Kuwabara is heartbroken at his wake and calling him a coward for dying before he has a chance defeating him. Another major surprise that Kuwabara is sensitive to spirit activity since he can sense and communicate with ghost and spirit. It helps Yusuke to communicate with his love ones so Yusuke’s body can be saved by fire and be revived back to life.

After Yusuke is brought back to life, he becomes one of Yusuke’s allies when Kuwabara’s spirit awareness increases and participates in Genkai’s tournament so he can stop the villainous Rando. At the tournament, he gains his spirit sword for the first time, but it wasn’t enough defeating Rando. Since then, he become one of Yusuke’s powerful and reliable allies.

One could argue he more like Ron Weasely, but somewhat has Draco’s personality.



Hiei is a demon living in the human world. He was a ruthless and heartless demon that kills for fun. When Yusuke became a spirit detective, Hiei and his partner Kurama first case. Hiei captures Keiko and is transforming her into a demon. Hiei and Kurama are defeated by Yusuke. They are arrested and in exchange to clean their slates, they help them against the Four Saint Beasts. Hiei fights and defeats the Blue Demon, Seiryu so Yusuke can defeat the leader of the Four Saint Beast. Since then, he and Kurama became part of Yusuke’s team against a team  of evil spirits.



Kurama is Hiei’s best friend and partner. Kurama is a fox spirit since Kurama is “demon fox” in Japanese. Out of the main characters he is the most cunning and calculating. He put his feelings aside and sees the bigger picture. He watches and acts against his enemies based on their mistakes and tactics. He cares for others, especially his friends and family unlike Hiei was they were introduced. However, when in demon form his personality changes to a much more merciless and cruel nature.

He, Hiei, and another demon Goki steal three artifacts and then shortly after he wants to leave the alliance. Yusuke’s mission is to retrieve the artifacts and defeats Goki. Kurama takes a wounded Yusuke to a hospital where they meet Kurama’s human mother… much to Yusuke’s surprise. When Yusuke takes on Hiei, Kurama takes the strikes of Hiei’s sword attack and stops Hiei from Yusuke’s girlfriend Keiko from being a demon.

Later he and Hiei becomes Yusuke and Kuwabara’s allies from the rest of the series. He fights with them against the Saint Beasts, the Dark Tournament saga, and more.



In the video games, manga, or Anime the plot involves around the main character to become the greatest Pokemon master. Either Red (in the games if you choose) or Satoshi/Ash Ketchum goes to city to city to challenge gym leaders to get a number of badges to qualify in a tournament… which Satoshi/Ash often loses somewhere in the middle.

Now there are just too many characters so I will stick to the main ones and stop to Johto.

Ash Ketchum/Satoshi


Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in Japan) is a 10 year old boy who wishes to be the greatest Pokemon master. He could be seen as energetic and enthusiastic boy. He starts out as a typical rookie who looks before he leaps and does not come off with good strategies and often wins based on luck or sympathy. Later he does get better and is able to hold off in a battle on his own even though his stupidity does show a little too often.

His number one Pokemon is Pikachu, but I will get into that later.

Ash Ketchum is like the John Cena of Pokemon since Ash does take a moral stance, but it does cost him some important battles in the long run.

Ash can be popular with the ladies since at times he could attract girls at his age with very little to no effort. There are rumors and hints that several girls have crushes or romantic feelings towards him like Misty, May, Macy, Angie, Dawn, Bianca, Anabel, Serena, Iris, and Miette.



Misty becomes Ash’s first human companion and she sticks around with Ash for the next few seasons because Ash’s Pikachu stole her bike when Ash was fleeing from angry Spearows. She can be nice and sweet, but she is quick to temper and can turn to a nasty person.

Her home town is Cerulean City where she lives at the Cerulean Gym. When Misty’s three sister refuse to battle Ash after getting beaten so many times and just hand Ash the Cerulean Gym’s Cascade badge freely, Misty steps in. They battle until Team Rocket interrupts the fight and the sister’s hands Ash the badge anyway.

She does not provide anything else other than being Ash’s adviser and she is written off as a main character at the end of Johto.



Brock becomes Ash’s third human companion after Ash defeated Brock in gym battle for the boulder badge. Yes, IMO Ash did defeat Brock since Brock had those water sprinklers installed in the first place and they would go off if fire (can be caused by any Pokemon) and his rock pokemon would be the likely bystander and also Ash had outside interference by Brock’s younger siblings which I think it is an automatic disqualification against the Gym leader. So Ash did win technically by disqualification.

Brock’s past that his mother died from an illness (later the writings say she left the children to be a trainer) and his father left the family until the end of Showdown in Pewter City. After his family took over the gym so Brock could train himself to be a Pokemon breeder. He would often give Ash information and insights on Pokemon who his facing or in the need of medical help.

His running gags that he goes head over heels over every beautiful women he meets, but he gets rejected or dragged away from Misty (or someone else) every time. He briefly leaves the show due to complaints of racism from the parents so he was gone for most of the Orange Island season and then he comes back when the fans wanted him back.

He is written off once again to be a Pokemon doctor, but does appear on more rare occasions.

Ash’s Pikachu


Of course we cannot talk about the cast without Pikachu, the story’s mascot. After Ash woke up late and got to Professor Oak’s lab late to get his first Pokemon, he loses out three Pokemon and the only choice he had was a rebellious Pikachu. Pikachu would often ignore Ash’s command and constantly zaps him (and everyone else) who gets near. After Ash protected Ash from angry Spearows, Pikachu becomes Ash’s most faithful Pokemon and companion. He would often be in Ash’s most battles and he does not become more than that.

He becomes the primary target of Team Rocket, which is one of the reasons Team Rocket follows Ash and his gang around.

One could argue he could be the Hedwig of the series, except Pikachu is very prominent in Pokemon.





Now I now that TMNT is not an Anime at all, but it still falls into “Cast of Series Introduced” category since TMNT do have a cast even though the Bogside Artists would deny that fact.

I was a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle when I was a kid, especial the 1987 cartoon series and the first two live action movies. The third one? Let’s forget that one exist.

I will not talk much about TMNT because James Rolfe (aka the Angry Video Game Nerd) already cover a lot of bases of the TMNT and he could explain the series better than I can.

TMNT cartoon series review (Part 1 of 3)

TMNT cartoon series review (Part 2 of 3)

TMNT cartoon series review (Part 3 of 3)



Leonado is known as the leader of the team. He is always be wearing the blue bandana and will be using the two katana’s as a weapon. He can be describe as self-discipline and the most serious minded.

Leo does not have much as a personality so he does not stand out to me other than be the one doing the right thing, as the other ninja turtles.

He would often clash with Raphael’s due to their stubborn and brash natures.



Raphael is the hot headed rebel. He wears the red bandana and he uses two Sai weapons.

Ralph is the rebel and the hot-headed of the group. He is the physically the strongest of the group and determined to fight and get stronger, which is why he is normally bigger and more muscular than the other three turtles in most adaptations such as the Michael Bay’s TMNT movie in 2014.



Michelangelo is the fun loving of the group. He wears the orange bandana and he usually have nun-chunks, but his weapon would often get changed around due to nun-chucnks are too violent for certain countries like the United Kingdom. I don’t’ get that either, how nun-chunks are too violent while Leo’s katana or Ralph’s Sai aren’t violent.

He would often have the most jokes and often go with the flow, but his negativity that his immaturity can get himself or/and the other turtles into trouble and can get on the other turtles nerves.



Donatello is the intelligent one of the group as he is a major expert in science and technology, sometimes he would invent gadgets for the team for the better or worse. He wears the purple bandana and has a naginata but does not have any blades attached.

He is my favorite TMNT. He is tech savvy and in the TMNT 2014 movie, he has gadgets with him and have he looks of a nerd.

If you want a better explanation on the TMNT, then let James Rolfe (aka the Angry Video Game Nerd) to explain it…

TMNT cartoon series review (Part 1 of 3)

Don’t expect the Bogside Artists to notice the link above or you to notice the link above, that demonstrates more of their cowardice, ignorance, and stupidity. If you are a Power Ranger fan then they claimed that I lied about Power Rangers ever having a cast, like Jason, Trini, Billy, Zach, Kimberly, and Tommy. Speaking of Power Rangers, there were a crossover with Power Rangers and Haim Saban’s short lived TMNT TV series… but expect the Bogside Artists denying that ever happen too.


I know there are many more examples out there even though the Bogside Artists and the Willy the Wizard estate disagree. Am I lying about any of these stories having a cast? The Bogside Artists believe that I am despite the evidence being presented. They also believe that many of these stories I deluded and believe there is no Rurouni Kenshin, TMNT, and etc due to their high level of ignorance and stupidity.

Many stories have a cast and very rarely a story just have one person… especially for a critically acclaimed or best selling stories and somehow the Bogside Artists doesn’t see it. Heck, the Willy the Wizard also used this against Rowling because he had friends helping Harry out to prepare for next tournament. Having a cast and either helping or antagonizing always happens and that should never be seen as plagiarism or otherwise 99.5% of stories since the beginning of time should be seen as plagiarism.


This is where I count on how many “stolen ideas and elements” are used in each Anime/Manga or other stories for each “Bogside Artists Plagiarism Accusations Against JK Rowling” article to prove how easy to think of those “stolen ideas and elements” and having these “similar” ideas and elements are not plagiarism. If the writers and creators of these stories could do it and they all have a dozen of other sources for having similar ideas, it is very highly possible Rowling could to.

Rurouni Kenshin: 1

InuYasha: 1

Sailor Moon: 1

Dragon Ball franchise: 1

Detective Conan: 1

Wolf’s Rain: 1

Yu Yu Hakasho: 1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 1


The Bogside Artists/Willy the Wizard vs. JK Rowling/Anime Plagiarism Feud Part 3: Outlaw Star and Wolf’s Rain.



JK-rowlingcircle_gold_black-qhkjc45HLJtVGCAWolf's.Rain.full.942491Anime_central_logo (1)Logo_grapebarry-cunninghamw240tumblr_maq8hgIWVr1r12p03o1_500DSCN0551-225x300CartoonNetwork-e1303841693786

Welcome to my third part of “the Bogside Artists/Willy the Wizard vs. JK Rowling/Anime Plagiarism Feud”. This third parter is based on how Harry Potter author JK Rowling is not a plagiarist and using the Anime/Manga series Outlaw Star and Wolf’s Rain as examples of why and how Rowling is not a plagiarist. The Bogside Artists have accused JK Rowling plagiarizing and stealing a combination of basic and common ideas and elements that so many other people used, especially in Outlaw Star and Wolf’s Rain has so many of “similar” ideas and elements. However the Bogside Artists denies that Outlaw Star and Wolf’s Rain have these “ideas” and “elements” since they have called me and anyone a liar and delusional who says otherwise. Hell, they even act as people never seen an Anime series or read a Manga since they lash them as liars and delusional, believe me I met countless people who come up with the same story they tried to use other fictional stories (mostly Anime and Manga) to justify that Rowling is not a plagiarist and the Bogside Artists are not the only ones with these “stolen” ideas, but the Bogside Artists respond by calling them a liar, delusional, and being naive enough to believe in the “lies” of precedents just by watching Anime or reading a Manga. I know, the Bogside Artists has a lot of arguments that don’t make sense or they conflict one another.

I will go through series by series and then list and explain every idea or element that the Bogside Artists accused Rowling stealing from them and see how these “stolen” ideas or elements fit or how used in either Outlaw Star and Wolf’s Rain. I will prove that I am an Anime fan by stating my own personal thoughts about each “stolen” idea and elements in each Anime series like I have in part one and two.



Outlaw Star is about a group of space outlaws looking for the Galactic Leyline (that can grant infinite knowledge and power and I will get to the problems about that later on) before the villain does. The outlaw crew is lead by Gene Starwin with his partner (or at least sidekick) Jim Hawking run into an outlaw named Hilda that was engaged in a conflict with the Kei Pirates. Upon meeting Hilda, Gene and Jim start their adventure of being space pirates after finding a android named Melfina who could operate the most advance ship called the XGP. Later in the story, Hilda dies and Gene names the XGP, the “Outlaw Star”. Gene and Jim meet friends and foes along the way but I will get to that in a moment. Then they must find the Galactic Leyline before two groups of villains does and keep the ship in the hands of their enemies.

The show only lasted for one season and there was plans for a second season, but the show did not do well in Japan as it did in the United States so the show got cancelled before they could move on to the next storyline.


Gene Starwin and Melfina are the closest to this idea but not that much as either in Harry Potter or Travels with Li Po. It is never established how Gene lost his mother but we do know the fate of Gene’s father. In a flashback in various episodes, we see Gene’s father forcing Gene onto an escape pod in space to save his son and then Gene’s father dies in an explosion. Years later Gene remembers seeing the MacDougall Brothers ship when seeing his father being killed.

Melfina is not established as the “chosen one”, but everyone is constantly after her because she is the key to the Galactic Leyline and Gene must protect her.


Gene Starwind


Gene Starwind is the main character and protagonist of the story, just like Harry Potter in his story. He is the captain of the XGP that he named the “Outlaw Star” after the memory of Hilda after her death. He starts as a mercenary looking for work when Hilda hires him and Jim for work. First they thought they will be just bodyguards and help repair a ship, but it turns out that Hilda was after the android girl named Melfina and the Kei Pirate are after her and Gene and Jim get caught in the crossfire and forced to go with Hilda into space.

Gene becomes the primary target after Hilda’s death and he constantly gets into fights with various enemies. Like Harry Potter, Gene is usually the one that the enemy’s target and usually ignore his friends and allies with the exception of Melfina. Of course he wins and survive every battle with little consequences since the death of Hilda which was the biggest defeat on the good guys side.

Gene is a good skilled fighter but his personality flaws that he is reckless and immature, which get himself and his crew into trouble more than once.

Jim Hawking


James “Jim” Hawking is Gene’s 11 year old business partner and sidekick, just like Ron Weasley but Jim is smarter, cocky, braver, and way more cooler. I found Jim to be my favorite character despite having very little character development or arc. One of he weaknesses about Outlaw Star is character writing. Yes they do start of with good potential and they all have their own distinct personality and quirks like Jim being a computer wiz but they don’t go through a lot of character development or having a story arc except Gene and Melfina. As a Jim Hawking fan, I was disappointed that Jim did not had a lot to do besides coming up with genius strategies and using his computer skills to find a weakness against the enemy. Take Mighty Mophin Power Rangers and Cowboy Bebop for example, Billy and Edward both are the computer wiz on their respective show but they do on more than occasions get involve in the battles and fights. At the start of Power Rangers, Billy could barely fight and battle one putty let alone a whole group of them but later he is able to fight a bunch of putties without relying on his friends or powers. Edward on the other hand had a story arc to find her father and it worked to the overall story. With Outlaw Star it just lazy writing with the supporting characters and they just focus on Gene and Melfina to give any character development or story arc to the other characters.

Jim is the son of a famous computer hacker and it is clear Jim got his computer hacking skills from his father before he passed. Jim is the brains of the group and always the cautious one compare to the reckless and headstrong Gene.

Jim gets a quick love interest named Hanmyo but little did he know, Hanmyo is one of the member of the Kei Pirates. Jim and Hanmyo battle in space and Jim kills her but knowing that he killed her. This is one of the saddest episodes of the series. This is also disappointing since this would give Jim a story arc to the overall story as Jim has conflicting personal feelings to chose between his friends or the girl he has feeling for or trying to peruse Hanmyo to leave the Kei Pirates and join the Outlaw Star crew. Would that give Jim a good story arc than just brush to the side as a main supporting character? The reason I praise InuYasha so much because many of the supporting characters have their own plot and arc to deal with and it was able to work with the overall story.

Both Jim and Hanmyo are main characters in my Storm Fighters fan fiction story along with Yahiko Myojin from Rurouni Kenshin and Syaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura as I have mentioned in parts 1 an 2.

Oh here is a profile on Jim Hawking courtesy by Cartoon Network…

By the way, Jim Hawking could be a nod to to Jim Hawkins of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.



Melfina is a bio-android created by Professor Gwen Khan using ancient biotechnology found within the Grave of the Dragon ruins. Melfina was found in a suitcase by Gene, Jim, and Melfina while being under fire by the Kei Pirates and she escapes with Gene, Jim, and Hilda on Hilda’s ship and escape from the Kei Pirates for the moment. While Gene and Hilda try to “get to know each other”, Jim and Melfina try to “get to know each other” as they both share a hotel room where Melfina tried to sleep with Jim… one time they eventually do sleep together on a couch. One may think it would be Gene and Hilda would be the romantic couple of the story while the writers may pair Melfina with Jim but after the death of Hilda, Gene pairs up with Melfina when Gene promises Melfina to find her purpose and admitting their love for each other… while Jim gets the shaft.

While in battle or traveling in outer space, she is often in a cylinder chamber on the bridge and becomes the ships navigator. Melfina becomes one of the primary targets since she is the key to the Galactic Leyline and she is the damsel in distress so Gene is the one that saves or protects her from the enemies.

She is kind and often does not get mad but does get sad, especially at her first scene. She is often the mother figure to Jim as Jim falls asleep while on the computer and puts a coat on him like a mother would.

Aisha Clan Clan


Aisha Clan Clan is a part tiger and part human alien race with a huge ego and superhuman strength. She started a commander for the Clan Clan Empire and was the commanding officer of a ship, but after letting Hilda get by she got demoted as a commanding officer. Later Aisha joins the Outlaw Star crew.

Although she is 18 years old, she is the least mature person the group and she always act absent minded and impulsive, much more than Gene. She is close to Jim, becoming protective and concern for his well-being… much like a little brother and older sister relationship. Ironically Jim being the young one is the mature one while Aisha being the older one by age acts a lot younger and less mature.

Like Jim, she did not have a way in development or having her own story arc either. She had one going by being demoted from being a commanding officer as part of the Clan Clan Empire and when she joins the Outlaw Star crew, she has no defining story arc other than helping Gene to find the Galactic Leyline. Maybe helping others without getting something herself maybe a plus. I am just saying they should get their own arc and personal reason to see this through that could contrast to the main story or otherwise it can get boring and disappointing with just having one arc story.



“To kill, that is this woman’s only profession, to kill”. She is an assassin who kills under the setting sun. We first see her as an assassin out to kill Gene’s friend Fred Luo, but Gene walked in on them and then they have a fight and Gene was able to stall Suzuka long enough for the sun go down and Suzuka decide to spare Fred for the moment when she turns her target on Gene. Suzuka and Gene battle despite it is night and nowhere near coming to sunset. Gene defeats Suzuka by taking her obi. When Gene and the crew are attacked by another group of assassins, Suzuka saves Melfina from harm and takes on one of the assassins. After finding out that Gene, Jim, and Melfina are targeted the Kei Pirates, Suzuka joins the crew.

She is the only supporting character to have a story arc and have a personal reason for the overall story. Her family was murdered by the Kei Pirates and she allies with Gene to help fight the Kei Pirates, especially against her rival Hitoriga. I wish Aisha and Jim got their own story arc like Suzuka had.


Aisha is a animal like alien of a cat/tiger traits as she can turn into a tiger like animal.

Aisha's tiger form.

Aisha’s tiger form.


Gene was first scared to go into space and fight due to bad memories of the death of his father. He would neglect to fight while Melfina and Jim would do everything they can to fend off the enemies. When Hilda berates him of “keeping running away”, Gene “mans up” and take Jim’s place of fighting off the enemies. So Gene proves his courage after being afraid of being in space and be a capable space and outlaw fighter to fend off endless enemies.



At the start of the show the villains use magic to further their goals called Tao Magic. They do a constant chant (which gets annoying fast) to perform Tao Magic to use against the good guys.

When finally reaching the Galactic Leyline, the main villain Lord Hazanko is the most powerful and he uses his magic and the magic from the Galactic Leyline against Gene in the final battle. Gene and Melfina are able to use the magic of the Galactic Leyline, gain help from Jim, Aisha, and Suzuka (even though I don’t know how that happened), and defeat Hazanko.


Lord Hazanko


Lord Hazanko has to be one of the most uninteresting and forgettable villains in Anime history. Just like Queen Beryl, he had very good build up but he does not really deliver with his intimidation and potential. He does have a good fight with Gene in the end but he has only his looks to fall back on and he has nothing else to bring to the table to be a good and memorable villain.

Ron and Harry MacDougall


Ron MacDougall


Harry MacDougall

The MacDougall Brothers were more interesting than Lord Hazanko. They are on the race to find the Galactic Leyline and they are willing to kill anyone who gets in the way, that means wither it is the Gene Starwind or the Kei Pirates. Gene accused Ron of killing his father after remember seeing the MacDougall’s ship the El Dorado but Ron says he does not remember the event. Both Ron and Harry are complex villains of their own right.

Ron is the older brother and the brains of the two. He can be sadistic but he is protective of his younger brother and would go great length to secure his safety while they advance to their primary goal. In Gene and Ron’s final fight, Harry sacrifices himself to save Ron from one of Gene’s deadly casters and it send to Ron in a rage and Ron is defeated. Ron survives his mortal wounds and went out into space…

Harry becomes the romantic rival for Gene when it comes to Melfina’s affection, despite Melfina has already chosen Gene and does not trust Harry due to his insane and unstable personality. However when Harry protects Melfina from Lord Hazanko, he gets a kiss from Melfina before Harry dies. Before Harry does, Harry helps open the gate where the ultimate power is located.


Sadly the Bogside Artists have denied any of this has happened and will call anyone a liar who says otherwise and argue that if Outlaw Star is true, Rowling could have used Outlaw Star as “evidence” to take them to court for defamation.

Outlaw Star is a space opera and it seems a little parallel to Cowboy Bebop.

Overall, Outlaw Star is a good series with its good story and plot but it does have a lot of problems due to lacking character development and arc and pacing was a another problem, which maybe the reason why a lot of people stop watching it in Japan. There were a lot of filler episodes and they do not advance the story or the characters overall. There were plenty of options for it to happen but unfortunately the show was not able to capitalize it. Jim Hawking is my favorite character and I would like to see to do a lot more than get shoved aside from the action just how I feel for Yahiko Myojin in Rurouni Kenshin in their series finale. So Outlaw Star is not a bad series, it does have a major factors that hurt it but it is a worth a watch.

Speaking of similarities, movie director Joss Wheldon’s “Firefly” has a lot of similarities to Outlaw Star even though Wheldon have said the similarities between “Outlaw Star” and “Firefly” are just coincidence even though they are both in the future of space, getting a naked woman out of a suitcase of a subject of experimentation for various purposes of a secret evil organization, the title of the story named after a space ship, and a brash nag leads a rag tag team… CONFESSS WHELDON. The coincidences between Outlaw Star and Firefly I will leave up to the public. However Outlaw Star is a great example of how easy similarities can happen due to how many times those ideas and elements happen to various other stories. Although I find it surreal that one would copy “Outlaw Star” out of all things instead of other more famous space adventures like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Aliens and it would be Joss Wheldon out of all people. However one would see some similarities in Outlaw Star and Star Wars (another story that the Bogside Artists accused of people deluding and associating with Rowling) since Gene Starwin would be Luke Skywalker but with Hans Solo’s personality.



Wolf’s Rain I see is one of the most underrated and overlooked Anime shows of all time. I say it was ahead of its time and it did not have the major factors that people in the United States are used to, such as the comedy, sweat drops, and any of the comedy aspects that you would see in any other Anime.

The Earth is dying and it is up to four wolves to find Paradise to restore the world. The main character Kiba (played by Johnny Yong Bosch) leads three other wolves that can be disguised as humans to get around.


The wolf’s in this story is on the brink of extinction, 200 years ago. Kiba as the main character is a lost and abandoned survivor due to the wolf species to believe to be extinct but Kiba is a survivor of an extinct animal species so he closely fists this “stolen” idea.



Kiba in Human form.

Kiba in human form

Kiba in Wolf form

Kiba is the main protagonist of Wolf’s Rain. He is an Arctic Wolf but in human form he appears as a 17 year old male with brown hair.

Kiba is destined to find the Lunar Flower and open the way to find Paradise. Kiba would often act on his own instincts but sometimes it leads to reckless and rash moves that would get him or his fellow wolves into heated and rash situations.

Kiba meets up with Hige, Tsume, and Toboe and Kiba assumes the leadership to find Paradise, despite Tsume’s complains that there is none. Kiba also meets up with Cheza who he has a romantic relationship with but they both die in the OVA. Kiba and Cheza’s relationship is much like Gene and Melfina in Outlaw Star, Kiba must protect Cheza from harm and must get her to a magical and sacred location before the villains could. Only this time it was a doomed relationship since the both are killed by Darcia just before they finally unleash Paradise that gave a rebirth to Earth.

After Kiba’s death, he was reborn in many centuries in the future in a Japanese metro city… possibly Tokyo.

An interesting note that Kiba is played by Johnny Yong Bosch who was known Adam in Power Rangers, another franchise that Bogside Artists has the same attitude as they do towards the Anime industry.



Tsume in wolf form

Tsume in human form.

Tsume in human form.

Tsume is describe as a “lone wolf”. He is a grey wolf with a large x-shaped scare on the chest by another wolf when he got expelled from his former wolf pack. In human form, he is very muscular with chopped silver hair with a small ponytail. He is seen as a loner, very arrogant, and quick to temper. He often conflicts with Kiba about Paradise since Kiba does not believe that Paradise exist but later he grown to believe that Paradise exist, sadly he does live long enough to see it.

Tsume is first seen working with a group of human bandits that are stealing supplies from a group of nobles. However during the raid a boy named Gehl dies by falling off a building while Tsume failed to save him. He is put in a similar situation with Toboe but he manages to save Toboe. Tsume grows very close to Toboe and often calls him a “runt”. After the death of Toboe, Tsume drops his tough guy facade and became very devastated. Tsume was the last wolf standing before Kiba during their fight with Darcia before he is killed by Darcia.

After Paradise is released and the wolves are reborn, Tsume is seen riding on a motorcycle in a Tokyo like city.



Hige’s wolf form


Hige’s human form

Hige is a brown Timber wolf with a carefree attitude, he is like the Michelangelo of Wolf’s Rain. In both in human and wolf form, he is kind of fat due to always eating and stealing food from humans. He will wears a collar but he does not know how he got it, it turns out to be a tracking device for the Nobles to use which is why they are able to find them, even the middle of nowhere.

Nothing much to say about him in the beginning of the series that he is proven to be more sensible than Kiba and Tsume since Hige likes to strategize and thinks things through than go in rash. In the second half of the series Hige was meant to betray his group due to being brainwashed by Lady Jagara. Hige’s biggest moment is his fight with Lady Jagara. He gains a romantic relationship with Blue who is half wolf and half dog. They both die after their fight with Darcia.

After Paradise, Hige is walking in the rain of the streets of a city in Japan eating some snacks.



Toboe’s wolf form

Toboe in human form.

Toboe in human form.

Toboe is my favorite character and he is one of my chosen Storm Fighters fan fiction as the Blue Storm Fighter. In my story he starts of as an evil Storm Fighter after being brainwashed by the villains, just like the Green Ranger saga from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Ok, back to the analysis of the character. Toboe is the youngest of the four wolves and he appears as 14 years old in human form. He often acts like a puppy than a full grown adult. Toboe was raised by an elderly woman who he accidentally killed. He is often seen wearing silver bracelet on his wrist in both forms. In human form he has brown hair with red shirt and green pants. Toboe is the most shy of the group and the most sympathetic and kind member of the pack.

Toboe started was a wolf living on the street trying to survive by finding food. He meet a young teenage girl named Leara but she rejects him after finding out he is a wolf and accidentally killed her pet bird. Then Toboe joins Kiba’s group. Toboe is very close to Tsume than the rest and always look up to him. A defining moment for Toboe is when a giant walrus attacks the wolves… at first Toboe was frozen in fear and then realizing that his fellow pack are endanger, Toboe attacks and kills the walrus and almost drown in the process. Toboe often helps Quient Yeiden despite Quient tried to kill Toboe multiple times but when Toboe sacrifices himself for Quient when Darcia tried to shoot Quient but Quient gets fatally shot anyway, they embrace each other when they die.

After Paradise was unleash and the wolves are reborn, Toboe is seen taking home a stray white kitten in the middle of the pouring rain.

Since Toboe is my favorite character, I will put some You Tube videos based on him…



Blue’s wolf/dog form


blue in human form

Blue is half wolf and half dog. She is not a central or main character as the four male wolves but she is very worth mentioning since she is the only female wolf in the series. In the beginning of the series, she is Quent Yaiden’s pet and aide in hunting down wolves. After meeting Cheza her wolf blood awakens and she leaves her master to join the other wolves. She falls in love with Hige and is willing to follow him wherever he goes but it would end in tragic for the both of them. Blue reunites with her former master but only to see him killed by Darcia and she is killed by Darcia later on.

Blue is like Toboe when it comes being compassionate towards humans but she can be more prone to attack.


Kiba, Tsume, Hige, and Toboe go through dangerous obstacles and situations before finding Paradise. They all had to fight a lot of hostile environment and enemies such as a giant walrus, hostile wolves, Noble soldiers, and etc.

Kiba and Tsume vs. Darcia

Hige and Blue fight Darcia to protect Cheza and it cost their lives…

Here is Toboe fighting the walrus again…

Here is Toboe sacrificing himself for Quent that would only end in vain…

Yes… Toboe is bad ass and it is pretty clear that the Bogside Artists are scared of them since they refuse to acknowledge them and act like nobody has the ability to do research or watch them on any kind of media technology.


In episode 10, the wolves enter the “Forest of Death” after being chased by Quent. There the forest have no light, the trees have no life, giant bugs, carnivore plants, and an annoying owl. Like Harry Potter’s forest, there are a lot of bizarre things that is out to get the main heroes.




Darcia became one of the most effective Anime villains since he killed all the main characters and can’t say that many other villains have done that. Still we was not able to reach his goals of opening up his own Paradise which was poison Paradise for reasons that I don’t know.

It is really hard to get gage on his character. I know that he fell in love with a woman and then she got sick by “Paradise Sickness” and that drove Darcia into insanity. When Kiba asks what he is, he only responds that he is not a wolf or a Noble. After the wolves leave Black City, Darcia finds them and then kills them all before touching the access to Paradise kills him. Darcias’ reincarnation is not seen during the rebirth of the world, meaning that Paradise may have stopped his reincarnation or his eye tainted it.

Final Notes

I say Wolf’s Rain is a vastly underrated and overlooked Anime series. I think it is overlooked because Anime was still new in America and they are use to Anime series that has a comedic and action element, not the full drama and dark tragedy elements like Wolf’s Rain had.

Sadly the Bogside Artists has denied any of what I said or think of Wolf’s Rain and comparing any simple elements that contrast to Harry Potter and and Travels with Li Po since the Bogside Artists accused people (including me) of deluding and lying of watching and believing that there is a Wolf’s Rain Anime series despite all the proof. It is pathetic that some simple tasks are impossible for some people due to high levels of ignorance and arrogance.

Interesting enough that Doug Walker (aka the Nostalgia Critic) likes Wolf’s Rain and possibly likes either Kiba or Toboe. Again Toboe is my favorite character and like Jim Hawking and Hanmyo, he is one of the characters that I chose to be a main character to my the Storm Fighters fan fiction due to how much I love and sympathize with the character.

I say that Wolf’s Rain is better Outlaw Star just by having more balance and arc to the characters and most of all having more interesting and effective villains.


The Bogside Artists has not come to several facts that these Anime shows also have “similar ideas” that they claim that JK Rowling stole and copy from them, people can and have watched Outlaw Star or/and Wolf’s Rain to see the precedents for themselves, and also Outlaw Star and Wolf’s Rain are not something that I made up out of a lie. The Bogside Artists chose to go denial that the existence and people do watch Outlaw Star or/and Wolf’s Rain

Have you watch either Outlaw Star or Wolf’s Rain? Please post in the comments if you do even though the Bogside Artists does not believe you watch it since it is too difficult in their eyes.

I have been an Anime fan as far as I can remember and it is no coincidence that I am working on a fan fiction story that have these two Anime series crossover with several others Anime series to be a lie or made up to defend Rowling. Outlaw Star and Wolf’s Rain defend Rowling themselves. They do have similar elements such as villains and a cast to show how easy to think of these ideas and the sources for those ideas could come from anywhere.

The Bogside Artists needs to be a lot more specific in the “stolen” elements and not rely on the normal process for every story needs to rely on to advance to more specific elements. The Bogside Artists claims are very vague at best and they don’t see how common writers used these “stolen” ideas and elements or/and these are the elements necessary to at least to have a story. Sadly the Bogside Artists are too closed mined and ignorant to believe they are the original and only writers to come up with the elements that I applied earlier in the blog.


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How Popular are Star Wars, Anime/Manga, and Power Rangers Compare what the Bogside Artists Believe?




I already talked about how Power Rangers, Star Wars, and the Anime/Manga Industry in my “JK Rowling is Not a Plagiarist: Star Wars, Joseph Campbell, and Power Rangers”, “JK Rowling is Not a Plagiarist: Bogside Artists vs. Anime/Manga”, and “68 Reasons Why We Should Not Believe the Bogside Artists’ Claims of Plagiarism” blogs, but another issue is the popularity, fandom, and fame that the Power Rangers, Star Wars, and Anime/Manga industry has, which the Bogside Artists believe they don’t have or at least very little of it.

I have been a Anime/Manga fan since my late years of elementary school and getting into middle school, starting with Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z. I have been a Power Rangers fan since the first grade but I lost interest when the show has gotten to Lost Galaxy (Season 7) as well as a lot of fans from the early Mighty Morphin days. Then my interest for Power Rangers returned in 2010 when I was writing for my Storm Fighters fanfiction. I never became a major fan of the Star Wars franchise, but I know what “stolen” ideas in the movies when I see it. I do know are a huge popularity and fandom on the Star Wars franchise, Power Rangers franchise, and the Anime/Manga industry thanks due to their countless city conventions devoted to them and their major continuous run after so many years with high praises or worship. Unfortunately the Bogside Artists believe that Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Anime and Manga have no or very little fan base to the point that people wouldn’t know that Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Anime/Manga has these “stolen” ideas for their own stories.

The Bogside Artists admitted they don’t know “anything” about Star Wars, Power Rangers, or Anime/Manga, but their high arrogance and ignorance made them believes that a lot of people don’t know “anything” about them either, such as they believe that a lot of people are too stupid to know that there are more than one Anime/Manga series even though obvious evidences and facts proven otherwise. Because Barry Cunningham was involved in “Ironfist Chinmi”, they believe that all or many other Anime/Manga series are involved in Rowling’s “propaganda” to drive people away to believe that Rowling is a “plagiarist”, sounds like a true fascist.

The Bogside Artists think themselves a “know it all” and the best beings in the worlds but they are too stupid to notice the pictures and videos (as my evidences and facts) on my other blogs, so they believe that other people are too stupid to notice them too since they think they are better than everyone else and nobody else has better knowledge, mind skills, or intelligence than them, even though a lot of moments have proven otherwise.

Anime and Manga industry are very popular and has high momentum across the world, even though the Bogside Artists think otherwise and using a very pathetic Chinese government media style by trying to convince people that there is only one Anime/Manga series or Cunningham involved with ONE Anime/Manga series means the entire Anime/Manga industry are involved. I am a huge Anime/Manga fan and I wouldn’t write a lot of fan fiction stories if I was not. But lets see how popular Anime and Manga is….

Starting with Anime Conventions….

Now Anime AMVs…..

and a concert video…

How about fan art?


Don’t expect that the Bogside Artists having the intelligence or bravery to notice these pictures and videos or the Bogside Artists would think YOU would notice the pictures or videos on this blogs since they haven’t notice the pictures or expect other people to notice the pictures and videos on my other blogs.

Why did I put a picture of Doug Walker (aka the Nostalgia Critic) in the beginning? Well…

So the Nostalgia Critic has proven and show more of the fanbase and momentum of the Anime/Manga industry, especially on the Dragon Ball series. Kyle Hubert voices the narrator and Gohan, my favorite character of the entire Dragon Balls series.

Now for the Power Rangers… Power Rangers has been around since 1993 and it has gone for twenty seasons now with two movies (both movies are bad). Each season or series they have a cast, villains, powers beyond any human being (in some cases alien beings) have ever seen (and having a cast, villains, and powers are among the three elements that the Bogside Artists claim Rowling stole from them) but the Bogside Artists believe nobody has the ability to find out that Power Rangers DO have villains, a cast, powers beyond belief and etc…, one example that the commented that I lied that Power Rangers (and Star Wars) have villains, have a cast, etc… in my “”JK Rowling is Not a Plagiarist: Star Wars, Joseph Campbell, and Power Rangers” blog.

Let’s see what evidence that shows and proves Power Rangers has huge fandom and momentum starting with the videos….

Barbara Goodson still got it….

and the BlackNerdComedy has a high reference towards Power Rangers…

Plus the NoPinkSpandex on You Tube have huge raves on the Power Rangers francise (

Again don’t be surprise if and when the Bogside Artists will make it obvious that they are too stupid or/and too ignorant to notice these three videos to prove the major momentum, fandom, and popularity of Power Rangers since the Bogside Artists made it obvious that they believe Power Rangers have no or very little popularity, fandom, or momentum because how they could come to Rowling’s defense.

Lewis Lovhaug (aka Linkara) has been doing good video reviews on the History of Power Rangers up to Mystic Force and currently working on Operation Overdrive (which Linkara have stated the worst season of the Power Rangers franchise). He unintentionally pointed out a lot of the ideas and elements that the Bogside Artists and Willy the Wizard claim that Rowling “stole” from them such as each series have villains, a cast of series introduced, communes with wild animals, and etc. Here is an interview on Linkara on his life and nostalgic feeling towards Power Rangers…

Now for the fan art…


Personally I really want to go over my favorite top 10 episodes or saga of the entire franchise to show my nostalgia feelings towards Power Rangers…



In elementary school, a friend and me always reenact the battle against the Toad Monster so personally this episode has the most nostalgic feel for my childhood back at the first grade.



I really find this story very complex, dark, and original compare to other kids shows at its time. For sixteen episodes the five Power Rangers have been defeating Rita Repulsa’s monsters. But then she finds a worthy and strong candidate to be her evil Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver is introduced into this episode and he became the biggest and most popular character in the entire Power Rangers franchise. The Green Ranger gave the Power Rangers the biggest problems up to this point by cutting the access and knowledge of Zordon and is able to defeat the Power Rangers in battle. The reason I see this story and plot become very complex is because the Power Rangers loses a lot in the first episode, then in the second episode they began recovering a little by defeating the Green Ranger, but then Jason is captured and is force to fight Goldar without his morpher. Part three, Jason is force to fight the Green Rangers and then is able to survive and escape. Part four, the Power Rangers are just barely hanging on and then they endure their worst defeat, but in the end they find out that Tommy is the Green Ranger to use to their advantage. Part five, they get Zordon back, Tommy is return to the good side, and then he joins the Power Ranger theme.



Tommy is my favorite character of the Mighty Morphin days to Turbo, and here gets to return to the cast the Green Ranger. Tommy lost his powers in The Green Candle saga due to a magical green candle by Rita Repulsa created. Then he returns after Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zach, and Billy surrender their power coins to Goldar in exchange of their kidnapped parents, but of course Goldar doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain. Then they get Tommy back and he gets his powers back by borrowing some of Zordon’s powers. This episode is a very memorable episode for me and it is the one that I like to rewatch on my VHS tapes and now online.



This is the first OFFICIAL team up between two teams… yes there is a team up between the Zeo and Alien Rangers in Zeo but To the Tenth Power is more annual. This is when I was starting to lose interest of Power Rangers and I remember watching this episode and I found that I really like it and very memorable to me. Now I find this episode very epic and has a very good story with great fight choreography for a kids show. In the next episode in the “Power with Pink” we get a first where a Power Ranger dies but she comes back to life in the end of Lost Galaxy with no explanation why.



Wild Force is when I totally lost interest in Power Rangers and I only watch Power Rangers once in every few months, but this the episode I watch for the first time and I remember seeing all of my heroes from my Power Rangers days, such as Tommy and Jason. When I saw this for the first time, I had a lot of nostalgia feelings, flashback, and memories when I saw Tommy, Jason, and TJ. Plus I like the fact to see a ranger from each series coming together against the Machine Empire or the Big Bad Beetleborgs if you might call it. The only problem is that I have is the end when Cole use his Wild Force Rider to destroy Serpentera that destroyed an entire planet.



This is the first and the pilot episode of the Power Rangers franchise so this episode have major nostalgic feel to me. Despite the logic having “five teenagers with attitude” instead of five people who have proper training like in the military, the show still give me a good reason why these would be chosen as Power Rangers. Then again in the Captain Marvel comics, a “wise” wizard chose a 12 year old kid Billy Batson to be a Superman like superhero so who am I to judge? It took three tries to get the pilot that they want, the first one make the Power Rangers a bunch of fighting punks from a street gang and the acting and graphics are hideous and laughable at best and their is a different actress Aurdi DuBois playing Trini. At the time the show was independent and then it was bought by Fox to allow to give the show a bigger budget and reshoot the pilot. Then the second episode is nowhere bad as the first pilot, but the graphics and some of the small plots became a major problem. Then we got the pilot we got.



Again, Tommy became my favorite character on the entire Power Rangers franchise. Tommy permanently lost his Green Ranger powers (until the Legend War in 2014) in Green No More after using up all the borrowed powers from Zordon. Then White Light made Tommy a permanent character on the show until Passing the Torch in Turbo and then coming back in Dino Thunder as the Black Dino Ranger. The writers and creators of Power Rangers were able to come up with a solution to make a Tommy permanent character without relying reused stock footage from Super Sentai. Even though the White Rangers was used from a different Sentai series than the original five are from.

Originally Jason David Frank played Tommy was going to play Ryan Steele in Saban’s VR Troopers and Brad Hawkins who actually played Ryan Steele in VR Troopers was going to play the White Ranger but somehow the roles was switched… and thank god for it.



Time Force is one of my favorite Power Rangers series due to its good and mature story with an overall good acting. In the beginning of Time Force Jen was in love with Alex and Wes just joined the team with a lot of doubts from the three other rangers (Trip didn’t have doubts, instead he was on board Wes being the Red Ranger), Jenn especially. Then Alex came back to the Red Time Force Ranger, alienated all four of his teammates, and they all mutinied against Alex and supported Wes to take over as the Red Rangers and their leader (including Jenn who is Alex’s fiancee and lover), by this time they fully accepted Wes as their teammate and not Alex. Plus the anti-hero Power Ranger, Eric was starting to be caring and being closer to the Time Force after being very competitive and distant since the character began in Worlds Apart.



Countdown to Destruction was suppose to the series finale, but the ratings were the highest than they are ever before so they decide to go for one more season. Countdown to Destruction is the last episode to the Zordon era if you don’t count Lost Galaxy or Mega Force since some of them count them as part of the Zordon era. I have a very high monumental and nostalgia feel to me because I am from where Power Rangers had six constant and continuous storyline instead of fourteen separate seasons, plot, and storyline  with the exception of the team up episodes. The kids of Power Rangers today would never get to know the feeling of continuous and constant seasons, no I do not count Samurai and Super Samurai because between the three Mighty Morphin seasons, they did shake things up while keeping the same storyline. The only way the kids of Power Rangers today would get a Zordon era feel if Saban would get over his “giving actors too much power” nonsense and try to keep the actors long as he can.



The Psycho Rangers were the best saga of the entire franchise since it was complex, dark, and very unpredictable. The Psycho Rangers where evil Power Rangers that can read and analyze of how their color counterparts fight, meaning they can out think them in battle. The reason they don’t finish off the Power Rangers is because the main villain, Astronema tied their energy directly to a higher ranking boss Dark Spector and draining his powers so Astronema could be the top anarchy of the United Alliance of Evil.

The Power Rangers manage to defeat the Psycho Rangers little by little but it is not easily done… Psycho Pink is the first to fall but that because the Psycho Rangers own obsessions keep them from cooperating from each other. Psycho Blue goes down next in Five of a Kind. What I like about his episode is the Rangers thinking outside of the box to defeat the Psychos instead having countless force logic to defeat a monster like the episodes that came before and after. Then Psycho Red, Yellow, and Black go down next… but they are not quite done yet. The Psycho Rangers return in Ghost of the Machine but then the Psycho Rangers are reduced to data cards.

Then To the Tenth Power came in, capture the Galaxy Rangers with the exception of Leo, the Red Galaxy Ranger who came to rescue them with Andros and Mike (Manga Defender) by his side. Then the other Space Rangers came in and then s*%t starting to happen and permanently defeated the Psycho Rangers, with the exception of the Pink Psycho Ranger who came back to the Power of Pink where she does actually kill Kendricks (the Pink Galaxy Ranger).

Does this prove me as a Power Rangers fan? It wouldn’t surprise me that the Bogside Artists would arrogantly ignore this or claim this is all a lie and these episodes or saga never happened, like they claim that I lied that Lord Zedd is a villain in Power Rangers.

You must be thinking what I think about the upcoming Legend War


I really can’t wait for it and hope it it not a big let down like the Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed team up. I know all the actors won’t return due to budget, union, and agreement issues. I am glad that Jason David Frank will return to the Legend War and the big shocker would be Danny Slavin who plays Leo in Lost Galaxy after his disputes during Lightspeed (even though he did return for Forever Red) and becoming a good and successful financial lawyer in Phoenix after never doing interviews or attending conventions about his Power Rangers history.

For Star Wars… like I said I am not a true Star Wars fan, I only watch the movies every now and then and I know what “stolen” element or idea when I see it when watching Star Wars. I watch the documentary “Star Wars: A Legacy Reveled” that explains how can a story can proceed and what “stolen” elements should a story have…

Let’s see in the video of how many “stolen” ideas that are both in “Harry Potter” and “Travels with Li Po” that are also in Star Wars or mentioned from the documentary…

The documentary should give an insight on the popularity and momentum of Star Wars since the documentary got distributed by the History Channel and has insights and interviews from numerous literature historians, politicians, filmmakers, and etc. The Bogside Artists call the people in the documentary liars and Rowling paid them to mislead people in their interviews, even though the documentary is based on Star Wars for the most of the time. The only time that Harry Potter is mentioned through out the whole documentary is a quote and insights from Peter Jackson.

Speaking of similarities, does these look familiar?


Interesting the girl in the right looks a lot similar to Kagome from InuYasha on the left.

To prove more of my love and devotion to Anime and Manga, here are some of my favorite Anime/Manga characters (just don’t expect the Bogside Artists to be smart enough or believe you are smart or brave enough to notice the pictures below)…

Yahiko MyojinSyaoranKohaku-In-Episode-kioku-no-kakera-kohaku-from-inuyasha-21756107-640-480inumages2v1m5xlSailor.Moon.(Character).full.123195Sango.full.10028269549jimtoboecimages3251918_1370217062169.31res_225_350156071_314078138715581_1287777038_nyu032Naruto-uzumaki_400Edhappy887359genkiheerosmirkDuo_Maxwell1550002-chara_sai_aamuroimages1936

Is this enough? I still do not have ALL of my favorite characters, but I believe this would be enough to convince that I am an Anime/Manga fan and have enough experience and lessons to know what I am talking about. Yes, I do like Katz Kobayashi and he is a guilty pleasure of mine. Sadly that very likely that the Bogside Artists would call me a liar and would arrogantly ignore these pictures entirely like they have in the past.

The Bogside Artists only countered against my side of the argument with further proof of their ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity. They constantly and fully ignore all of my evidence like third party resources, pictures, and videos, but they believe that people are stupid enough to not notice them too because their numerous acts and beliefs that they have the best abilities in the world so nobody could and would do no better than them, like do or see more. Since the Bogside Artists admitted that they don’t know anything about Anime, they act like nobody has the ability or knowledge to do better.
I met numerous people that know, watched, or/and is a major fan of either Anime/Manga, Star Wars, or Power Rangers to see my evidence and point to know what I am talking about. The Bogside Artists does not know how to make a strong and believable case and argument, starting with THIRD PARTY SOURCES and EVIDENCE like my pictures, videos, and references.

Let’s see if you notice and check them. Furthermore, do you know how popular are the Anime/Manga industry, Power Ranges, and Star Wars? Have I proven enough how popular are the Power Rangers, Star Wars, and the Anime/Manga industry from what the Bogside Artists are stating otherwise. It is easy to guess or figure out that many people watch Power Rangers, Star Wars, Anime and read Manga to see and witness the “stolen” ideas and elements that both Rowling and the Bogside Artists have used.

Them able to use these “stolen” ideas prove and show that influences for ideas are anywhere and everywhere so there are millions and millions of possibilities where Rowling got her “similar” ideas, just like how the countless and countless of individual writers and creators from Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Anime/Manga industry. Since these “stolen” have been use more than a few hundred of times within and beyond of Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Anime/Manga industry come to show and prove how these “stolen” ideas and elements are easy to think of and come up with. If they can think of it, anyone can…. including Rowling…. but unfortunately the Bogside Artists are too stupid and ignorant to realize these facts.

PS… How hard is it to notice any of the pictures, videos, and third party sources in the reference section or expect people to not notice the pictures, videos, or the third party sources in the reference section in my blogs? Ask the Bogside Artists since they do that 250% of the time. And what idea gave them that nobody knows or witnessed either Star Wars, Power Rangers, or various Anime/Manga.

I think the video below is a lot of people’s rightful reaction when they find out that you (the Bogside Artists) failed to notice the pictures, videos, and sources or expect people to not notice the pictures, videos, or sources…    V


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The Stupid Bogside Artists and their Stupid Views on the Power Rangers Franchise







Power Rangers has been one of the most successful TV kid shows in the 1990s. Created by Haim Saban in 1993 after being inspired from the show’s counterpart in Japan, the Super Sentai that was created two decades earlier, 1975 to be exact. The show had action, great martial arts choreography at the beginning of the franchise and great nostalgia for kids from the 1990s to now. This TV show franchise lasted 20 seasons and 19 years, 20 on August 28.

The show has its criticism of violence, bad acting, out of reality storylines and some stupid characters. Now the Bogside Artists, has accused Power Rangers because they prove that their enemy, JK Rowling did not plagiarize Travels with Li Po, Willy the Wizard or anybody else and the Bogside Artists need somehow to argue their way out against what Power Rangers has proven against their claims.

One quote they made against Power Rangers (and Star Wars) is…

William Kelly here of The Bogside Artists and author of “Sam Muldoon and The Philosopher’s. Why am I not in court for defamation? I have said more than enough for any right-minded person to take legal action against me. Have I not?

At a bare minimum read my blog. http://www/…. if … that is, you want to know the truth from somebody who has no vested interest whatever in spinning you lies or misinformation like the authors of this blog who, I would guess, is well paid for his provocative drivel.

I have no interest whatever in Rowling’s ill-gotten wealth or her fame… I have as much of the latter as I want or need… but I’ll be damned if I am to stand aside knowing what I know while my fellow man is exploited ruthlessly for their weakness of trust or their gullibility.

Meaning that they claim that Power Rangers (and Star Wars) doesn’t exist or being associated with Rowling, despite all the facts and evidence going against that.

I will go through each season and explain the “precedents” that each season have and show that Power Rangers prove that Rowling did not plagiarized anybody like the Willy the Wizard people and the Bogside Artists has claimed.




Mighty Morphin first aired on August 28, 1993. Five ordinary teens must fight the evil Rita Repulsa and her evil monsters to prevent conquering their world, Earth. Rita recruited a sixth ranger, Tommy the Green Ranger to be her evil Power Ranger to fight against the rangers, but Tommy turned good and joined the team for a number of episodes before losing it and then regaining his powers.


Zordon examples this at best since he is a more than a thousand years old being where is head trapped in a tube and the rest of his body is trapped in a parallel dimension thanks to Rita.



Bulk And Skull example this idea at best. They always bully the rangers and other students, even though they are not good ones since everyone of the rangers is capable of kicking their asses and they quickly stood more of a grey area and it took a while to get to their good nature.



Those five teenagers with attitude example this very strongly, then here comes Tommy to be the sixth ranger. So let’s meet those rangers now…

  • Jason/Red Ranger: He started as a karate teacher and a good-hearted man.
  • Jason-Lee-Scott-Mighty-Morphin-Power-Rangers-red-rangers-29958571-600-300
  • Zach/Black Ranger: He is the fun-loving of the group and he has a dancing/fighting style called Hip Hop Kido.
  • mmpr-rg-zack
  • Trini/Yellow Ranger: She is the environmentally conscious of the group and always explains Billy’s techno babble. OK you might want me to comment on that the Black Ranger is black and the Yellow Ranger is Asian. Let me get this out of the way, according to a Powermorphicon in 2007 by the original creators, they honestly did not realize what they have done in casting until later on.
  • mmpr-rg-trini
  • Kimberly/Pink Ranger: She is the typical valley girl except she’s strong and brave to go into a deadly battle. She is one of the most popular character on the show and he is one of the original five to leave
  • mmpr-rg-kimberly
  • Billy/Blue Ranger: He is the computer and techno nerd. He is the longest running original five of the series and he is the “smart” one.
  • mmpr-rg-billy
  • Tommy/Green Ranger: Tommy game in later in the series but he is a evil Power Ranger in a five part episode in a very complex storyline that would be original in a kids show and then he becomes and then joins the team. This guy cemented Power Rangers for the audience. He had the biggest storyline of the show, since he lost his powers due to a green magic candle and then regains them but it is only temporary.
  • mmpr-rg-tommy1


The two parter “Island of Illusions” where the rangers find themselves in a surreal world and need a way to get out while not to get themselves to disappear in the process.


Zach’s Mastodon and Trini’s Sabertooth Tiger are close to animals that they talk to but their more of giant vehicles instead of actual animals.


Each of the rangers on many occasions prove their courage, especially Jason and Billy where in situations they prove their courage the most during the “Green with Evil” saga.


A theme in the first season of Power Rangers that there is a magic vs. technology. The villains mostly uses magic while the rangers uses technology to use in battle. The Rangers do use magic on occasions such as the Power Crystal and the power coins. Zordon is a wizard and we know wizards use magic a lot.


Zordon is the mentor and guardian of the rangers while Alpha 5 is second to Zordon’s mentorship. Zordon guides the Rangers how to handle the situation or the dangers they are heading into.



Rita Repulsa and her minions are the satanic villain of the season. Although she is not a perfect villains since she knows the secret identities and she never try to blow up their houses and sense monsters to cause minor inconveniences for the Rangers.



Three of the original rangers are departing and three new rangers are coming. Also Tommy officially loses his Green Ranger powers and then gets his White Ranger powers.

  • Tommy/White Ranger:
  • Rocky/Red Ranger:
  • Adam/Black Ranger
  • Kimberly/Pink Ranger:
  • Billy/Blue Ranger:
  • mmpr-rg-billy
  • Aisha/Yellow Ranger:

There hasn’t been much of a personality for these new people and the strong personalities for an individual ranger doesn’t become apparent again until Lost Galaxy.


Lord Zedd becomes the new villain and he cast Rita away due to her many failures. Behind the scenes the real reason for this change is because by now the Power Rangers is starting to run out of Super Sentai footage, so they decide to create a new villain and film the villain scenes on their own. But Rita returns at the end of the season to marry Lord Zedd and continue her war on the Power Rangers. Lord Zedd is a smarter villain than Rita but like Rita, he starting to fail multiple times.


This is more of a Willy the Wizard claim…

This storyline happened in the middle of the series and it was a storyline to end three of the rangers, Jason, Zach and Trini where they go to a international peace conference and retiring as Power Rangers. (Jason for the moment). Where in one episode Billy leads a international gathering where he falls in love with a girl from Israel.

However, William Kelly of the Bogside Artists has denied any of this happened and also claimed that Power Rangers are part of a coverup by Rowling and her associates.


Again the rangers do prove their courage against deadly monster attacks numerous times. Rocky, Adam and Aisha prove their courage by saving a baby on a runaway baby stroller, fight a group of Zedd’s putties, fight in a ninja tournament and save the rangers from a mind control monster before they became Power Rangers. Also Bulk and Skull proves their courage at moments, one is where Bulk decides to save the runaway baby on a stroller with no intention of an reward, to trick someone or be talked into it. Another Bulk and Skull “Must Prove their Courage Moment” is when they find out the Power Rangers identities but they lost their memories, Bulk and Skull challenges the monster so they can help the rangers to regain their memory back. The previous times they run a way from the monster attacks until this one episode. Of course they fall back into their “cowardly” habits after that episode until later on in the series.





This time the zords are wild animals such as a falcon, crane, bear, wolf, frog and ape. Again, they are not REALLY wild animals but they are giant robotic vehicles. But how they interacts are similar, just like Harry Potter, Willy the Wizard and Travels with Li Po.


Kimberly departs in season 3 and a blonde Australian girl named Katherine becomes the new Pink Ranger.


Also season 3 has a mini-series with the Alien Rangers.



The same old Lord Zedd and Rita, but Rita’s father Master Vile becomes the primary villain for a short while. During the first part of the season, they have a crossover of Mask Rider where Count Dragon becomes a villain during that saga. Wow, another series that has an satanic villain, are you starting to get how common having a satanic villain is?



This season the Power Rangers are starting to use magic more than the last two seasons, such as getting the ninja powers has a lot of magical feat to them.


Zordon and Alpha are still here, Ninjor becomes an other mentor and guardian figure but Ninjor is one of the lamest mentors in Power Rangers history in my opinion. But he gave the Rangers their mystical Ninja Powers and the magical feats will get more apparent later in the season.



In the end, the Power Rangers are changed into children again. Then the rangers go into back in time (into Surreal Worlds for the fourth time in the season) to retrieve the mystical ZEO crystals.



Power Rangers Zeo becomes the 4th season and they have major changes such as the command center to the power chamber, new costumes, a new ranger Tanya, new villains and etc.


Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Kat and the newcomer Tanya becomes the new Zeo rangers and Jason rejoins the team later on. Interesting enough this is the fourth season that the Power Rangers have the “CAST OF SERIES INTRODUCED”, similar to the Willy the Wizard’s “Relying Help from Friends” claim and Rowling’s enemies failed to accept this fact.

  • Tommy/Zeo Red Ranger Five: Now Tommy with a Native American background is now the Red Ranger… whoops…
  • prz-rg-tommy
  • Adam/Zeo Green Ranger Four:
  • prz-rg-adam
  • Rocky/Zeo Blue Ranger Three:
  • prz-rg-rocky
  • Tanya/Zeo Yellow Ranger Two:
  • prz-rg-tanya
  • Kat/Zeo Pink Ranger One:
  • prz-rg-kat-1
  • Jason/Gold Ranger
  • prz-rg-jason


The Machine Empire is the new primary villains. Another note that is “stolen idea” like the Bogside Artists has claimed, this is the fourth straight season that Power Rangers has a Satanic Villain like the “Travels with Li Po” and “Harry Potter”.



Again, the Power Rangers countless times prove their courage against the deadly attacks by the evil Machine Empire. Also this is the fourth straight season that Power Rangers had this ideas too.


Zordon and Alpha are still around.


According to Linkara, there is a reverse magic vs. technology where the Power Rangers uses more magic while the Machine Empire uses more technology to further their designs.


Tanya does this at one episode where her introduction episode it is establish they went missing and she mourns and worries about them, unknown about their fate. Then she finds out they are alive and she rescues them.



This series went though numerous of changes, many of them are not for the better.


A new cast are introduced in the middle of the series.


  • Tommy/Red Turbo Ranger:
  • prt-rg-tommy
  • Adam/Green Turbo Ranger:
  • prt-rg-adam
  • Kat/Pink Turbo Ranger:
  • prt-rg-kat
  • Tanya/Yellow Turbo Ranger:
  • prt-rg-tanya
  • Justin/Blue Turbo Ranger:
  • prt-rg-justin


  • TJ/Red Turbo Ranger
  • prt-rg-tj
  • Justin/Blue Turbo Ranger
  • prt-rg-justin
  • Carlos/Green Turbo Ranger
  • prt-rg-carlos
  • Ashley/Yellow Turbo Ranger:
  • prt-rg-ashley
  • Cassie/Pink Turbo Ranger:
  • Prt-rg-cassie

This changes has its good and bad. The good is that this change did boost the failing ratings but only for an other season. The bad… First Kat sees Cassie as a good fighter, but what does she know Cassie as a person. TJ and Cassie did rescue the team but Bulk and Skull rescue the team on more than one occasion and they were never candidates. TJ and Cassie worked with their predecessors with only one or two scenes. Unlike how Rocky, Adam and Aisha were introduced, there were three part episodes that introduce them and their fighting prowess, then a few more episodes there characteristics that they are worthy to be rangers. Kat has a similar storyline to Rocky, Adam and Aisha but Kat has a storyline building up to that moment and Kat is not a fighter. Tanya was slight better than this change because it prove she is a brave person and Aisha has better reasons to depart than the reason Tommy, Adam, Tanya and Kat are departing. Carlos did worked Adam before but he was willing to screw “teamwork” to win a soccer game. Outside of “Passing the Torch” episode, Tanya never exchange with one syllable with Ashley. This is stupid, because the four rangers are out of high school and grew out of the “Teenagers with Attitude” prowess, they have to give up their powers. This should be the rangers coming to adulthood and face the hardships of adulthood.


Divatox becomes the new villain and she sucks as a villain. Reasons that she comes off a Rita light most of the time. She always sets her explosives for an hour or long enough for the rangers to defuse them or get rid of them, a smart villain will set their explosives for 30 seconds or short enough that Rangers will not get to the explosives in time. So this is the fifth season that has a “Satanic Villain”, noticing a pattern here?



In the Turbo Movie: The Power Rangers go to a surreal world to stop Divatox resurrecting the villainous Maligore from destroying the world.


The Power Rangers use their morpher keys to perform magical feat so they can pass the magical wall that protects the “surreal world”.


Zordon and Alpha 5 departs the show and here comes Dimitria and Alpha 6. This is another major misstep since they are changing things under one episode. Plus Dimitria and Alpha 6 are far more annoying than their predecessor counterparts. In a desperate situation Dimitria makes the Power Rangers figure out how to deal the situation themselves but she does give hints to help them out but not by much. Zordon on the other hand tells them more often than Dimitria and he is smarter and wiser than her. Ironically Dimitria played by Carol Hoyt, who also played Divatox for the first half of the season. Hilary Shepard Turner who played Divatox in the movie, unexpectedly became pregnant before the season could begin but she is able to return for the second half of the season.

More ironic that this is the fifth straight season to have a “stolen idea”, which is having a mentor and guardian.



This is my favorite season. This one is the darkest and more complex season to the Zordon Era. This is the ending to the Zordon Era and the last season to have a continuity to its predecessors. This was suppose to be the final season for the show but the high ratings made to show to continue.


Andros, Zhane and Karone/Astronema but I will get to that in a minute.


TJ, Carlos, Cassie and Ashley continue to be the cast of Power Rangers but a few color changes to TJ and Carlos. TJ becomes the Blue Space Ranger after Justin departs from the rangers and Carlos becomes the Black Space Ranger.

Also this is the sixth straight season that Power Rangers has this “Cast of Series Introduced” or the Willy the Wizards’ “Protagonist Rely on Help from Friends” claim. It is either a coincidence or is it common that we get a hero and friends to the hero.

  • Andros/Red Space Ranger:
  • TJ/Blue Space Ranger
  • Carlos/Black Space Ranger
  • Cassie/Pink Space Ranger:
  • Ashley/Yellow Space Ranger:
  • Zhane/Silver Space Ranger:



This is Astronema and she really makes an first impression in her early scenes, silence, menacing and mysterious. She is one of the best villains in the Power Ranger history, she don’t normally resort to silly plans like making a ranger to eat all day. No, she is a war general and her plans are very specific and calculating.!IS_Ecliptor_face.jpg

This is Ecliptor and he is one of the better secondary henchman to the Power Rangers franchise. He is strong and powerful, but he has his own sense of ethics, especially when it came to Astronema. He is willing to fight to forces of good just to save Astronema to whatever plans that she has or to what ever side she is fighting for, no matter it is for good or evil. I was sad for him when Ecliptor died when he was reduced to dust, after he went so much trying to protect Astronema.

These are the Psycho Rangers, and “psycho” is a perfect description. They are evil Power Rangers without any human traits to hold them back. They were able to steal their mind so they are able to fight like their color counterparts and out think them in battle. They do defeat the Psycho Rangers one at a time but it is not easy done. Psycho Pink is the first to go down, that is because their own ego and obsession to destroy their color counterparts keeps them cooperating from each other. The next to go down is Psycho Blue, where TJ gets the idea to mix up the colors because their color counterpart will out think them, but when they mix them up they will not have that issue. Then the final three go down where I’M SURE THEY’LL NEVER BOTHER ANYONE AGAIN…

OMG… It’s Maligore from the Turbo Movie… or its Dark Spector that is in the Maligore costume. Yes, this is for cost saving measures but every time I see him I wonder why are they fighting Maligore again. He is the king of all evil where he is the boss of the past villains. Speaking of at the end of the season, Astronema, Rita, Lord Zedd and Divatox turn good while the rest of the villains are reduced to dust.


Again the Power Rangers prove their courage when they have to fight the forces of evil, especially in the Psycho Ranger saga and fight the final invasion in Countdown to Destruction. Bulk and Skull prove their courage at most when they decide to stand up for the rangers, lead the city of Angel Grove to prove their courage and they lead the charge to help the Power Rangers in the final invasion.

This is another “stolen idea” that Power Rangers used for the sixth straight season on multiple occasions for each one.


Since they are going to space, they travel to many “surreal worlds” or other planets, they are just the same.


When Astronema returns to Karone for the first time, she mourns and wonders about her mother and father. Andros explains how their parents were like before they died.



From now on each season of Power Rangers will start a new cast, theme and storyline. In Space was suppose to be the final season but their high ratings brought the show back. We get another space opera since In Space theme was space and it brought a lot of viewers. This is where Power Rangers started to lose interest to me for a very long time. This is where Power Rangers started to air on Saturday weekends instead of weekday afternoons, it also doesn’t help that these new rangers didn’t get their powers until the second episode. Sure Zeo and In Space did not get their powers until the second episode, but the momentum from the season finale helped carry the interest.


Here is the individual personalities for each Power Rangers, something that has been absent since the first half of the second season.

  • Leo/Red Galaxy Ranger: Leo is a rebel who starts out impulsive and rash. He doesn’t take the time to think the situation that he is about to go through and as a result he makes a tons of obvious mistakes. But later he started to become more sly and cunning.
  • Leo-Corbett-red-rangers-29958824-600-300
  • Kai/Blue Galaxy Ranger: Kai is the level headed of the group and is by the books and rules person. The only time he does fray from the rules is that if his friends are endanger because Commander Stanton advices to his troops to “never leave a team member behind for any reason”. One example when Leo, Mike, Kendrix and Maya went to the other world, that is when he decide to steal the Mega ship to help his friends.
  • prlg-rg-kai
  • Damon/Green Galaxy Ranger: Damon’s character is hard to figure out except his technological knowledge. I really don’t know what motivated to help Kai against the forces of evil when they landed on Mirinoi but it makes him worthy to be a Power Ranger.
  • prlg-rg-damon
  • Maya/Yellow Galaxy Ranger: Maya’s character is strange to watch. Maya doesn’t go any personality change, but it is personality itself is confusing. Her home world is destroyed, her people and love ones are cased in stone so they might considered dead and she is shift of to a world to unfamiliar society and environment, and she doesn’t seems that she gives a damn. Hell the destruction of Mirinoi or her people rarely comes up from her conservation and she doesn’t seems sad for what happened to her people. Her part is her knowledge of the Quasar sabers but she very rarely educate the other rangers about the Quasar sabers.
  • prlg-rg-maya
  • Kendrix/Pink Galaxy Ranger (Episode 1-31): Kendrix is like Billy, she is a scientist so she is the smart one but not by the books person since she help Leo escape from security guards, despite the consequences if she was caught adding Leo. She didn’t have a lot of development well that because the writers didn’t get the chance too. Kendrix is the first Power Ranger to die, because behind the scene that Valerie Vernon who played Kendrix was diagnosed with leukemia and half the leave the series to undergo treatment, greatly the treatment were successful and now she is leukemia free. She has a romantic relationship with Leo but again, her leaving the series prevent that relationship to go any further. But strangely Kendrix returns to life at the end and she returns to be the Pink Galaxy Ranger in the next season in the Trakeena’s Revenge saga.
  • prlg-rg-kendrix
  • Karone/Pink Galaxy Ramger (Episode 32-45): Karone was Astronema and she becomes the new Pink Galaxy Ranger after Kendrix’s death. She is the reason how Leo gets his super armor because she discovered the armor while she was Astronema. Karone seems to be a stronger fighter and warrior since her time In Space as Astronema.
  • prlg-rg-karone
  • Mike/Magna Defender: Mike is Leo’s older brother and he is a goody two shoes of the group. Mike is overprotective of Leo and judgementally believes he followed him on board. But later he believes in Leo more and takes him on more dangerous missions.
  • prlg-rg-mike


Maya and Karone are the closet to this idea since Maya is from an alien world who world and 99.99% of its people are cast in stone, and Maya is the only survivor who has to abandoned her world. Karone is also linked to this ideas as her back story as Astronema, she was lost, abandoned on a villain’s doorstep and he is one of the few survivors of her home world KO-35. Now that she is a hero and a protagonist, she has more reasons to fit that idea.


Other than visiting numerous planets like Mirinoi, they Galaxy Rangers and the Terra Venture spaceship entered a “surreal world” in space.


The Quasar Sabers are the closest to the “Philosopher Stone” idea.


Trekeena and her minions are the villains of this series. What is interesting about the villains of this season that they have a lot of chivalry, emotion and honor.

Trekeena is one of the best villains in the Power Rangers but she does have a strong love for her father, and it showed before his death. Like Astronema, she normally doesn’t come up with stupid plans but she comes up more calculating and cold ways to defeat the rangers and destroy Terra Venture.


Villimax is a much better example of a villain of a chivalry present. One example the promises to Leo if he surrenders to him, he will let the other captured Rangers go and to much Deviot’s surprise, actually does so. He is also against sacrificing their foot soldiers with bombs to destroy Terra Venture and the Rangers. Hell he even save a little girl who is caught in the crossfire in the final assault on Terra Venture. Trekeena kills Villimax for his sense of honor and in his last breath he expresses a disappointment of what Trakeena has become.



Again, the Power Rangers once again prove their courage against the villainous attacks from Trakeena on multiple occasions, sadly the Bogside Artists refuse to see it. Especially Kendrix who sacrifices herself to save Cassie.


This idea became more apparent in “To the Tenth Power” and “the Power of Pink”. The Psycho Rangers return stronger than ever and they launch their hatred and attacks on the Galaxy Rangers. But guess who comes to save them…



This season have Power Rangers return to earth. Every time they make a new season they try to fray from the continuity and make little references to the previous season as possible. But that attempt is laughed off by the fans, we like continuity and see how each season are placed together.


  • Carter Grayson/Red Lightspeed Ranger: I really like this guy, he will do anything to defeat the monster and save the world. Carter has less restrictions than the rangers in the past like “never escalate a battle unless you are forced too”. Carter is going to use what ever he has and uses it in any way that he can. He isn’t going to use martial arts to dispatch the monsters, he will use what ever weapons to being the monsters down quickly as he can.
  • Carter-Grayson-Power-Rangers-Lightspeed-Rescue-red-rangers-29958858-600-300
  • Chad Lee/Blue Lightspeed Ranger: Chad Lee has the most martial arts experience but it was odd that never gets utilized as it should. Ironically Chad Lee is played by Michael Chaturantabut who is a champion martial artists and trained Taylor Lautner in his martial arts training. Chad is a Seaworld guy who could do a lot of underwater situations, but his water and swimming skills are rarely utilized until the final battle. He came off as wasted potential most of the time and because his skills are rarely utilized, he is one of the blandest blue rangers.
  • prlr-rg-chad
  • Joel Rawlings/Green Lightspeed Ranger: Joel is the best character behind Carter. He starts off as a cocky and immature stunt pilot but that developed strongly where at the end, he stopped wearing his cowboy hat. He becomes infatuated with Dr. Fairweather and in the next season, they got married.
  • prlr-rg-joel
  • Kelsey Winslow/Yellow Lightspeed Ranger: Kelsey is more of a “sporty” nature. I am not sure what would qualify her to be a Power Ranger, her nature would make Tony Hawk a Power Rangers quality. Like Leo in Lost Galaxy, she is rash and impulsive but she developed over time. But Kelsey is selfless and willing to help others in need, which counts on a major level.
  • prlr-rg-kelsey
  • Dana Mitchell/Pink Lightspeed Ranger: Dana Mitchell is the daughter of the mentor figure, Captain Mitchell and the younger sister of Ryan. She is the blandest of the group and she made very little development of the season. But in the next season, she becomes a doctor for children, which it has development in some levels.
  • prlr-rg-dana
  • Ryan Mitchell/Titanium Ranger: Ryan started as a evil ranger but instead having his mind controlled, he believes that his father Captain Mitchell betrayed him and Ryan wants revenge. But Ryan remembers Captain Mitchell trying to save him, Ryan joins the Lightspeed team. Speaking of, the Titanium Ranger is the first ranger to be completely American invention. Lightspeed Rescue’s Japanese counterpart, Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive did not have a sixth ranger or something like the Phantom Ranger to fill the sixth ranger spot. But this shows that American made rangers can work.
  • ryan__titanium_ranger__turnaround_style__by_andr_uril-d55ypvi


This time the villains are demons. Since the word “satanic” is from a demon so this season, has a stronger value of having a similar idea that the Bogside Artists accused Rowling of stealing.

Queen Bansheera and Vypra are the main villains of the show.

First I like to address is Vypra. The first step to have a good villain is the acting, this actress is so bad and boring it hurts, even to Power Rangers standard acting, she is awful trying to express an emotion and she can barely speak above a normal tone. Even she gives off an evil laugh, it returns to a blank expression.


Queen Bansheera is an ok villain, when she really stepped in in the end the Power Rangers are almost defeated.

I say Lightspeed Rescue’s biggest weakness are the villains, which is a shame since you got a potential with them.


Again, these are five ordinary people who must prove their courage against evil demons on many occasions since “Day of the Dumpster”. Carter proves his courage a lot due to a lot of his bad ass moments by ramming a truck into a fire monster and shooting his handguns at a giant monster.

This is the eight straight season that the “must prove their courage” stolen ideas had been done on many occasions for each season, just like how “Travels with Li Po”, “Willy the Wizard” and of course, “Harry Potter”. If you take a shot of beer of how many times that Power Rangers has the “Must Prove Their Courage” moments, you would be very hammered by now.


Captain William Mitchell fills the mentor role in this season. He is an OK mentor and he doesn’t make a lot of smart moves at times. Carter want to save some people but Captain Mitchell is ordering him to put out a fire while Carter is hesitating, he could have explain to Carter the fire is heading to flammable gases. He did got a lot better later in the season where he stepped in when he need to and step back when the situation demanded it.n I feel he is a male version of Dimitria.


Ryan fits this idea at best since as a kid, he lives in a demon world after being saved from falling to his death


This is one of my favorite seasons of the Power Ranger series, especially after the Zordon era. The story and theme are good, and the acting is really good in this season. This season has become one of the most expensive series and it is the last season to be fully produced by the Saban Entertainment before it is hand over to Disney. Also it had to go through change its contents at last minute due to 9/11.


  • Wesley Collins/Red Time Force Ranger: Wesley is from the year 2001 while the rest of the group are from the year 3000. Wesley started as as fun loving, “I don’t care” kind of person and cocky. But he quickly develops that personality for the better. His most development came when he have to improve his father and Eric’s dark and greedy personality.
  • prtf-rg-wes
  • Jennifer Scotts/Pink Time Force Ranger: Jenn is describe as tough, strict and hardcore, different from the usual Pink Ranger who is usually the very soft hearted and the happy go lucky type. She gets into a romantic relationship with Wes and at the end, she falls in love with him.
  • Trip /Green Time Force Ranger: Trip is clumsy and ditzy. He has alien powers that can read mines and have psychic powers. He is the reason that one of the villain, Nadira turn good and makes her realizes the values of the human life and race. He is also help convince the group to accept Wes to be part of the team. But his psychic powers don’t get utilize any further than that, he could have uses his powers to find the villains’ hiding area but we have no given reason why he can’t.
  • Katie Walker/Yellow Time Force Ranger: Katie has the power of super strength due to her genetic engineering. She is open to her feelings and fun to be with.
  • Lucas Kendall/Blue Time Force Ranger: Lucas is the least developed and the blandest of the group. Lucas is known to be popular with women, to be a second rate of Sasuke Uchiha in coolness and that is about it about him.
  • Eric Myers/Quantum Ranger: Eric is more of a anti-hero Power Ranger instead of a superhero type. He began to be a loner, overly aggressive and willing to do things for his own personal gain. But slowly but in a good pace Eric develops, where he willing aid the rangers more and at times he is part of the team.

I will not do Alex.


The villains this time are mutants, the main villain is Ransik who hates humans because people shunned because of deformity of his face and his mutant genes. But his motives are confusing at points where he is almost killed by a fellow mutant and a human (Frax) saved him, but then he laughs the guy and then tries to kill him. Ransik actions justify the humans fears about him. But his not a cold villains where he loves his daughter and is willing to put his hatred for human aside to make his daughter happy and her safety, which made Ransik to surrender to the rangers at the end and give up his plans to destroy all humans. It is also credited to give us a good reason why this villains sends only one monster at a time, these monsters (or mutants) are more rebellious than the past monsters so if he sends all the mutants at once they would have likely gone “why we should follow your orders when we outnumber you 100 to 1?”.


Again, the rangers prove their courage against dangers and deadly mutants on countless occasions. Theses seems to be an occurring theme than an idea at this point since this is the ninth straight season where it has this “stolen” idea on countless occasions.


Jen, Trip, Lucas and Katie go to a surreal world by going into 1,000 years into the future, so there is one surreal world moment. Wes and Eric end up in a surreal world in the Jurassic Era where they need to retrieve the Q-Rex.

Another one is a two part episode called “Movie Madness” where the rangers end up in a surreal world of movies. Wesley and Trip end up in a Western movie world, Jen in a Kung-fu movie world, Lucas in Samurai movie world, Katie in musical (bad musical) world movies and Eric in a jungle movie world.

This is similar to Willy the Wizard’s “Parallel World” claim against Rowling.


In the episode “Reflections of Evil”, the rangers go to a room of mirrors and end up in one. This is where Eric’s good nature is starting to become more apparent by this part of the season.


In the episode “Time for Lightspeed” is where the Time Force Rangers rely on help from the Lightspeed Rescue rangers. It starts where Vypra craws out of the grave, last time I remember she was absorb to Queen Bansherra but not buried but hey she is a demon. I feel Vypra’s actress acting has improved in this team up. This team up is not as good as “To the Tenth Power” but it is many times better than “Trakeena’s Revenge” because the team up focus more on the Power Rangers than on a one off little girl. I feel this team up should be a two part episode but what I got it was good. By now I feel Eric is more part of the Time Force team as he brought Ryan to the battlefield and poses along with the Time Force rangers.


This is the first season to have it’s production to be by Disney. Some of the production is made from Saban, but the very majority of the production for the season is from Disney. The common question if this production counts as a Saban or a Disney series? For me it doesn’t really matter but if I really have to choose, personally this is a Saban production for me. This is also the last season to have its production to be in the United States before they move their production to New Zealand.


  • Cole Evans/Red Wild Force Ranger: Cole lived in a jungle most of his live and when he reached adulthood, he is sent out to find his parents in a metropolitan city called Turtle Cove. Just like Aang in the “Avatar: the Last Airbender” series, he is an animal lover. Soon as Cole in the city, Princess Shayla discovers him in a magical pool that overlooks anywhere and she sends the other four rangers to take him to the Animarium. He has the red crystal orb so he can be the Red Lion Ranger and the leader of the Wild Force rangers, much to Taylor’s dismay.
  • Taylor Earnhart/ Yellow Wild Force Ranger: Taylor was an air force pilot. She is describe as tough, abrasive, strong-willed and basically not someone you want to screw with. She as the original leader of the Wild Force Rangers but when Cole was brought to the team, Princess Shayla makes Cole the leader because he has the lion zord (since Lions are known to be the king of the jungle”). As a child, she saw the Animarium outside in a airplane window, since then she dreams of seeing it again. When she joined the air force but crashed on to the Animarium planet, making her air force colleagues that she’s dead. Out of all the rangers, she is the most developed of any character on this season.
  • Max Cooper/Blue Wild Force Ranger: Max Cooper is the youngest member of the group. He has a lot of childlike quirks and playfulness, but that doesn’t develop much. He was training to be a bowler but he had to quit that to become a Power Ranger. He is a lot closer to Danny.
  • Danny Delgado/Black Wild Force Ranger: Danny is physically the strongest of the group and he is the last person to be recruited to the Wild Force team before Cole was brought in. He is closer to Max and he is like a older brother to Max. His motto is “Never Give Up” and he has a crush on a girl at the flower shop that he works at named Kendall.
  • Alyssa Enrile/White Wild Force Ranger: Alyssa is kind and a mother like nature of the group. This is the first season to have no Pink Ranger but instead replacing it with white. She has the biggest martial arts background but like some of the others she has very little character development.
  • Merrick Balitou/Lunar Wolf Ranger: Merrick is one the lamest sixth rangers ever. Don’t get me wrong, Merrick is a cool character but it is the character itself is confusing. Merrick became the villainous Zen-Aku but he is freed from Zen-Aku and then became the Lunar Wolf Ranger. Many times the writers have him to be a loner and try to be friends with the other rangers, but that switches on too many occasions.



Princess Shayla fills the mentor role but she what nothing but a load. She gets kidnapped a lot, have rarely have any useful wisdom and knowledge for the Power Rangers use. The only time she did anything good is when she fights Toxica but her fighting skills came out of the blue after she got kidnapped three times.



Master Org is the main villain of the show. His real name is Dr. Adler who fall in love with Cole’s mother but Cole’s father proposed to her first and in rage, he kills them just after Cole was born.


Cole since his parents were killed by Master Org and Cole was lost, raised by a loving jungle tribe. Plus, Cole is the chosen one.


The Rangers’ crystal orbs are clearly the closet to the “philosopher stone” idea.


If you are taking beer shots of how many times the Rangers “must prove their courage” until now, don’t drive after this because you will be hammered than Lindsey Lohan ever was.


Cole does this until he finds out that his parents are dead.


The first major stolen “ideas” in the season is a saga called “Reinforcements from the Future”. The first part is where Taylor buys her new fast car, went joyriding and then got herself a speeding ticket by Eric in result of it. Then later that night, three half orgs and half mutants makes it to the year 2001, and I think on of them is the mutated form of Deviot from Lost Galaxy. Man they really were using costumes at this point. Wes and Eric battle the mutated orgs but they are overwhelmed until the arrival of the Wild Force rangers.

After the battle, Wes finds out from Trip that Jen is in the present day to track down the mutated orgs but they lost contact with her about a week ago. So Wes and Eric ask the Wild Force rangers (Taylor first) for help. The Wild Force rangers, Wes and Eric battle against the three mutated orgs but they are defeated and are almost killed (Wes specifically) until Jen in a super hot outfit saves them then they flee. The other Time Force rangers get Ransik and Nadira for help and they cooperate to help the rangers defeat the mutated orgs. “Reinforcements from the Future” is the best team up and I say is much better than “to the Tenth Power”. The teams are great together, it serves a character development for both teams, continues the storyline for Time Force and spending much more time with the Time Force and Wild Force Rangers, unlike “Trakeena’s Revenge” which is almost the total opposite.

This “stolen” idea happened again in another team up episode, “Forever Red”.


The episode started on the surfers on the moon where some cogs (the foot soldiers from Zeo) are digging on the moon, leading them are the Big Bad Beetleborgs or just their costumes. Andros watches them but he gets himself spotted so he flees to tell Tommy about the situation. Carter takes Cole to a airport where they meet up with Jason, Tommy, TJ, Andros, Wes and Eric. They take the new Mega ship to the moon where they can breath on the moon without no safety gear. Power Rangers take science and beats it with a metal bat. They fight the cogs unmorphed and Carter just shoots the cogs because that is how Carter roles. Later, they meet up with Leo and Aurico. Then of course it’s time…

And this my friends is how you make a 10th anniversary special. It is great together to get a ranger or two for each past seasons. Then the major mistake came in when Cole easily destroys Serpentera with his motorcylcle, a zord that can destroy a planet but there is a reason why this happened.

There is a lot of questions surrounding this episode so let’s get it all out of the way. One is this an episode all up to Wild Force so where is Rocky? Steve Cardanes was about to appear on the episode but they were unable to contact him when it is time to bring him in. However his was fully on board doing the episode. But he was not going to be the ranger but as Tommy’s butler. I would put him in the red ninja suit and drop the Alien ranger but what are you going to do? Speaking of Aurico is the only red ranger to not his original actor to reprise his role, which isn’t that bad since he was not that memorable and he had only two or three lines. The next issue is Jason since he gave up his powers, a theory when Jason returned, Rocky gave the red Mighty Morphin morpher back to Jason.

For Tommy we never see lose his red zeo powers so it would make sense he kept it when he as relieve form duty during Turbo. We saw TJ lose his Red Turbo Ranger powers at the end of Turbo, but like Justin where his Storm Blaster had a spare morpher for Justin and maybe Lightning Cruiser has a spare morpher for TJ. Another issue is Danny Slavin had a falling out with the producers while in Lightspeed Rescue, when they ask to come he was on the fence about it. When he decide to return, most of the footage already have been filmed.

This episode almost did not happened. Disney was against this idea so they reduce the budget and then the show ran out of money to film this one episode. So they went to Bandai to finance the episode and they agreed to finance their episode if only the make and promote a new toy and that’s why we got the motorcycle, the Wild Force rider.



Ninja Storm is the first season to be FULLY produced by Disney and the first season to have its production to be shot in New Zealand for cost saving measures.


  • Shane/Red Ninja Storm Ranger: Shane is the leader of the Ninja Storm Rangers. When he began, he had some teamwork issues, especially when Hunter when he joined the team later on. He is the most serious of the team and in a filler episode we find out why that his. He has parents and a older brother who puts a major pressure on him to get a job and take his life seriously.
  • prns-rg-shane
  • Waldo “Dustin”/Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger: Dustin is kind and very trusting nature, which does get him into trouble more than once.
  • prns-rg-dustin
  • Tori/Blue Ninja Storm Ranger: Tory is the smart and level-headed, but she doesn’t have a much of a personality than that so there was nothing to develop.
  • prns-rg-tori
  • Hunter/Crimson Ninja Storm Ranger: Hunter started as very anti-social and need to learn how to get well with others, especially when it comes to Shane. I feel he is the most develop of out of the rangers. He doesn’t see the Wind Rangers as friends but when he is freed from Lothor’s
  • prns-rg-hunter
  • Blake/Navy Ninja Storm Ranger: Blake is more sociable than his bother, Hunter. But he wasn’t to give much to do other than his motivation and his relationship with Tori that never went anywhere in the end.
  • prns-rg-blake
  • Cam/Green Samurai Ranger: Like Billy, Cam is a computer nerd but he is the one who designed the three wind morphers for Shane, Dustin and Tori. He is the son of the mentor of this season and he was being resented as a computer nerd but he still has a lot more to offer than that, and this time the show was able to exploit that, especially during the “The Samurai’s Journey” saga.
  • prns-rg-cam


Sensei Koi is the mentor figure on this season and it is obvious he is the mentor figure because the rangers call him “Sensei”, which means teacher or mentor in Japanese.



Luthor is the main satanic villain of this season. Like Lightspeed, the biggest weakness of this season are the villains. Except Lightspeed’s villains were boring and result of bad acting, this time the villains just suck. Luthor is a terrible villain, he is like a male Divatox. His plans are moronic, he is easily distracted and he doesn’t inspire fear but laughter. It is OK to have a comedic villain sometimes, but this is someone who trying to take over the world, someone we serious need to believe who is a threat to the rangers.


Do I have to repeat this? By know it is a common pattern that this “stolen” idea by Rowling has been used in every Power Ranger series on many occasion of each one.


The Power Rangers this season performs a lot of unmorphed magical ninja powers like running on water, traveling fast underground, make a portal back through time and etc.


The enchanted is in full effect this season. One is when in the first episode, Shane, Dustin and Tori were ambushed by the Wind Ninja rangers and then teleported to the Wind Ninja academy. The next is during the “Samurai’s Journey”, Cam ends up in the same forest but in a different time. When Cam first arrives in the past, he meets his younger version of his father who tried to kill Cam for being an intruder but saved by the Sensei in that time. The next one is when Shane goes to an enchanted forest to get his Battlizer.


Cam, Hunter and Blake are involved with this “stolen” idea a lot. Cam’s resentment to be a ranger because Cam’s father promised her mother to never put Cam danger before she died. Cam does pines her mother very much, especially during the “Samurai’s Journey” episodes.

Hunter and Blake pine over their mother and father, because of that Hunter and Blake seek revenge on the Wind Rangers and Kanoi believing he killed his parents but that was a lie by Lothor.


Dino Thunder has the return the all time favorite Power Ranger Tommy. Like the first season of Mighty Morphin, they have a dinosaur theme but on a higher spread scale.


First off, this is the twelve straight season to have this idea that Bogside Artists accused Rowling to have stolen and copy from them… but Power Rangers has done countless time? Does this mean that having a “cast’ is very common in fiction writing and creating? Anyway, back to the cast..

  • Connor McKnight/Red Dino Thunder Ranger: Connor is considered as a soccer and sports jock. He is a idiot through and through, he can’t swim and he is considered a ditz. At the beginning he selfishly cares for his soccer and becoming a soccer player and nothing else, but later that change when he abandons his own soccer game to help Trent.
  • Ethan James/Blue Dino Thunder Ranger: Ethan is reportedly a video game geek. He always talks about a video game or some science fiction movie. But he is not a completely a stereotypical geek. When a bully starts picking on him, Ethan fights back in every confrontation. A usual geek will try to act nice and be a coward.
  • Kira Ford/Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger: Kira is tough to figure out her main personality. Like Conner, he was dismissive about being a Power Ranger. I am not sure what motivated her being a ranger other than it is the right thing to do. Her character is mostly around music and worries about her image. But one episode her attitude towards her image change, but if only she forced to wear one of Lady Gaga’s rejected outfits.
  • Tommy Oliver/Black Dino Thunder Ranger: Tommy has becomes a science professor at a high school. This time serves as a mentor role to teenagers but this time, they have character flaws and they are unlike the teenagers back at his Mighty Morphin days. Tommy this time had a identity crisis, an example demonstrated strongly in “Fighting Spirit”. Tommy became the powers and very little of himself as Tommy Oliver. According to Jason David Frank, he return to the series and a favor to Douglas Sloane as the ratings of Power Rangers started to decline but worked out with a deal to go back home for a while, while doing voice overs while he was away. I do wonder what happened with his “forced” relationship with Kat?
  • Trent Mercer/White Dino Thunder Ranger: Trent I found to be my favorite character out of the rangers this season, even over Tommy. Trent is a loner and willing to handle things on his own. Trent lives superheros and wants to be one, and the end that what a Power Ranger is. Stereotypical superheros are a lone hero that normally doesn’t require any help, which is why Trent refuses to ask any help and think he can deal the major problems on his own. He had a of of issues, from his adopted father to the white ranger personality.



Mesogog is a great villain, menacing and dark. He also have a “take of the world” mentally, but his motivation is different than the past villains who want to take over the world for the sake of conquering. Like Voldemort, his motivation is based on racism against human, believing that dinosaurs beings are the ultimate beings in the world. Maybe Ransik for mutants might count, but his racism motives are only the catalyst, where he wanted power and destruction.

Interesting enough this “satanic villain” is like Voldemort in a lot of ways but the “Bogside Artists” doesn’t believe that Power Rangers had any villains (at all) and they accused Rowling of stealing this “villain” idea from them when Power Rangers (and Star Wars) prove that coming up with ideas is very easy and common and the Bogside Artists’ are not the only ones with this idea and clearly not the first and not the last.


Again, the Power Rangers prove their courage on many occasions but this times the took it more of a realistic level. Trent is a good example is when he has to deal all the problems that he is dealing, such as going into the villain’s lair so he can help the Rangers enter the villain’s dimension. Tommy has to prove his courage where he has to fight his previous powers (except Turbo) unmorphed in his mind.

You should figure out by now this “must prove their courage” idea is very common and anyone could think of it, just like JK Rowling and the Power Rangers had. But sadly the Bogisde Artists have NOT figure that out and believe they are the first and only ones with “must prove their courage” idea.


First is Trent is when he finds a portal to the villain’s world and then gets the white dino gem to become the White Dino Thunder Ranger. The other rangers go back and forth into the villain’s world for a number of reasons. Tommy enters a surreal world in his mind to fight off his past ranger counterparts.


Tommy is the mentor figure now because of his experience as a Power Ranger where he has to train a bunch of rookies.


The Dino Gems are the closest to the “philosopher stone” idea since they are the ones that gave the rangers their powers and their civilian powers.


This time the rangers have “civilian powers” such as Conner getting super speed, Ethan getting invulnerability and super strength, Kira getting Black Canary’s powers, Tommy to become invisible and Trent who can camouflage into various backgrounds.


There is an episode that people want me to comment on is “Lost in Found in Translation”, although there isn’t multiple international group gathers like in season 2, we get a cross international cultural references between America and Japan. Conner, Ethan and Kira watch a show a Power Ranger show based on Japan. In actuality it is Dino Thunder’s Super Sentai counterpart called “Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger”.


A couple of good examples are that the Rangers get help from Hailey, Cassidy and Devin.

A much better example is the two part episode “Thunder Storm”. Lothor is free from underground and Kira makes friends with Blake, from Ninja Storm. Kira remembers Blake from somewhere but she can’t pin where exactly she saw him. Back at the Wind Ninja Academy, Shane, Dustin and Tori are training the ninja academy students in a similar way Kanoi has taught them. But the get a message from Kanoi to meet him so he can tell them that Lothor has escape and they need to resume their duties as Power Rangers. But the morphes that Kanoi gave them made then evil and it is all a trap, “Kanoi” is really Lothor and the real Kanoi is tied up nearby. Then Lothor and the three Ninja Storm Rangers help capture the wind academy students and made Lothor nieces, Marah and Kapri to work for Lothor again. Then Lothor and the Wind Ninja rangers start wreaking havoc on Reefside City, then the Dino Rangers fight them but quickly the Dino Rangers are defeated quickly. That is understandable, nothing against the Dino Thunders but the Wind Rangers had years of training while the Dino Rangers barely trains. Meanwhile Cam is aware that Lothor is free and then he contacts Hunter and Blake about the situation and then they went underground to retrieve their morphers and powers. Mesogog and Lothor create an alliance to launch against the Dino Rangers and the remaining Ninja Storm Rangers (Cam, Hunter and Blake). Shane, Dustin and Tori find Conner, Ethan and Kira unmorphed and they are willing to fight them unmorphed. But Cam, Hunter and Blake (by this time, Kira remembers seeing Blake in Tommy’s “Power Rangers history” log) then Shane, Dustin and Tori are free from Lothor’s mind control. Sensei Kanoi is freed but the rangers need to go into battle and then of course, its time…

Marah and Karphi were getting the captured wind ninjas and they help the rangers to free the ninjas and they are the ones that help the captured Kanoi to escape. To a tongue and cheek moment, Cassidy and Marah pass each other they comment of how beautiful each other are… maybe because the two are played by the same actress.


Power Rangers is the beginning to the “Bruce Kalish” era where some of the next seasons are down right mix or down right load. SPD is similar to Lightspeed Rescue in a way because there is no secret identities this season and like Lightspeed Rescue was more of a emergency squad, SPD was more of a police and patrol squad.


  • Jack/Red SPD Power Rangers: Jack is the B-Squad Red Ranger and the leader of the SPD B-Squad ranger. Since Sky wanted to be the Red Ranger, makes him the obvious rival to Sky. Jack started as a thief who grew up without his parents, guardians or a lot of money. He and Z were caught stealing by Sky, Bridge and Syd but when they are ambushed by Krybots, Jack agrees to help but got himself arrested by Sky and Cruger, so Cruger can recruit them into SPD. Unlike Z, Jack declined to join SPD until Z is in trouble and becomes the Red Ranger to help Z. He first was lazy and didn’t care for others (other than stealing for the poor) but later he became a better leader. At the end, he left SPD to join a organization that gives clothes and food for the poor.
  • Sky/Blue SPD Power Ranger: Sky is the Blue Ranger and resented about being the Blue Ranger when he wanted to be the Red Ranger since his late father was the Red Ranger: Speaking of Sky’s father, we see him at times wearing the Red Time Force uniform, this led many to believe Wes is Sky’s father. Which would not conflict with the timeline when this season takes place in the year 2025. Later he stop resenting Jack as the Red Ranger and he becomes the Red Ranger at the end after Jack resigns from SPD.
  • Bridge/SPD Green Power Ranger: Bridge is the fun-loving, loves butter and is a quark. He is the tech scientist but doesn’t go through a major character development.
  • Elizabeth “Z”/SPD Yellow Power Ranger: Z one day ran away from school after a class picked on her and then a monster attacks her, then someone in a robe saves her but she lost a necklace. This robe figure turns out to be Cruger who returns the necklace to her, which means Cruger has been stalking them since they were little kids. Like Syd, she doesn’t have a lot of character development. Her character has been completed by the Sam two parter and has to deal with Sam who had to deal a similar experience when he was a little kid. Like Jack, she started off as a thief but wanted to do something more than stealing for the poor, when she is arrested she agrees to become a SPD ranger.
  • Syd/Pink SPD Pink Ranger: Syd is a girly and a spoiled rich brat. During a birthday, she is forced to abandoned her birthday party to work with Jack on a stakeout and they become stronger as a result. Jack doesn’t see the importance of a birthday because he never celebrated a birthday and he never knew when he was born anyway. While has to realize talking about the greatness of her birthday party would be hurtful for Jack who grew up with a lot of money and friends or family. She admits that she is full of her self and it holds them back, so she is not blind to her faults which helps.
  • Sam/Omega Power Ranger: Sam is from the future and the character had no live action actor until the end.

Jack, Sky, Bridge, Z, and Syd become the B-Squad, where the stronger squad, A-Squad are the ones takes on the monsters while the B-Squad cleans up the A-Squad. Then the A-Squad went on a mission one day and then went M.I.A for the most part of the series, then the B-Squad to deal the “A-Squad” duties. Speaking of the A-Squad, this is the first time that we get a female red ranger.


Emperor Gruumm is the main villain of this series. I say is a really good villain and he had more victories over than the rangers than the past villains. The problems I have with Emperor Gruum is that half of the time I can’t understand what he is saying.


Anubis “Doggie”  Cruger is the mentor figure for the Power Rangers this season. Cruger is a commander for the SPD and the commander for the A-Squad and B-Squad rangers.

Cruger becomes the Shadow Ranger and this makes him the first mentor to become a Power Ranger. Maybe Tommy in Dino Thunder might count… but he has his history of being a Power Ranger so that really doesn’t count.

In “Once A Ranger”, Bridge says that Cruger is their mentor.


The Power Rangers again do this countless times. Cruger specifically when after Emperor Gruumm and General Benagg invade his home world, killed all of his people except his wife, and after that, Cruger vows to never to pick his sword again. Then when Kat is kidnapped, Cruger picks up his sword and then becomes the Shadow Ranger.


Each of the five rangers have magical (or science) powers and they use it against their enemies or utilize them to get to their goals. As Linkara said, I see their powers reflect on their personalities…

  • Jack’s powers is walking through walls and solid objects. This reflects on Jack’s personality that he started out as a thief and he sees no boundaries or property as a rule or to stop him to get in the way of his goals.
  • Sky’s powers is to build kinetic walls and and force fields, so nothing got in and nothing got away of his goals. Because Jack is the red ranger and the leader, so he won’t let people’s advices and orders to get to him.
  • Bridge’s powers is detected energy fields off of people and can read people’s minds. This reflects by that Bridge is friendly and see the best in people in the form of their energy.
  • Z’s powers is to multiple herself. This reflects on Z’s as lonely and a hard time making friends.
  • Syd’s power is absorbing materials and use it as a weapon. So this powers could reflect on Syd’s personality as selfish and greed.

In the episode Insomnia, they all reflect on their flaws and feel responsible why defeating Grumm is taking so long.


Z has a back story that she was bullied at school and home when she was younger and in result she was attack by a monster and Cruger saved her.


Although they are not “wild” animals, but Cruger is a alien dog and Kat is an alien cat.


The first part is a episode called “History”. The episode begins with a red, blue and yellow dino gem. They cut Reefside High School in 2005 where Conner, Ethan and Kira go to their high school reunion, then they are teleported to the year 2025 to the villains lair. They are confronted by Broodwing and say they will work for him. A second after that they kick the monster and grab their dino gems and they run off into the city. Cruger detects them and then he sends SPD to retrieve them. The Dino Rangers are cornered by Krybots and they fight them off and use their civilian powers again. SPD saves them, reveal to each other they are rangers and they take them back to SPD headquarters. The Dino Thunder wants to go after Broodwing but SPD disallows them since they are untrained and they don’t want to put them in danger. Then GRumm attacks a quarry (since the rangers are worried when a rock is under attack) and then SPD went to deal with the matter, leaving the Dino Thunder rangers back at headquarters. After the SPD rangers are in trouble, Kat enhance the dino gems so Conner, Ethan and Kira can become Power Rangers again.

After the battle, the Dino Thunder rangers are willing to stay to help but they can’t because it would screw up the timeline.

The next time this “idea” used is in the episode “Wormhole”. Grumm goes back in time, in the time of Dino Thunder. He flies over Reefside High School where the Dino Thunder rangers (Trent included) are hanging out. It is clear this episode takes place before the final defeat of Mesagog. First Cruger sends Jack, Z and Bridge to go after him since he can’t leave the present unprotected. The Dino Rangers are attacked by Zeltrak but he is taken by Gruumm before he can do anything. Jack, Ethan and Kira meets with the Dino Rangers and tells them they are from the future. When Krybots attack the city, SPD tells Dino Thunder to say out of the fight but since they are in the Dino Ranger turf, they won’t take no for an answer. Kat senses the wormhole is closing so they Cruger sent to deal with the matter and he brings Sky, Syd and Sam. They cut to Tommy. or the actor of Trent doing the voices of Tommy is in a fight against Zeltrak. According to Jason David Frank, they never contacted him to do this episode since it would put the show over budget. Hey is like Dino Thunder, he appears morphed for a brief period of time. Then of course its time…

After the defeat, Gruumm retreats back to the year 2025. After the battle, SPD erased the Dino Thunders’ memory and SPD erased their own memories.


Mystic Force’s theme is the closet to the Harry Potter theme. Mystic Force involves around magic, spells and sorcery. Mystic Force was ok and is not the best season. One problems is the acting, since most of the New Zealand actors suppose to play American characters but they try to hide their accents and it gets really noticeable at times. Also the plot moves at a fast pace at times and we don’t get a lot of good sub-plots. We do get some plots or development, but they were mishandled or never resolved. Many things happens so suddenly and I wish there were more work to end certain plots, like how the human and magical world come together just out of nowhere. Also some of the side characters don’t have much to provide other than being a comic relief character or become another Princes Shayla character.

Another flaw about Mystic Force is the character development since I felt there where very little overall, Leelee and Claire I felt had the biggest development and they aren’t Power Rangers.

Also there where too many Power Rangers or good warriors and that overshadows the main five or six. I like the Power Rangers to be around 6 or 7, unless there is evil group of Power Rangers like In Space or they are a one off character like the Nova Ranger in SPD.

Another complain is with the production. One we don’t get a team up episode and I don’t know why there isn’t a team up episode. Piggy from SPD makes a cameo in one of the episodes so I see no excuse for any team up with SPD for what happens in the next season. They also bring back John Tui, who voiced Cruger in SPD. Another one is Mystic Mother who is formally Rita Repulsa, she’s voiced by an actress Susan Brady but I prefer Barbara Goodson a lot more since she owns the role. But actress itself is played by Machiko Soga who played Rita in the first season. Since this is a Disney production, there is no excuse for this one either. Disney has voice recording studios in the Los Angeles area so they could have placed her in one of those studios and they don’t have to fly her to New Zealand. The same way Jason David Frank voiced as the Black Ranger when he was away to visit his family during the Dino Thunder season but that facts was forgotten in SPD in the wormhole team up episode.


Here is the problem of the series, aside from Nick the Power Rangers were rarely the main focus and the side characters was the main focus, that something you should never do in a Power Rangers series since it is POWER RANGERS! THE TITLE SHOULD TELL YOU THE MAIN FOCUS, AND IF YOU FAIL TO MAKE THE POWER RANGERS THE MAIN FOCUS THEN YOUR SERIES HAVE BIG PROBLEMS.

  • Nick “Bowen”/Red Mystic Power Ranger: Nick started as a loner and a rebel. When a old man (which turns out to be Udonna) says his brother is lost in the woods and everyone in the town is scared to go in to the woods, Nick doesn’t hesitate to help the old man. He first doesn’t believe in magic despite seeing flying on a broom, the other rangers are able to create lightning, manipulate plans, create water, and etc. He gives up when they lose their powers or their situation has gone its worse, the is the first one to give up. He rarely connected with the other fellow rangers and the arch is mostly about him. That also happened with Eric in Time Force, but we got a good reason why Eric was distant from the other rangers. I have to say he is the worst red ranger due to lack of connection with the other rangers and a easy giver upper.
  • Xander/Green Mystic Power Ranger: Xander is more of a trusting, overconfident and had a ego to him. Xander was determine to be the leader of the Mystic Force rangers instead of Nick but quickly his leadership are proven to be disastrous, so he give up the leadership to Nick. He is from Australia and he came to the states, a back story that he was teased and didn’t make a lot of friends until later on. Unlike Nick, Vida and Chip, he was hesitant and cowardly to go in to the forest to help the old man to find his brother, but later he man up to help find him.
  • Madison/Blue Mystic Power Ranger: Madison is shy, quiet and smart. He is the most competent person of the group but like Xander, she started off as cowardly but she want to watch over her sister Vida to go into the woods. She had a romantic interest to Nick in the beginning but that was never exploited that much until the end, but still it wasn’t exploited that well either.
  • Vida/Pink Mystic Power Ranger: Vida is brave, headstrong and a music lover. She hated the color pink and she is the easiest one to get rattled. She also agree to help Nick and the old man to find his lost brother in the woods. She stands up for the people she’s closest to, especially her sister Madison when Nick teased her about “hiding behind the camera”
  • Chip/Yellow Mystic Power Ranger: Chip is an impulsive comic book and fictional geek. He quickly believes in magic, monsters and vampires. Chip is describe as eager, impulsive and can be reckless. I found him to be my favorite character.
  • Daggeron/Solaris Knight: Draggeron was in a form of a frog due to a spell but he was freed when Madison kissed him. After his release, the trains the rangers in combat and magic. He is the former apprentice under Leanbow before Leanbow was transformed into Koragg.


Nick is Bowen, who is the son of Udonna and Leanbow but he was seperated when the mystical world was attack and Phineas takes him to the human world for his safety where he is taken care of a family. Then he reunites with Udonna and Leanbow in the middle of the series and the end. That is how Harry Potter was like, a boy who is from a magical world but has to live in the human world for his safety until he has to go back.


Udonna and Daggeron were the mentor figures of the series. Udonna started as a ranger by using her magic staff to morph, but he lost in in the first episode and it took a long while to get it back. I say she is a good mentor, stepping in when she needed to but step back when the situation demanded it. She is like Dimitria in a way but I feel Udonna is a stronger mentor figure than Dimitria. Udonna is more of a wisdom giver.

Daggeron is more of a action giver, training the rangers like a combat instructor.

The next Mentor figure was the Mystic Mother, who as known as Rita Repulsa, an old enemy for the Power Rangers in the past. Mystic Mother once quote one of her old “headache” lines and without Goodson, it came out very disappointing. Goodson owns the “headache” lines than any other voice actress for Rita/Mystic Mother, especially Susan Brady. This time the actress in the footage is Machiko Soga who played Rita in the first season. Sadly, Soga passed away from cancer after the final airing of the Mystic Force’s Super Sentai counterpart, Mahou Sentai Magiranger.


I really don’t know who are the main villain is. The only major villain that they talked about is Octomus but he is rarely in the show. Morticon and Imperious are the closest to the main villains since they are the ones that gives orders and they weren’t around for very long. Like SPD, Emperor Gruumm was not the “main villain” or not the major leader of the evil empire, but he was around long enough to be the main villain and he has his own plot to be the main villain. Here the villains switches around and there doesn’t seem to be a main villain. We are back to Super Sentai footage so Power Rangers are not fully to blame for the lack of villainy his season. Don’t get me wrong, the villains are powerful and dangerous, but a good main villain help carries a potential to help the series’ villains.


The Mystic Rangers go from the mortal/human world and then into the mystical world. Then the rangers go in and out of the “Surreal World’ or the “Parallel World” all the time since the mystic world is like the command center for this season.


This season the Power Rangers use a lot of magic instead of technology or science. Further into the series, their magical powers get stronger by using “spell codes”.


The Mystic Power Rangers do play magical chess now an then, by using their magical cell phones. Also during the zord fights, the rangers move in the cockpit like chess pieces.


When the mystic force rangers go to the mystic force, the setting of the mystic world is always in the forest and their “command center” is in the forest.



Power Ranger Operation Overdrive is back to the magic vs. technology concept. The series starts off like how Lightspeed Rescue started, four random people have the best skills (but not the best personalities at the beginning) such as race car driving, archeology, stunt performing and a master stealing. Mack (like Dana from Lightspeed Rescue) is related to the mentor figure of this season, Andrew Hartford who is an rich archeologist.

I say the Power Rangers are good, they all have their teamwork issues at the beginning


  • Mack Hartford/Operation Overdrive Red Ranger:
  • Will Aston/Operation Overdrive Black Ranger:
    • Will is a “Mission Impossible” theft. He is considered the loner and the only character development he is willing to work with the rangers.
  • Dax Lo/Blue Overdrive Power Ranger:
    • Dax is the worst character ever in Power Rangers. He lets a villain take a valuable and important scroll with no effort to stop the villain. He makes a bunch of stupid comments and he has no character development instead he is selfish.
  • Ronny Robinson/Yellow Overdrive Power Ranger:
    • No character development. She is a race car driver.
  • Rose Ortiz/Pink Overdrive Power Ranger:
    • Rose is smart and her intelligence gets utilize a lot so Rose had a lot to do through out the season.



Andrew Hartford is the mentor of this season and he sucks. He builds a teenage boy (which I find creepy) because he can’t find the right woman.


The theme of the season is a “treasure hunter” theme. The Rangers and the villains must find five stones and a crown for great power. The rangers and the villains finding the five stones parallels how Harry finding the Philosopher Stone before the villains does. Except the Power Rangers the villains are the ones succeed.


Like SPD, Dino Thunder, and Ninja Storm the rangers get civilian powers like super strength (Mack), invisibility (Rose), and etc.



The theme of the villains is a bad version of “The Year Without a Santa Clause”. We got three army of villains competing for the stones and the crown. Flurious (the Ice Monster) and Moltor (Fire) are the villains of the seasons. They were human brothers who tried to steal the crown but the Sentinel Knight turned them into monsters and then send them to different parts of the galaxy. At times they make an alliance against the Rangers or they are enemies and they battle against each other. Flurious was the last man standing until he fights Mack and killed.




Kamdor is another main villain for the season. He is a lot more cunning and deceiving than either Flurious and Moltor to his advantage. However the constancy to his agenda and honor is bad since his feelings and loyalty to Miratrix are on and off.




Power Rangers is more of a “Kung Fu Panda” and “Kung Fu” flick theme. Using various animals as a kung fu style and spirit for each of the rangers, like a Tiger or Elephant. But the five animal styles that I know is Tiger, Eagle, Snake, Crane and Leopard, but the only one they use out of the five animal kung fu styles is Tiger.

I have mixed feelings about Jungle Fury, the acting is not that great since some of them shout their lines when it is really unnecessary, especially Casey shouts his lines more times than Shorty from Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom. They also missed the fundamentals of animal style kung fu, except for the Tiger style kung fu. Maybe it because limited with the Super Sentai footage, but they could have Lily as a Leopard, since Leopard is a kung fu style animal. If you are wondering, Jungle Fury came out a few months before Kung Fu Panda so they are not limited with copyright. The storyline and how the producers and writers handled it was great, the storyline mostly stick start to finish and they are barely filler episodes except for character development episodes. Hell, I feel the character development and filler episodes had outcomes for the final climax or conclusion of the series.


  • prjf-rg-caseyCasey Rhodes/Red Tiger Power Ranger: Casey started as a beginner and a novice to the Pai Zhua academy. But he was chosen over Jarrod because his willingness to stand up for others and he was able to unleash his animal spirit when a young student got picked on by Jarrod. Then Casey was chosen as the leader of the team but Casey had doubts about himself early on. He barely have any martial arts training or abilities but he gets lessons and help from Theo, RJ and Master Finn. Then Casey grew more confident and stronger with martial arts skills, he is able to open up a kung fu school and became a kung fu teacher. I wish the actor playing Casey didn’t shout half of his lines and his acting could have been better.prjf-rg-lily
  • Lily Chilman/Yellow Cheetah Power Ranger: Lilly started as fun-loving, team player and a straight know it all. She always know how to talk or convince anybody out of anything. She is the one that convince Theo to teach Lily since Theo had to be taught too. She had a romantic interest with Theo but I felt it is forced since it was barely noticeable until the very end. I say there isn’t much development for her, she already had a good personality and she is always the one to make sure that everyone is a team player.
  • prjf-rg-theo
  • Theo Martin/Blue Jaguar Power Ranger: Theo started as a series minded but had problems of being a team player and expected to be Mr. Perfect. He was upset that he can’t go further because of Casey didn’t have a lot of kung fu skills, but after some convincing from Lily, his tune change. He is very anti-social and a loner but that attitude change. I really don’t know what help develop his change other than some talking sense to from Lily, but he was good.
  • prjf-rg-rj
  • Robert “RJ” James/Purple “Wolf” Power Ranger: RJ is one of the mentor figures and a Pai Zhau master. He is the owner of the Jungle Karma Pizza and he hires Casey, Lily and Theo to the restaurant. I can describe RJ as laid-back, frat boy, blissful and detached. But behind that, he is wise like a sage and always have a tactic or a task for the rangers to use as a learning lesson for not just kung fu, but as life as well.
  • prjf-rg-dominick
  • Dominick Hargan/White Rhino Power Ranger: Dominick is describe as a bad boy and irresponsible, nothing else more. Like Lily, he has not major development other than his relationship with Fran. Its hinted he knew Jarrod as a cub and he is the one who knew his back story that he was lonely and no one cared for him.

I am not going to include the Spirit Rangers because they were barely Rangers through out the season and they were so boring and awkward to watch, it is painful.


Dai Shi is a powerful villain but his motives for destroying humans and conquering the world didn’t played out as strong as some of the past villains’ motives. He took over Jarrod’s body and Dai Shi uses him as a vessel. He always seem to learn about his defeats so he can come up with a better plan against the Power Rangers. I really did like the final fight between Casey and Jarrod/Dai Shi where they went kung  fu bad ass and using everything they get their hands on to use as a weapon, that something I would expect in a Jackie Chan movie.

Camille is a great secondary villain, I really felt that she threatening and had good development to becoming good due to her love for Jarrod. I only wish we got more on her back story because I don’t feel she is that interesting without it.


This season had a lot of mentors and guardian, there is RJ, the Spirit Rangers and the Pai Zhua masters. They all have something wise to say to their students and always have a method that they can take to something to learn about. At first I always felt that Master Mao was going to be the mentor figure until he died at the beginning of the series (the very few deaths in Power Rangers). Then RJ became the mentor figure but seemed selfish at first.


The Power Rangers use “animal spirits” to perform magical feats.


Again, the Power Rangers must prove their courage in their own way time and time again, especially in the episode “Ghost of a Chance II” where they have to face their fears. Casey had to prove his courage a lot since he started as a cub, must became the leader after starting with no kung fu training and get Jarrod to be freed from Dai Shi despite everyone’s protest that Jarrod can’t be saved.


Come on, Animals is the main theme for this series since it called “Jungle Fury” where the Power Rangers use animals spirit to force their powers. The fight theme is majorly kung fu and they use various kung fu animal style, even though most of them are made up since the Tiger is the only kung fu animal style that kung fu masters use.


Power Rangers is arguably one of the most darker and mature series in the Power Rangers franchise since there is more on screen death than any other of the series. This also the last season to be produced by Disney (excluding the remastered Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) since it will be bought by Haim Saban after this series. This will be a different world than the other Power Rangers series, since Scott will go to an alternate world that will be in the Power Rangers Samurai world, the same world that includes Mighty Morphin-Operation Overdrive because some of the elements from Mighty Morphin that will go into Power Rangers Samurai. But I will talk about that more when I reach that series.

Overall, I think the story is complex and dark, it has very complex characters, you didn’t know how the rangers will resolve the situation and there is some mystery that will keep the viewers engaged. The problems that I have this series that at the beginning, the introduction to the Rangers felt rush. All of the sudden Scott, Summer and Flynn became Power Rangers out of the blue and it doesn’t seem epic as any of the past seasons. The previous season there was build up to the moment that they become Power Rangers for the first time and it always pays off. This season, I left very disappointed that there was no build up for Scott, Summer and Flynn morphing for the first time and it seems very rushed. Also I did not like some of the secondary characters, they come bland at times and they have nothing interesting about them.


  • Scott Truman/Red RPM Power Ranger: Scott Truman is the son of Colonel Truman. He is considered cocky, stubborn and competitive. Often he clashes with Dillon due to the fact they have stubborn and strong-headed personalities. He severed in air support along with his order brother, Marcus. Many times he felt overshadowed by Marcus and feels that Truman loves Marcus more than himself. Then the situation made worse when Marcus was killed in action while on a mission.
  • Flynn McAllistair/Blue RPM Power Ranger: Flynn is laid-back but a fun-loving and energetic kind of character. He is a mechanic due to the fact that his father is a mechanic. He was chosen due to that he saved civilians on a school bus while getting attack by enemy attacks. Flynn I felt the blandest of the group and has no real development or any contrast to the story other than being a hero like the others.
  • Summer Landsdown/Yellow Power Ranger: Summer is a hard enough to crack, since she also doesn’t have much of a personality. She was first describe as spoiled and a rich girl. But when her butler, Andrew died protecting her and felt responsible for his death, she abandoned that personality. She had a subtle romantic relationship with Dillon and she was the one the brought Dillon on to the RPM. She remained loyal to Dillon and willing to face the consequences to help Dillon on any situation. She can stand up for herself, especially against her parents who didn’t believe her as a hero or strong type.
  • Dillon/Black RPM Power Ranger: Dillon is my favorite character. He is a half human and half machine, being called a hybrid on the show. He has a bad boy, loner, impulsive, cool and carefree (but not cheerful) personality. He had to learn to be social and to work well with others, helping others in need and relying on help when the situation demanded it. He often clashed with Scott because of Dillon’s rebellious personality and Scott’s competitive and headstrong behavior. He had no memory about his past, he only has a golden watch that plays music to be the only clue to his past that he can’t remember. Later, he learned that he has a sister and it turns out to be Tenaya 7. He is closest to Summer and Ziggy.
  • Ziggy Grover/Green RPM Power Ranger: Ziggy is cowardly and a talker. He became the green ranger by accident when Tenaya attempts to steal it and in a desperate situation, he morphs into the Green Ranger. At the beginning, the other rangers are against him being a Green Ranger due to his cowardly, simple minded and clumsy ways but in the end he can be smart and effective when the pressure heats up. He is close to Scott but I am not sure what made him be close to Scott since Scott protested him being the Green Rangers at first. He became a lackey for a crime boss, but stole medical supplies for sick children, thus becoming a target for the crime boss. He reminds me of Skull a lot more and this is more of an example of what would be like if Skull was a ranger.
  • Gem/Gold RPM Ranger and Gemma/Silver RPM Power Ranger: I hated these two. They are like Scrappy Doo and Jar Jar Binks becoming a duo. They are more of a “shoot first, ask questions later” people and in result they become very trigger happy and take little time to plan things, complicate the situations even more and not listen to their superiors. There is nothing interesting them as individuals and I wish they given them some individual traits, something that can separate these two apart. But I found to like Gem a lot more since he realizes his mistakes and always have a sense of people’s feelings, such as when he talks to Scott when Scott ran away


I loved the villains in this series and their theme reminisce to Terminator 4 in a lot of ways. A computer virus has taken over the world and exterminate all of humanity. I believe he almost exterminate almost all of humanity since the Bio-dome can hold so many people and there isn’t any other cities like Corinth. if the city of Corinth is the only city with so many humans, then a lot of humans have died, including millions of children. That’s kind of a depressing logic.

Venjix is a great, dark, smart and menacing. He often plans the attacks and isn’t afraid to get in the fray himself or do something to get his generals in line. Hell he is the only villains who has taken over the world with the exception of Corinth while the past villains came close (like Astromama) or nothing at all.

Tenaya is also a great secondary villain, who is smart, sarcastic and can identify any flaw that could be a problem in the future. He is the sister of Dillon and it created good back story for her and it brought some good storylines for her. Her story reflects back to Astronama’s storyline where she is Andros’ sister and Andros needs to find a way to bring her back to good.


Dr. K is often the mentor figure and the one responsible for creating the Ranger suits and technology but she only can download stuff and she barely had anything wisdom for the Power Rangers to use. She created Venjix but she was unable to complete the program because some asshole agents and then it became a virus. She is stern, straight to the point and socially inept.

Colonel Truman is the father of Scott and a stern leader for the rangers. I am not sure if its Dr. K or Colonel Truman the true mentor leader but if I had to chose one, I wish it would be Truman. The problem I have with Truman that if he is a colonel, then who are the generals? He had more faith in Marcus than Scott but after Marcus died and Scott proven to be a worthy warrior, he soften up to Scott. I never liked Truman, he is always by the book person and barely does the smart or right thing. He often comes off as an asshole to the point that I can barely sympathize with him and he barely have any involvement with the Rangers as he should have.


This will happen to Scott in the next season and I will talk about that when I get there.


Again, all the rangers time and time again prove their courage against the enemy, even Ziggy. Scott, Flynn, Summer and Ziggy’s back story show that they prove their courage such as Scott went out with his brother on a mission, Flynn went out to save civilians with very little protection, Summer going out to save Scott on a clunky motorcycle and Ziggy taking a million of dollar worth of medical supplies away from the mafia and give them to sick children, thus making a target for the mafia.


Power Rangers Samurai is the first production by Haim Saban since Time Force. I was really exited when Saban bought back the series since Disney always seem to screw up something major when every time get involve with the production. This production intended to be a lighter and comedic tone since it lack that in the past seasons. Now, I know Saban series has not been always great, take Turbo and Lightspeed for example. I have mix feelings for this series, some of the good parts that it had the return of Bulk. The bad parts that the acting was very poor, they had very hypocritical characters (mostly around the rangers), the villains don’t seem as powerful and the return of some of the past cast members into different characters just became a distraction.


  • Jayden/Red Samurai Ranger: Jayden is considered as the cold, a serious leader but a friendly leader of the Power Ranger Samurai team. He trained as a child since his father died in a battle. He always cared for his friends and their safety, so he always determined to do things without the help of others, such as going off on his own without the other Ranger’s help or refuses to let Antonio to join the ranger team. He had a rivalry against Dekker but it  is Kevin the one who kills him. He wasn’t originally to be the red ranger, his older sister was meant to be the Red Ranger but she went into hiding from the Nighloks.
  • Kevin/Blue Samurai Ranger: Kevin is the most strict and disciplined member of the team. He takes his rangers duties seriously but he his fiercely loyal to the team. He gave up his dream to be a champion swimmer to focus more on his ranger duties. He always seems prefer the old ways about being a “true” samurai and expects everyone to be serious to their duties, which might be the reason why he wasn’t accepting Antonio to be a true samurai Power Ranger. I never liked Kevin at all, he came off as a stubborn jerk towards Antonio.
  • Mia/Pink Samurai Ranger: Mia seems very perky and strong-willed, so much like the other Pink Rangers in the past. He is a terrible cook but Mia doesn’t see that, since too many of the Rangers are afraid to tell that they don’t like her cooking. Spike has a crush on her but it never went anywhere, such as the forced Tommy/Kat relationship never went anywhere like it was totally forgotten by the writers.
  • Mike/Green Samurai Ranger: Mike is known as the “rebel” and a video game lover. He rarely trains when he isn’t told to do so but he wants to be strong as Kevin and Jayden. Even thought Mike tends to get cocky and irresponsible, he can be very creative and cunning during battle.
  • Emily/Yellow Samurai Ranger: Emily is often like Mia and I don’t see a lot of different personality traits between her and Mia. Like Jayden, she wasn’t meant to be the Yellow Ranger as her older sister, Serena suppose to be the Yellow Ranger but Serena became ill so Emily takes her place.
  • Antonio Garcia/Gold Samurai Ranger: Antonio is the one I find to be my favorite character since he is so fun to watch. He is the tech-wiz of the group since he made his own morpher and improve the Octo Zord. Unlike the other rangers, he wasn’t born into the life of the Samurai but his early friendship with Jayden. Jayden, Kevin (even though he one of the Rangers to convince Jayden to be with the team) and Master Ji first were reluctant to let him to become the sixth Ranger since he was untrained in their ways. That’s where I find so many flaws in the other rangers, they come off blind and ignorant to think their ways is the only way. I recall Emily and Mike came off similar, since Emily wasn’t meant to be a Power Ranger and Mike barely trains.


The main villain is Master Xanderd as he is the leader of the Nighloks and the most powerful. But a lot of times his generals schemes the plans. I felt he is a lot more like Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon, he is powerful but he does very little scheming or get himself involved in the action until the very end. He is very prone to violent outburst and often threats his generals for any disloyalty or failure. Personally, I don’t see him a very active villain. I always notice that he doesn’t have a throne to sit on and he sits around on the ground, which diminishes the threat of the main villain.

Deker is one of my favorite villains so that’s why I am personally putting it here. Deker is played by Ricardo Medina Jr. who played Cole Evens the Red Wild Force Ranger from the Wild Force series. This led many to believe that Deker is Cole Evans, but it turned out to be a different character. Like I said, that became a distraction for the audience who watched the Wild Force series and hoping for a Wild Force team up. Hey, better late then never. Deker had a rivalry with Jayden and often wanted to duel him.


Master Ji is the lamest mentor in the Power Rangers series. He is often oblivious to what is going on, had barely any wisdom to say when a Ranger makes a mistake unless a Ranger talks him into doing so and he always thinks that his ways is the best way when it turns out that is not the case. Lame and useless as Princess Sheila was, at least she has a reason to be there and she has something to provide for the Wild Force Rangers that is proven to be useful. Sensei from Ninja Storm knows when to step in when its needed and then step back when the situation demanded it. Plus he smart enough to use what ever sources that he can get to fight against evil. He is more of a kendo and karate master than someone who is fit to be in a position to be a mentor of a Ranger team and he is blinded by his own pride that his ways his the best to fight against evil.


Again, time and time again the Power Rangers must prove their courage against the evil Nighloks. But this time I felt each character has a story arch or a situation that they need to prove their courage in a major situation, such as Jayden’s rivalry against Deker, Mike’s rebellious nature but his creativity and cunning help to defeat a monster, Antonio’s first battle and Kevin’s participating a swim competition at last minute.


The Power Rangers performs magical feat when they unlock their Super Samurai power and they had to utilize it when they had to fight against Master Xandred.


We do get a sort of RPM and Power Rangers Samurai team up in “Clash of the Red Rangers”. Scott ends up in the “main” Power Rangers universe since the return of Bulk confirms that Power Rangers Samurai is still in the same world because the series are in Forever Red and Once a Ranger team ups, such as Mighty Morphin.

Some Grinders enter the Samurai world and Scott follows them. The other rangers are disbelief that is another red ranger or another league of a Power Ranger. The other Rangers (aside from Emily and Mia) are dismissive of Scott, especially Jayden. Then the Professor Cog puts a spell on Scott and Jayden to fight each other and become very overly competitive. But Master Ji helped them so they can defeat the Professor Cog.

Like the Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed team up, it wasn’t a good series. The reason they only have Scott and not to have his actor to appear live is because of union reasons, since Saban’s Power Rangers is not union based while Eka Darville (cast as Tobias Reiss), is a union actor.


The Bogside Artists accused Power Rangers to be part of a coverup for JK Rowling so no one will believe that she “plagiarized” Willy the Wizard and Travels with Li Po. Power Rangers have proven time and time again that anyone can come up with these “stolen” ideas since they did and sources for these influences could be anything and anywhere. If you read “JK Rowling is not a plagiarist: Star Wars, Joseph Campbell and Power Rangers vs. Bogside Artists” blog, they claim that Power Rangers (and Star Wars) having villains, having a cast and etc. are lies and they don’t exist or Power Rangers are associated and part of a coverup to be “precedents” since the Bogside Artists claim that they were put in by Rowling and her associates despite the facts going against that.

It is clear that they hate Power Rangers because they can prove that Rowling is not a plagiarist and show how foolish and ignorant they look. So they will accuse anything against Power Rangers and JK Rowling just to justify their jealousy and ignorance, even though they no proof or logic to back up their accusations against Power Rangers (or Anime and Star Wars for that matter).


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How to find the Anime, Manga, Star Wars and Power Rangers “precedents” for yourselves that proves JK Rowling is not a Plagiarist.


freewallpapers, wallpapers, compaq, flag, royalty, japan

The Bogside Artists and Willy the Wizard are accusing JK Rowling plagiarizing their work despite the evidence and facts from “precedents” that proves her accusers wrong. My precedents argument involves more particularly around Anime, Manga, Star Wars and Power Rangers as you see on my other blogs. I am not going to lie that I am a huge Anime, Manga and Power Rangers fan. Star Wars…. I am a fan but not that much as Anime, Manga or Power Rangers.

Sadly the Bogside Artists has made a dozen of stupid accusations against Anime, Manga, Star Wars and Power Rangers that they are associated with Rowling and her associates or these “precedents” don’t exist and I lied about any of them having villains, having a cast and etc. The Bogside Artists said they don’t know about Anime or Manga but they still make a lot of accusations against them. They have proven they don’t know anything about Anime such as they act like there is only one Anime/Manga series in the entire world, which is Ironfist Chinmi. They make accusations that there is no Pokemon, Naruto, Dragon Ball and etc. One example that when I explain how the “precedents” from Anime, Manga, Power Rangers and Star Wars… the Bogside Artists respond by claiming it all to be lies despite no evidence or logic to back it up and telling people this “precedents” argument were brought up by Rowling and her associates like it is impossible for anyone to find out for themselves.

How can you find out that these “precedents” are real and telling the truth, how about reading a dozen of Manga series if you already haven’t, watch through a lot of Anime series, watch Power Rangers or Star Wars if you already haven’t. Yes, the Bogside Artists are too stupid to think that people have already watched Anime, Power Rangers or Star Wars or read any Manga to find out for themselves about these “precedents”. And for people who haven’t done any of the sorts, it is very easy to find out for themselves and the task is very cheap and easy to get. It is plastered all over You Tube, television and video stores.

How any people are aware of these Star Wars, Anime, Manga and Power Rangers precedents and what proof that people are aware of these precedents? A lot and the conventions involves around Star Wars (Comic Con), Anime/Manga and Power Rangers. Various You Tubers upload videos of these conventions and clearly well aware of these Anime, Manga, Power Rangers and Star Wars precedents.

At conventions people cosplay and dress-up their favorite characters, my personal favorite is Yahiko Myojin (one of the million characters that the Bogside Artists claimed to never existed).

Yahiko Myojin

These conventions prove their are Anime, Manga, Power Rangers and Star Wars fans and they have insights and experiences to these “precedents” like they have found out for themselves that these “precedents” arguments are true and real.

Despite all the evidence and facts that backs up this “precedent” argument, the Bogside Artists chose to arrogantly and selfishly ignore them like the ignorant and arrogant morons like they clearly are. They will arrogantly and selfishly ignore the pictures, sources, logic, and anything that is considered solid evidence that proves these “precedents” are true and real.

It is not hard to figure out that people have found out about these “precedent” for themselves or to find your for yourself if you haven’t, but the Bogside Artists and their arrogance and ignorance makes them believe otherwise. They refuse to research these facts despite how easy it is but their selfish stupidity, ignorance and arrogance makes them believe they are right and people haven’t and can’t find out or research these “precedents” for themselves. But there is prove that people can and had found/find out for themselves, but there arrogance makes them chose to ignore those evidence. What do you call people who chose to ignore obvious evidence and facts for the most stupid and ignorant reasons?

How does these “precedents” defend Rowling? Well these “precedents” have similar ideas or theme that the Bogside Artists and Willy the Wizard accused Rowling to copy and steal from them. Many series from Anime and Manga have use these “stolen” ideas or theme on multiple occasions as well for Power Rangers and Star Wars. Since they have used similar ideas and theme, so can anybody since they prove it is that easy and the influences for those “stolen” ideas and theme are everywhere. Why else these “stolen” ideas and theme happens so often?

Question… Are you an Anime, Manga, Power Rangers or Star Wars Fan?

If you are a fan or experienced anything that is related to Anime, Manga, Power Rangers or Star Wars? Please tell it in the comment here. The involvement could be in the movies, television, childhood experiences, conventions, DVDs or etc. Or you can write a blog about it and post the link at the comments. The Bogside Artists may call you liars for having any experiences or being a fan of Anime, Manga, Power Rangers or Star Wars because of their arrogance, ignorance and their beliefs that it is not possible to have an experience with Anime, Manga, Power Rangers and Star Wars. They will come up with any excuse, accusation or argument just to justify and defend their accusations, despite it doesn’t make any sense or have any evidence or logic to it. Such as accusing the Anime/Manga industry, Power Rangers and Star Wars to not exist or being part of Rowling’s coverup.

We know that none of that is not true because there is no evidence or logic to back that up.

The Bogside Artists are clearly proud of their arrogance and ignorance since they continually ignore and disregard the existence, evidence and facts about these “precedents”, especially on Anime, Manga, Power Rangers and Star Wars where even people with only a elementary school degree wouldn’t be this ignorant, immature and stupid like the Bogside Artists are.


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